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Arizona Dream (1993)
two hours I will never get back
24 July 2006
If you are a Johnny Depp fan, then I recommend you watching this to see what is probably the closest to what he was like a few years ago.

This was in the early 90's so his acting skills had not taken off to where they stand now 15 years later. I watched this having purchased it for my mother, who adores Johnny. I thought I would watch it before sending it to her. She has seen Dead Man's Chest twice and being a big action movie fan, I could only survive it once on the big screen since the director (and especially the producer both suck when they think that BIGGER is better). But I digress. Johnny Depp is fun to watch in this film but do not expect to get anything from this unless you are on drugs. As I am sure the writer was when he wrote it. One person wrote that he puts this movie right up there with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas so it is obvious that people on drugs like this type of movie. I prefer to watch a movie, like I do in real life and be entertained naturally with NO drugs, alcohol or mind altering substances. This is my opinion and if you enjoyed it, you may be on drugs, seek help.
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The Flash (1990–1991)
The Flash ~ too fast for idle minds
3 August 2005
Simply said, this series was too advanced for the simple minds watching TV when it aired back in the 90's. The sets were past, present and futuristic giving it a non-era look. The acting was very good and the costumes, sets and writing were added bonuses each week. This series ran for 22 episodes and included an incredible two parter with Mark Hamill playing the Trickster, a role he seemed destined to play. He made the Joker look like Mr. Rogers. David Cassidy, Angela Bassett, M. Emmet Walsh and even Bill(y) Mumy from the original Lost in Space series made guest appearances as NON-forgettable characters. There is positive word that this series will be making it's way to a DVD box set soon. cut & paste this to read more -

This is something you can watch with your family and be entertained by great writing and visual stimulation.
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