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Simply the best film ever made
1 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It redefined my life, and the music is unbelievably beautiful.

I first saw it when I was 8 or 9. It's incredibly good: story, cinematography, acting. It has it all.

And no, they don't make films like this any more.

After all these years, I cannot understand why oh why she didn't fall for Lino Ventura.

And Laetitia's burial scene will haunt me till the day that I die.

Don't rob yourself, watch this jewel of French cinematography.

I've used its music theme for a ringtone for ages. Only once someone recognized it and almost cried.
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The best war drama I've ever seen
1 May 2005
They do not show war in this film, they show people and their dreams and hopes ruined by the war. It is not just another "war film", but it rises to the level of a true Tragedy. Not a propagandist or a sob story. Many critics compare this film to another famous Russian war drama, The Cranes Are Flying. I still think that The House I Live in is better, though, if you've seen The Cranes and liked it, most probably you'll love this one either. Both films were shot in 1957 and treat the war theme from the similar humane perspective. I wouldn't cut a single shot from the film, all of them are just in place. I do not know if it can be found outside Russia, if yes, don't miss it.
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