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Sucker Punch (2011)
Good music, Nice Action, Just a little bit more soul needed
12 July 2011
More than 600 reviews don't know if it's smart to write another one, but i i will try to write form a different point then the others.

When i start watching it the first thing that caught my attention is the MUSIC i love it when people know how to use music in they movies. I think it has a great chemistry with the scenes. Later i found out that Emily Browning is preforming few of the songs used in this movie, where she did a great job, here is a comment from Youtube where 2 user are argue about the song :



I watched this movie without knowing what to expect, i didn't read any reviews or watched any trailers, so i had no high or low expectations. And i think it's that best way to watch a movie.

The story confused me in the beginning but it's getting all clear and it has a nice thrill in the End. It's a Classic Zack Snyder movie (if u watched 300 and Watchmen u know what i mean), just the characters needed more soul.

U will like the movie if u like action/fantasy scenes good MUSIC and hot girls with guns, and u will hate it if u expect a perfect story and deep character emotions.

Movie: 6/10 but i gave it an 7 because of the great SoundTrack. :D
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Well done Mr.Chan
6 May 2010
We all know Jackie Chan and his physical comedy, but in this it was even more, with his freedom as a writer of this movie he brought some really funny quotes in which made the movie even more fun to watch. Also he puts a great twist in where the plot jumps between comedy and drama.

Jackie Chan did a great job in this movie as the Producer, Screenwriter, Actor and Action Director.

Lee-Hom Wang with a weak performance in Ang Lee's Lust, Caution did a really good job here. Playing a young general Lee had a great chemistry with Jackie and his character. They made even a ridiculous fight between them by the river fun and enjoyable to watch.

Little Big Solider with the combination of action/adventure and the specific comedy of Jackie Chan is Great,Fun and Enjoyable movie.
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