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Love this show
24 August 2019
I watch it with my daughter and it keeps me laughing along with her. Highly recommend!
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Diagnosis (2019– )
Fantastic Concept, Frustrating Watch
22 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I love the idea of asking the crowd for help on problems, it reminds me of Fold It. This is how all the problems we face today will be solved.

But I felt that they could have done less flying people around the world and filmed more cases. Too many of these people already had the solution and frustratingly wouldn't accept it, or there was simply none to be had. That's life, to be sure, but not an especially feel-good watch.
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Sometimes Ok, Often Cringe-Worthy
18 August 2019
My wife and I cherrypicked about 10 episodes, I feel like we got a pretty good cross section. Quickly realized that the funniness of the show depends entirely on the guest and their ability to tolerate Jerry.

He often asks pointless and awkward questions which even the guests visibly cringe at. Jerry doesn't really seem interested in talking about substantive things with the comedians, he has rather low regard for people he considers less funny than himself, and treats his comedy career as if he's Jonas Salk.

I went into this show somewhat indifferent toward Jerry Seinfeld and came out quite put off by him. The show deserves some credit for the array of guests. The cars are cool too, despite how mind-numbingly self indulgent that aspect is. It really speaks to Jerry's personality that he combined his favourite things into a show, but the part that the audience might care about (asking the guests questions) often feels like an afterthought.
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Illuminating but a bit hard to follow
5 August 2019
Very compelling story and loaded with information I otherwise had only passing knowledge about. Good production value and well acted. Nice biographical stuff too, aside from the crimes. Really strong show overall.

My only gripe is that given all the moving parts, the large cast of characters and their various nicknames, it might not have been the best choice to jump around in time with the story. I really had to focus to keep from getting lost, and even then I feel like there was a lot I missed.

Having said that, it was well done enough to watch again at some point and take in all the details.
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Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne (2019)
Season 8, Episode 6
Nothing like the rest
20 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Grey Worm and the Unsullied skedaddle at the same time Jon does (they SEE EACH OTHER GOING). The only people who really care if he gets punished are now long gone. The Dothraki disappear completely too I guess. Oh well, Jon thinks, I'll go to the Wall anyway because there needs to be a Nights Watch to guard against creatures we wiped out a few days ago. Good thing he came back from the dead and had a whole royal lineage story developed over several seasons so he could not be bothered to fight for his own life, let alone the throne.

This whole season was so painfully rushed as to make it unrecognizable. At so many points in this series people would just be walking from point-A to point-B, and in that time we would see them talking, growing, encountering problems and overcoming them. All throughout this last season suddenly it feels like people can just teleport across the realm when it suits the tremendously, astonishingly rushed plot. And we lose all of that great and subtle development while people are on their journeys, rather than oh hey, everything has to happen in basically 4 episodes.

Honestly why even make it if you're going to rush through so fast? It's nothing like the rest of the show. You have to wonder if it would have been better to not have an eighth season at all.
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Game of Thrones: The Bells (2019)
Season 8, Episode 5
Good But...
13 May 2019
I can understand the hate. I don't see why this enormous amount of content had to be smushed uncomfortably into six episodes. That's what's truly against the grain compared to the rest of the show. But, as far as the actual storylines go, I could see it all going this way.
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The Order (2019– )
10 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Imagine you're in university and several people get publicly and horribly killed, and/or disappear. Do you think that would move the emotional needle for you and the entire campus for more than five minutes?

Maybe there would be, I don't know, a memorial service? Or a police investigation? National media coverage? And even IF you can get past all that, the characters are so shallow and cardboardy that they barely even seem to notice, except to say 'shucks, it sure is awful that those friends of ours got ripped to shreds.'

Spoiler alert here! Here's some truly terrible, terrible writing for you:

A young student - a friend of the main character!! - is killed, body displayed for all to see. The main character's response? Go to class, take ONE DEEP BREATH and it's all good. Literally two scenes later he has forgotten all about it, he's back to flirting and cracking jokes.

Everyone else has forgotten about it too. Schools get grief counselors if one person dies, let alone several. This one doesn't even give a half day off for some CSI.

They must have invested their student counselor budget in janitors because there's no trace of the horrors by a few scenes later. And can you blame them? Someone's getting killed every twenty minutes.

A male faculty member disappears after several students have already been murdered. His friend and collegue, a female professor, is hit by a car. So NATURALLY the faculty throws her a welcome home party when she gets out of the hospital! She looks positively cheery!

One of the werewolves says he's been a "knight" for eight years, yet somehow The Order is surprised when their recruits start getting killed. What has this werewolf guy been doing for the last eight years? And how have he and his band of merry men gone undetected by a literal army of magicians? Especially given that the werewolves have done enough damage to "confiscate" a room full to the brim with magical items.

It's not just that the characters and situations are poorly written, unbelievable and shallow. When they write in huge events and then totally gloss over them, the viewer is left feeling that there are no stakes. Who cares who does what, or who lives and dies.

Sometimes you watch something and you're left wondering how it even got made, and who thought it was a good idea. This is one of those for me.
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Sing (2016)
So Good
6 March 2019
This movie is great. My daughter loves it (which means I've seen it four time already), and you know what? I'm not sick of it yet. The story and characters are good, I love a story that works out but not the way the players expected them to.

But where this one really shines for me was the animation. Nerdy, I know. But watch the reflections in the car doors, the bottles of olive oil in the grocery store, the water, the hairs on the animals. It's those near perfect little details that are quite an achievement in realism.

Definitely worth at least one watch.
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Dont Understand The Appeal
7 February 2019
This is not a show about a group of friends, it's the Keegan-Michael Key show. If you like watching him in other things, you may like this. I might even hop on board with you except his character is morally bankrupt and unlikeable. And not in a hyperbolic (and actually funny) Always Sunny kind of way.

