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I really like Craig Ferguson
11 May 2005
He's my new favorite late-night TV talk-show host. (Jay Leno is second now.) He comes across as natural, relaxed and a down-to-earth person, which is refreshing. Actually, I have a bit of a crush on him. Just discovered him not that long ago, and really look forward to seeing him and his show. Love his Scottish accent and his sense of humor. Unfortunately, I got real tired of Conan quite some time ago. He doesn't do much for me, but I find Mr. Ferguson very entertaining and quite adorable. Love his little Scottish or English sayings, like when he calls us "cheeky little monkeys" with an impish look on his face. He's so normal and sane, and THAT is refreshing, also; not defensive or egotistical like some other hosts seems to be. He seems like a very likable and decent guy (somewhat like Leno). I find him to be more entertaining than Craig Kilborn was, although I liked Kilborn, too, especially his interest in jazz, which is also an interest of mine. I like Ferguson's humility. I forgot to mention his gorgeous blue eyes...sigh. Oh, and I really like his theme song, very catchy, and a cheerful, upbeat tune....I just love Craig Ferguson--he's a doll!
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