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The Cave (2005)
Not as good as other movies in this genre!
14 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
OK so it has a few more famous people in than "The Descent" but I would highly recommend that film much more than this - purely for the tension which was cleverly built up - I just didn't feel that with this movie. It was shot beautifully and some of the cave scenes were amazing but I never felt the tension/fear as I did in "The Descent". Overall not a bad film, had a interesting storyline which could have been expanded on a little more, but I felt the twist in the end was a little bit silly and it did contradict what had been said previously. I am glad to have seen this film, as it was entertaining but I don't think I would give it a second watch.
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A "mockumentary" about a FICTIONAL DJ Frankie Wilde - who has it all, envied by others then rapidly hits rock bottom when he goes completely deaf.
6 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
First things last, let me just clarify the fact that this film is based on a "fictional character" to quote the real DJ Pete Tong who was involved in the film - This link is to an interview with Pete about the movie.

What a fantastic movie - the best to come out of Britain for a while. Directed by the Canadian Micheal Dowse - this film operates on so many different levels and encourage you to like an character who does nothing but drink lots of whisky and snort lots of drugs! It opens on the Ibiza club scene - a fantastic DJ who can capture the crowd and make amazing music. But 11 years in the clubs take its effects on Frankie who goes completely deaf and hits a very hard place indeed. Here the film addresses some serious issues about coping with life changing disabilities, although the giant coke badger does make the scenes very funny. Frankie's struggle show the amazing acting abilities of Paul Kaye who delivers this film to the crowd. He eventually pulls himself together after a suicide attempt - another funny moment?! and meets a lip reader who he falls in love with.

Dowse uses humour to show the seriousness of the film and he does it well. I was pleasantly surprised walking out of the screen to feel entertained as I expected another low budget English film with poor humour and talentless actors. But Kaye deserves a big round of applause as this film would be nothing without his stunning acting to deliver this film.
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The head of a sacred statue is stolen from a remote Thai village, a young apprentice of the monks is sent to Bangkok to retrieve the head.
27 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
A fantastic film if you like martial arts films. The story line wasn't great but it was still very interesting and kept the audience engaged. The fight scenes are what makes this film - Tony Jaa is amazing to watch, some of his moves are stunning to watch! What makes his so fantastic is that he performs all of them without any aids! I am not a huge fan of martial arts film because some of the moves make the characters seem unreal - a bit like Hero where a lot of fights were in the air, unlike Ong Bak and this makes the character more believable. The way the story is pieced together with the fight scenes is also very well down and keeps the story continually moving onwards. Overall a good film - worth a watch!
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