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Outlander (2014– )
One, Two, Fail
15 September 2018
I fell for this incredible show until I didn't. Seasons one and two were outstanding. The seamless blend of adventure, action, intrigue, romance and well placed humor amongst all of the gritty scenes kept my interest and highly anticipating the next episode.

And...that's where it ended.

Season three, in my opinion dropped the ball and fell flat into the ridiculous. The constant together and pulled apart between Jamie and Claire has grown stale and repetitive. The impossible situations that somehow work themselves out only to be propelled into the next ridiculous scenario are more and more unbelievable.

Claire has become insufferable, self important and boring while Jamie has become a shell of himself, both characters losing that something special along the way.

I've never read the books. I considered it but felt it may color my expectations and ruin my ability to enjoy the show.

I am going to give season four a chance in hopes they find their way back to good storytelling . If not, I'll have to say goodbye to what started off as an amazing series.
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I wasted over 2 hours of my life.
18 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
For starters, I only managed to get through a portion of the first book before tossing it into a donation box. The writing was repetitive, unimaginative and reminiscent of an ammeter, teen fantasy diary rather than a novel.

Jamie Dornan: Honestly, I never knew who he was until I watched the series, The Fall, which he plays a very intense character - serial killer. I adore his character in this show. He is understated, serious, methodical, and a brilliant antagonist to Gillian Anderson's role.

Sadly, his skills as an actor are overshadowed by poor dialogue, piecemeal scenes and terrible continuity. Just like the book(s)

Dakota Johnson: Another actor I've never heard of and it is hard to tell whether she is good at her craft due to the horrible dialogue.

The two lead actors had zero chemistry between them. Because of this, their scenes together were lack luster and even the sex was boring and uninspiring.

Christian Gray is damaged goods. He is emotionally stunted due to abuse at a young age, and worse yet, molested by mommy's predictor bestie in his teen years. Alas, that may have been a better story if someone else wrote it.

The worst part about this movie? How many people rushed to the box office, dropped their hard earned money in the hands of an industry that knew this film was built on a load of tripe, though, they cashed in opening week due to the hype over tripe. Much like Twilight, you'd think movie goers would have learned their lesson.

Sex sells, yes? But that is a completely different industry. Don't waste your money on this film, or the books if you value your intelligence and brain cells. The creators knew this was a baseless cash in. Don't line their pockets for a poor product.
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