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The Way Home (II) (2010)
DON'T WATCH if you suffer vertigo easily - Good clean movie -
16 June 2014
This is a good clean family movie. The storyline is thought provoking, suspenseful and touching all at once. The producer does a wonderful job of using the disappearance of an adorable two year old boy, in the midst of one family's hustle and bustle. The sudden interruption in their daily routine causes not only them - but the entire community - to pause, call upon God and reflect on the important things in life. All done without nudity, cussing or drugs.

But..... it would have been even better if the genius filming it would have spent another $100 for a decent camera tripod. The camera nauseatingly bounces all over like they're filming in a heard of buffalo, making over half of the movie unwatchable. A sad way to ruin what could have been a good film.

Storyline: 6 Quality: 3
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