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Littleman (2006)
loaded with laughs
15 August 2006
The Wayans Brothers are modern day Marxists! I refer, or course to the brilliant Marx brothers-off-beat, funny, and sometimes misunderstood. Their body of work will be judged like a pot of homemade spaghetti sauce that gets better the longer it cooks. In this outing, the boys have Damen cast as a midget felon who poses as a baby to recover lost loot. Brother Shawn is cast as a young, yuppie married man. Shawn and his wife happily take in the "baby" and the "baby" takes them in for the duration of the movie. The combo of the little body with the big, twisted brain, sets up dozens of great laughs. The movie does have a very serious message-laughter is good for you.
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Gunsmoke: Pike: Part 1 (1971)
Season 16, Episode 23
Veteran actress Jeanette Nolan in an endearing role.
23 April 2006
TVland Channel ran the "Dirty Sally" episodes April 23, 2006--about 40 years after their first broadcast. Jeanette Nolan played Sally; a toothless, tobacco-chewing old woman who lived in a shack about ten miles out of Dodge City.

Scratching out a meager living by picking up the droppings from passing wagon trains and selling them in town, Sally was often teased for her ragged clothing and soiled appearance. One of her finds on the trail-a wounded gunman-would end up changing her life.

This two-part episode centers on the often testy relationship between the young outlaw and the old outcast. Jeanette Nolan, aged 60 at the time, was perfect as the crusty 67 year old Sally who had few earthly goods but who possessed a code of honor that might have been as large as that of anyone in Kansas, let alone Dodge City
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Dr. Christian - a unique old time radio show with movie spin-offs
13 April 2006
Dr. Christian was a staple of network radio from 1937 to the mid fifties and along the way, the series spawned six films. As a radio show it stood alone as the only program to use listener submitted scripts. Each week one story would be broadcast from among thousands submitted. The stories were surprisingly good and kept listeners tuning in even after television has pretty much destroyed dramatic radio. The Dr. Christian movies were written by professionals. Perhaps the film-goers would have been better served if the amateurs had also been invited to write the movie scripts. "Remedy for Riches" is the fourth of the six "Dr. Christian" films. It's pleasant and predictable. The "Doc" saves the whole town--not using his medical skills, but rather by doing a bit of detecting-or "rat smelling" to be more precise. Included in the cast is Edgar Kennedy who starred in a bunch of short comedies in the 40's. Warren Hull is the male romantic lead. He gained fame as a radio announcer on a program called "Stike it Rich" and later took it to television where it was a top hit into the late 1950's. If you're an old radio buff, you will love "Remedy for Riches".
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