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i will shake hands with this film
21 May 2008
You found the IMDb page because some piece of media out there made you more curious about this film. What everyone has told you is correct. This film is an absurdist masterpiece. Rather than referencing pop culture, Mr. Rohal and his creative compadres have created pop culture. It's so interesting and bizarre the film seriously could have been 6 hours long, and I would have been just as involved. Many films of this sort are lulled by either gaps in narrative or clever winks. There's none of that in this film. It's a vision so complete and detailed and so funny and truthful. Everything about this film is far better than it should be; whether it's the gorgeous cinematography, the beautiful music, the spot on performances. Even if the scene just follows a little girl wandering in her neighborhood-- it evokes that sense of an adolescent leisurely rural summer. Even though you can tell they didn't have a huge budget-- it was made completely without compromise. I cannot wait to see his next film. Do yourself a favor and don't rent, but BUY this DVD. You'll be lending it to all of your friends anyways.
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Eagle vs. Awesome
15 June 2007
I just saw Eagle vs. Shark twice. I went to see it once, and thought it was so awesome that I bought a ticket and went to the very next show. I already know this is going to be one of my favorite movies.

Plain and simple, this is a very awkward love story. It doesn't have a complicated plot, it doesn't have any complicated special effects, but what it does have in abundance is comedy. If you're a fan of Monty Python, The Young Ones, Kids in the Hall, The State, Andy Kaufman, Top Secret, Will Ferrel, 1970's SNL-- this is for you. It's that kind of humor. If you're a fan of films Epic Movie, Eurotrip, Dukes of Hazzard or more mainstream types of humor-- this is not for you.

The second time watching it, I laughed almost harder than the first time, because I kept finding even more details in the background to laugh at. I can already see myself quoting this film with my friends: "I'm too complex!" "She went to a lesbian party." And details like the crazy burger (where the bun is on the inside and the hamburger patties are on the outside) are just so priceless. I want to have an Eagle vs. Shark party and make crazy burgers with everyone, play fightman, and chuck shoes at my friend with a helmet.

But the main surprise of this film is also how emotional it is too. I was laughing out of my seat for the first half hour, then I was completely floored by how much I actually cared about these characters. In this love story-- you see these people who are absolutely perfect for each other (or perhaps absolutely wrong for each other), as they drift apart there's a true feeling of sadness for them. Most comedies of this wackier sort don't actually make me care about what was happening, and both times through I really felt for them.

But the best part is the ending. You might think this film is going to wuss out-- and it's actually unbelievable what happens. I won't ruin it for you, but if you were like me, and an hour into the film had predicted what was going to happen-- you are mistaken! This film ends with a bang and is just incredibly fulfilling. I'm smiling just thinking about it.

I cannot wait to see what their next film is, because it's the ultimate movie for my tastes. At the very least, I look forward to seeing this film over and over again at midnight screenings and on DVD.
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Feedback (2007)
Sparkling and Funny. Stunning. Shocking. Sometimes love has a life of it's own.
13 June 2007
In the tradition of Big Night and Chocolat comes this delicious romantic comedy that won over 10 international film awards and captured the hearts of moviegoers around the world. Brace yourself for a raw, revealing insight into urban adolescence that's so intense and realistic it's impossible to turn away. The critics agree, FEEDBACK is a love story of uncommon intelligence. Filmmaker Jon Frechette delivers a psychological mystery of haunting proportions. When one man's 70's idealism confronts is 80's aspirations, he begins an emotional roller-coaster that brings ghosts back to life and asks the ultimate question: does love conquer all, even death? With it's tantalizing blend of comedy, romance, and food, FEEDBACK is a movie to savor.
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Crank (2006)
one of the worst films i've ever seen
22 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
There is a scene in this movie where the main character needs a boost of adrenaline, so in the middle of chinatown, he starts ripping off his girlfriend's clothing. She yells "NO! NO!" and he continues to rape her. She eventually gives in, and starts liking having sex in public, so it turns out to be okay.

There is another scene where he needs a boost of adrenaline, and the lead singer of Linkin Park tells him that he should snort tons of nasal spray. That it will make him high.

I'm all about films that blur the line of good and bad. I'm all about films with characters that have questionable morality. But this film completely glorifies such horrible things with no sense of irony. It's told in the dumbest of ways, with quite possibly the worst looking cinematography I've seen in a mainstream movie, and editing that's not even worthy of mtv. There are people that cut quickly and do flashy things, but here the effects remind me of something that would be on that show blind date.

All of this could be forgiven if the action was good. But really all the action consists of are people running around holding guns. And every once in a while there's a loud noise, with shaky camera work and quick cutting so you never quite understanding what's happening.

It's just bad film-making, with even worse writing. And Jason Statham's such a great actor-- his performances in Snatch and Lock Stock are terrific. I can't imagine why he'd say yes to such a subpar script. And none of his fighting talents are really showcased here either. I mean, he rides a computer generated car sideways up an escalator. And every once in a while punches someone. But none of the grand choreography from the Transporter movies is even on display here.

The filmmakers definitely have visual ideas. But none of them are actually there to tell the story, or even help in the mood. I mean, do we need to zoom in on a pigeon's chest to then go inside and watch it's heart beating? Not only is it poorly done, and the effect terrible; forget that it doesn't move the story forward--- if it's only intent is to "look cool" they completely failed at that (and somewhat rips off what the more brilliant visual stylist Joseph Kahn did in his brilliant and underrated Torque).

If you'd like to see a smart film that actually has an agenda and is also edgy, rent Dan Minahan's "Series 7." It's brutal, uncompromising, and violent, but has one major thing that this film is lacking. Vision.
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Steel City (2006)
great performances and a heartfelt story
21 January 2006
I can't remember seeing such a heartfelt depiction of blue collar America since The Last Picture Show. It's a story that spoke very personally to me-- a very simple story about fathers and sons. And the crumbling life of one young man, dealing with his father in jail.

And while the plot of the movie is very simple, the emotions within are complex, and played with such sincerity. From the opening shot Tom Guiry delivers such a great performance; watching the movie I couldn't help but think about all the people I know from my small hometown, who are just like him.

The whole film, in the dialogue and casting, all just felt incredibly natural. And the film never goes for any forced or cheap dramatic moments. The cast of the whole family-- they all LOOKED like they could related as well, which is one of my pet peeves when watching a film.

It made me think about my own family; my relationship to my own father. And the sacrifices that people make for each other-- even though they may not like each other, just because they are tied by blood.

If you're looking for the next hippest flashy film, this is by far not that. If you're looking for an honest emotional experience that hits close to the bone, go see Steel City. I can only hope it comes out in my town so that I can take my father to see it.
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hold your horses
29 September 2005
like a modern day equus, we can feel the internal struggles and deep hurting of the main character through his eloquently displayed subtle performance. the movie is about power. the power of love. and the power of music. you can tell, through the sincerity of the stunning lensing of this celluloidal triumph, how close the director is to his subject. is it art imitating life, or life imitating art? this is a question we may never know the answer to. all I know is that life is short, but not as short as this film (unless you only live to be 13 minutes old, which at that point, you would never have enough time to learn how to read or surf the web to find this review). BRAVO!!!!
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