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Underworld (2003)
21 January 2006
THIS FILM WAS GOOD! Not as good as the sequel! BUT GOOD! Some critics just don't know a good action/horror/fantasy/sci-fi kind of film even if it was punching him/her in the face really hard a number of times!!!

Kate Beckinsale is awesome. Billy Nighy is great. The plot is original. It needed more depth and storyline but that was okay... it improved upon that with the awesome sequel Underworld: Evolution. I can't wait for the third one.. I really do hope it doesn't suck. If it sucks I'll throw out everything that I own which had something to do with Underworld out of disgrace for the franchise. I hope that doesn't happen. I really do hope it doesn't come to such a thing as that! HOPE!
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A Very British Production with American Director & Screenwriter!!!
21 January 2006
I remember watching Underworld a few years ago at the cinema. I for one really liked it. Most of my friends had mixed reviews of the film. Some critics said that it was a ROMEO AND JULIET story amongst VAMPIRES AND WEREWOLVES... but that was hardly the case. The story was very, very original... unlike what Hollywood does... recycling the same stinking storyline over and over again.

Also... unlike Hollywood action/sci-fi/horror/fantasy whatever films... it's not MTV-Orientated, it doesn't try to throw in some funny jokes which just aren't funny at all, it's not cheesy, there are no cheesy cameos and no over-emphasis on being way too commercial.

The film is a very British Production with mainly British Actors... despite the writing and directing credits going to 2 Americans... one being Kate Beckinsale's husband.

So I liked the first movie... but I felt as thought it could've been better. A bit more plot, a bit more depth and a bit more action.

This one worked better than anybody else expected. I read in the Herald Sun that this movie only got One Star... and the jerks from Rolling Stone gave the original Underworld One Star as well.

This is a truly lavish production. Although very dark, it's very beautiful. The action scenes are very well done and not too over the top... unlike that of the worst movie in which I have ever seen ever (Charlie's Angels - Full Throttle) because in that movie the characters were supposed to be real human beings and they were doing things that were 10-Time More Over The Top than anything and everything that these super vampires and werewolves/hybrids were doing.

Being say that some of the acting is a bit out of it in this movie and pointed the finger at the small role played by Bill Nighy. I reckon that's wrong. I thought Bill Nighy was playing the character of Viktor. He was very disturbing, and his speech sounded like that of a vicious creature which I believed worked really well.

You've also got Sir Derek Jacobi... a finely trained Shakespeare actor from way back adding to the mix. Scott Speedman really did improve in this movie and the performance of Tony Curran sent a real chill down my spine. Terrifying and truly riveting stuff from the awesome Scotsman.

But the major award goes out to Kate Beckinsale. Although she wonders around in that hot and sexy tight leather outfit of hers... she is a strong heroine. Not one to be seduced by some hunky guy that comes her way and not as annoying as Angelina Jolie's interpretation of Lara Croft in the Tomb Raiders movies... and not ditsy like those chicks from Charlie's Angels... she is my number one heroine in all movie history.

I love this movie. Great acting. Great plot. Great action. Stunning visualization and everything just worked so well for me. I saw it twice in one day... I simply couldn't get enough of it. Hopefully both movies will be repackaged in a Special Edition 2-DVD Set... and if there is a third one... I hope like hell that it doesn't suck or else that'll ruin everything. If there is a God... may the third one not suck... PLEASE!!!
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This film makes me want to be so much more intelligent! I Wish!
3 May 2005
FANTASTIC! It missed out on a bit here and there but other than that... give this movie the goddamn Oscar for best picture. Although funded by the US of A and having a few American actors in the film (Rockwell, Malkovich, Def and that really hot smart chick) it is a very British film.

The British do comedy so much better than the Americans. Little Britain makes Will & Grace look like a bad day in Bosnia... or something! FANTASTIC FILM! I had my doubts and it was a little different from the book and the series... BUT IT WAS ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY FANTASTIC! Stephen Fry rules... remember that - OK?
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The Young Ones (1982–1984)
Without a doubt the greatest show in the history of the universe!
1 May 2005
This is my favorite show of all time... no questions asked. My mother introduced it to me last year when she bought a video called "The Very Best of The Young Ones" which featured 5 episodes. They were Bomb, Boring, Bambi, Interesting and Summer Holiday. I was so hooked on it! I gave the video away to someone else... not before getting the complete series of season 1 and season 2 on DVD. It's absolute kick@ss and stuff and I can't help but watch it all of the time. I blooming love it.

I love Vyvyan the most out of them all, followed by Rik than Neil and of course Mike TheCoolPerson. But they're all hilarious. My favorite episode was probably Bambi... but they're all good.

Alexei Sayle would have to have been recognized as the funniest man in the whole entire world during this series.

The musical guests are fantastic as well with Madness, Motorhead, and so much more.

Hilariously written, wonderfully over the top acting, very original the whole way. Great... great... great... great show! This is proof that the British do comedy 100,000,000,000,000,000 times or better than the United States of America. Sorry Yankees... bow down before the Oxford graduates, Cambridge graduates and gifted high school dropouts!
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This movie is very, very, very, very, very, very, very underrated!
1 May 2005
I watched this late last night on Channel 7. I first noticed that that was this hot goth-like chick playing the title role and there were people I'd seen before like Jason London, that idiot form Home Improvement Zachary Ty Bryan and Mena Suvari who had a busy year in 1999 with American Pie and American Beauty.

I think critics had a go at this film, but in my opinion this was a very worthy sequel to the original. For starters, it stayed true to the idea of having actors who are in their 20s playing teenagers (that was a joke) because Sizzy Spacek was 26 when she played Carrie in the original and we've got a 24 year old playing Rachel Long in this film here as well as a few 27 year old people playing some of the jocks.

I just loved seeing those jocks and back-stabbers getting what they deserved. They acted so well to get you to hate them. You could feel Rachel's pain and the evil within her and what she was doing... although it was so brutal and Satan-like... it was something you could somewhat cheer for. It's an amazing scene with all the glass shattering. Incredible!

But never mind that - the acting is very good in this film. The storyline is a little bit thin at times but on top of all of that it still is rather original. Some good special effects, some pretty good comedy from that American Pie nerd guy (you know who I am talking about) and it's a lot better than most modern day teen horror schlock! I put this film alongside Freddy vs. Jason as one of the most surprisingly good teen horror films of the last decade. All those Halloween sequels, and Scream if you know what I did last summer crap as well as those films that try to take the mickey out of teen horror films are worthy of more than enough Razzies when compared to this film.

I'm so glad this film wasn't nominated for Razzies.

I can't believe Emily Bergl is 30 now! She deserves more roles in movies because she is a bloody good actress with an original and unique look about her.

The Rage: Carrie 2 deserves so much more respect than it has been given.
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