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CBS Schoolbreak Special: My Indian Summer (1995)
Season 13, Episode 1
A wonderful family movie
19 May 2005
Okay, so I was living in California at the time and it was a lazy warm and rainy day, one of those days where it seems like nothing good is gonna be on TV. So I left it on one of my favourite channels and this movie came on. At first I was going to change it, but then it captivated me. This is definitely a family film and I would recommend it to any one. It contains the basic premise, a young Native American girl is sent to visit the rest of her family against her wishes, she wants to spend the summer at home in LA with her friends. But when she gets to Minnesota, things begin to turn around and she learns something of herself and her heritage. This is a feel good movie for kids and parents alike. I have been searching for it on video and DVD, I've attempted to contact both the channels that aired this movie and the distributors with no luck.
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