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Batman Begins (2005)
17 June 2005
This rescues the Batman franchise from the joke it degenerated into. To be completely honest I wasn't even remotely interested in seeing this movie when I first heard about it. Then the reviews started to trickle out. Fantastic. Stellar. Character Driven. Tightly focused. It all seemed a bit over the top but I shrugged off my apathy and went to see it. Really really glad I did. Make no mistake this movie is a character driven drama about loss and redemption. How far must we fall before we can cut the past loose and focus on the future?? It just happens this fellow decides to dress up in a bat suit. Go see this truly remarkable movie.
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Alien Planet (2005 TV Movie)
A real flight of fancy - with an achilles heal
15 May 2005
An intriguing and engaging exploration of an alien world. The CGI was excellent all around with some breathtaking views of the flora and fauna of Darwin IV, a world about 6 light years from earth. It really was fun to watch. The achilles heal alluded to in the summary is the overly optimistic view of our ability to build the software necessary to carry out this venture. I'm a programmer with 12 years experience and I can tell you in no uncertain terms we are not even close to being able to program an AI like Leo. Every "breakthrough" in software development productivity since the move from assembly to C in the early 1970s has been a big gimmick. We need at least one and probably two massive breakthroughs on the same order to pull it off and I gotta tell you, I haven't seen any sign of it even on the distant horizon. Maybe someday this trip will be feasible, but not until software construction is as second nature as bridge building.

Still, all in all, definitely worth watching.
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