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Mudhalvan (1999)
Political drama
24 May 2005
Every south Indian chills about shankar's film. Though this film seems to be novel work but lacks some basics regarding politics. Always shankar takes lot of attention on photography. He might have studied something about the current political strategies.

Music is by A.R. Rahman. We can't criticize about his talent. Manisha koyirala doesn't suit very well in this film.

The director has to show what really politics is?? Simply showing how one can do crazy things in a single day is ridiculous. Of course every one in the country has a vision to make their country corrupt free.

Only music and photography part of the film is commendable. Rest of the things are crazy and simply ridiculous. Last but not least I am very much impressed by Raghuvaran's action.
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Okkadu (2003)
24 May 2005
I never liked films by Gunashekhar. Because I am very much biased with his stupid direction in his earlier films. This film flavored with stunts and little bit of romantce. Of course music by Manisharma is good. But still this music director tries to mimic the tunes of some good ones like our new coming music directors.

There was a rumour that the producer M.S.Raju feared about the film release. But surprisingly it was a huge hit for Mahesh babu and every one in the tinsel world recognized that gunashekhar is also a talented director. The huge set-up of charminar and the last fight scene are a bit of non-sense in the film. In his earlier film "Choodalani vundi" also there was a huge set-up to get a feel of Kolkata colony. I donno why these fellows spend money for these merry things.

Prakash raj did very good role in this film. But how one can think he was a good opposite character for Mahesh babu too. The last half-an-hour of the film is a headache.
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23 May 2005
The "Raa" sentiment for venkatesh and Jayanth again worked and also this film promised a better niche for Ramana Gogala in telugu film industry. Songs are simply superb. I am confused a little bit about Music director. The earlier film by the same troop, opted Mahesh as a Music director for "Preminchu Kundam Raa". The songs in this film are very nice. But this fellow Mahesh never appeared in the telugu film industry. Any way the choice by Jayanth doen't went wrong. He gave no of chances to Ramana Gogula in his latter films.

The lead actor takes major part of comedy section unlike other actors in telugu world. Priety Zinta looks crazy and excelled with her amazing beauty. Ranganath played a very decent role as actress father. At some points the dialogues of Ranganath are very nice particularly when prietzy zinta moving close with venkatesh.

This film showed the talent of Sri Hari. His fierce looks gave him a lot of confidence in doing lead actors in several films.
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Comedy/Family Drama
8 May 2005
I don't know how many times I watched this film. Comedy by venkatesh is the highlight of this film. Director Vijaya Bhaskar has lot of guts in making sentimental films reaped by comedy. But I am surprising why he is taking a lot of time in making films. Of course every film by him is a huge success. The film is well scripted and songs are very nice. Aarti agarwal is very nice and made a successful step in telugu film industry. Some dialogues in this film makes one to crawl on the ground. The story is routine. The lady lead actor has already engaged with a fellow. After that this heroin falls in love with venkatesh by his innocence and the value of father in his life. It is one of my best comedy films.
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