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Cynthia (2018)
Cynthia is adorably addictive.
30 September 2018
Cynthia was a pleasant surprise in a current trend of horror movies wanting to recreate Stranger Things era scenes,Along comes Cynthia who is a breath of fresh air! Based in modern day Cynthia creates suspense and comedy all rolled into one fantastic film.The film keeps you guessing for a bit about what Cynthia will look like but when you finally meet her you are hard pressed not to look at her as a villian character but instead fall for her and feel emotion for her misunderstood life she was given.I wish we had a few more scenes with Cynthia I can always hope for part 2 for more involvement with horrors new poster girl ! DC Moore
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HazMat (2013)
Some May WHINE, but I give Hazmat a NINE!!!!!!
22 June 2014
Hazmat has been one of the best slasher movie, I have seen in a long time. Trust me I collect all horror movies and I rate this one high. I'm not going to give all the details cause that would just ruin the movie for you. All I will say is if you like dark creepy places, scare tactics pulling pranks on your friends and a killer with a ax and good kill scenes then this movie is for you.

Also for the people who said they didn't like it, you should of quit watching it, that's what I do when I don't like one. So boo hoo and let me get you a Kleenex for your whining and crying.

Definitely check this movie out and make your own opinion.
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