A good portion of the cast feels like pure window dressing (I'm looking at you, Marianne and Nick). You don't have to recreate Friends, but at least in that show everyone had their own narrative, things they wanted and didn't want, etc. Half the people in this show just feel like props in Ethan's life, which just makes the whole thing ring hollow for me. The further you get from his immediate circle of interest, the less round and substantive the characters are, which is a sign of bad writing.

If you can squeeze a laugh out of Melissa McCarthy saying one over the top thing after another, you might find the humour in this show funny. One of the only parts that made me laugh was the comments about Ethan's book because they were similar to how I felt watching the show. Boring. I hate it sooo much.
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IO (2019)
Depressing Right On Through
1 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not going to do breakdown the the scientific problems with this movie, I'm not even that irked that the movie had next to nothing to do with Io. Heck, the performances were good and it was atmospheric and visually well done.

But it's basically just death. Death of the planet, death of Sam's parents, dying bees, dying pigs, wives starving to death, murderous ideation. And then they saved the best for last.

After learning that all communication between Io and Earth will be severed FOREVER, Sam decides to stay on the planet. She wants Micah to tell everyone that there's hope for Earth "if she survives", which he'd have no way of knowing. And of course he didn't tell anyone because she's shown perhaps five or six years later with her young CHILD, alone on the planet, doomed to a life of solitude and their inevitable, pointless demise.

Bleakness doesn't have to mean bad movie, but I think there was supposed to be a message of hope buried in there somewhere that got lost in this mess.
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Green Book (2018)
27 January 2019
I could hardly wait to finish the movie before writing this review, and I don't write them terribly often. This is just an excellent film all around. It's heartwarming, insightful and moving, but best of all I thought it was very very funny! There aren't too many movies that cover so many bases and do it as expertly as this. If you haven't seen it, definitely add this one to your list.
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Paddington (2014)
28 December 2018
I had absolutely no expectations going into this movie, which may have worked in it's favor given the story's history. However, I thought it was extremely well done. Funny, whimsical, charming, unique and stylish. There were subtle moments of filmmaking here that were really neat, but it was also just plain enjoyable. I don't have a bad thing to say about it, this is a good one.
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The Romanoffs (2018)
It's Good But...
22 October 2018
Interesting anthology but it's so loosely based on the Romanovs as to make no difference to the plot. Not sure why they positioned the series this way, but it's really more of a distraction than anything.
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Like Poetry, It's Much Ado About Nothing
21 October 2018
Well acted, deeply disturbing premise. But nothing really happens. It's unsettling and atmospheric, I'll give it that. But ultimately there are no stakes for anyone involved so it's a letdown. Just kind of fades to black. Overall if you can avoid, you probably should.
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Wasted Potential
16 September 2018
We were attracted to this one by the cast. Even by watching the preview you can tell that you've seen this type of story before, but sometimes a fresh take and a great group of actors can breathe life into it. Not so here.

Not one of the many paths this film meanders down gets fleshed out to the point that you feel satisfied. To a certain extent that's fine. Life isn't always tied up in a neat bow. But this just left me wanting more, and none of the characters' stories has any resolution, growth or finality.

Despite their good performances, all of the actors felt under utilized, save for Ben Mendelsohn. Can't recommend it.
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Passengers (I) (2016)
Starts pretty well, but then just so, so bad
7 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Passengers had a few things going for it, not least of all the casting choices. Since this is basically a story of two and a half people, there was no way it was going to work at all without the right actors. Even the plot starts off well with an interesting moral dilemma, but then it all goes horribly wrong.

Can someone explain why, on a ship that's basically just a cargo vessel, there would be pools, entertainment, restaurants, windows, vast concourses, or a bar built in? Everyone's asleep for the whole trip, including the crew... For that matter, why would there be a manual lever to override a door? Who's going to be there to use it anyway? For THAT matter, why even HAVE a crew at all? The ship basically flies itself, so the crew is just on board to say adios forever to all their loved ones on Earth for no apparent reason.

Of course you could also bring up the speed the ship is going, which would not allow for little jaunts outside. Or how it makes no sense to leave the robot bartender operational for 100 years to serve nobody. Or surviving next to huge amounts of radiation because you're holding a scrap of metal. Or how the computer announces that they're passing a star (at near light speed) and how everyone should go look even though if everything was going according to plan, nobody should be there to hear the announcement. Except maybe if you could come in and out of cryo sleep, but no, you can't.

Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb.
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The Babadook (2014)
10 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is a very well acted and directed movie that I've been looking forward to seeing for some time. Some of the devices, like the time-lapse of the mother's sleeping face to show the passage of time, were neat. There are some truly creepy moments as well, and the Babadook's voice was quite chilling.

However, after all the buildup the payoff was brutally disappointing. Mr. Babadook is played up to be a powerful, perhaps unstoppable demon (you can't get rid of the Babadook), but in the end he's satiated by a bowl of worms. He goes to elaborate lengths to torment and ultimately possess a mother with the goal of killing her son, when he could have just gone to the garden and scooped up a handful of dirt. Of course, he would have preferred to consume the son, but the mother yelled at him, so..

Overall, some nice elements but disappointing as a whole.
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Life of Pi (2012)
Truly Depressing
31 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I gave this movie a 6/10 because the performances and visuals were both exceptional. It was entertaining and kept my attention for the most part, but it left me not only disappointed but also sad.

I hadn't read the book, so I thought I was watching a unique (albeit a bit unbelievable) story of survival. Nope. Pi didn't actually save a tiger or bond with it in any way. Instead, he watched his mother be brutally murdered, became a killer himself and then a CANNIBAL, and all the animals drowned in their cages.


If that makes you believe in god, fine. I don't see it.
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