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Voltron (2016– )
Love it
26 June 2016
Legendary defender sparks the child within all, It does what it was meant to do bridging the 80's 90's till this generation. It also bring's the giant super robot genre back to a lighter perspective. The Voltron Force is a bright crew and face dark elements, while in the most present giant robot genre they either embrace insanity or be boringly dark, Voltron isn't like that. It bring's suspense, the battles are always intense. Animation it's Studio Mir a 5* animation in all episode's, Robot Transformation repeatable but you will be very focused on the Story than the transformation.

In one episode you will see how dark it can be but you will see the team facing it rather than embrace it. If you need a math example here Voltron Crew= Optimus Prime G1. Is it a good thing? Yeah is it lovable?

Read the Title.
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Godzilla (2014)
True and original
21 May 2014
When i went to see the movie it was by chance i was bored and told my friend lets see a movie we were this close to see Sp###man but when i saw the poster i was like lets see Godzilla. I was curious when i entered and i left happy cause it felt original and it felt like a sequel to the old black and white movie. the character is an original cinema creation if there was or is an Oscar for best feel of cinema magic this movie along with the entire cast they deserve it. Plus if a father wishes to take his child to a movie this would be it.

Have fun watching

And Please


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