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Sorry that so many people here seem to to have missed it
14 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I really loved the original series, and many of the other aspects of the Star Trek franchise. I'm amazed that so many people are willing to rate this at ten stars when it's pretty clear that this movie flat out sucked.

I'm not sure what else I can do but try to help balance out the rating a minuscule bit with my own.

It's clear what has happened. J.J. Abrams screwed us over with Lost, putting the plot elements on his credit card, promising to tell us what was really happening and then laughing all the way to the bank with his mediocre ending.

Now, he's merrily romping through Star Trek, destroying the continuity of a couple of generations and obviously possessing little to no idea of what it means to those of us actually over 30. Star Trek was, at it's best, an intelligent series. These two movies are simply an insult...

Next, fresh from his current financial victories, Abrams is off to finger-paint his way through Star Wars. God forbid.

And some of you here are cheering him on.

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Christmas Lodge (2011 TV Movie)
Couldn't finish it
14 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Could have been worse. This film felt fake from the start, but I thought we were in for a Christmas movie and was willing to cut it some slack. When they arrived at the lodge and had separate rooms after dating for over a year, I got a bit surprised, and then when the boyfriend was over the top "gee honey I love the city and you don't", it became obvious that this was not a good script.

Sorry to say I wasted the time on this and after coming to IMDb and reading the reviews, it's obvious now that the evangelicals are choosing to give it ten stars due to the references to God and Christ, but that's no excuse for such a lame movie. Even a true believer ought to be able to see this as a sorry excuse for Christmas entertainment.

Avoid this movie.
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Speaking the Truth to Power
23 June 2006
I wish I could convince everyone to see this movie. I know that it's a documentary that will be bo-ring to many folks that are looking for lighter fare for their evening out. But this really is a must see movie. I went into it expecting to be a bit bored and to be depressed. I came out with neither of those feelings. Gore is a great speaker and his presentation is light and serious at the same time.

He presents facts and figures that show without question that we are headed into very serious problems in the coming decades. But he also clearly demonstrates that now is the time to act and that the solution is out there. Reminding us that Americans put humans on the Moon, he suggests that there is also money to be made by saving the environment and that it doesn't have to be a bitter pill to swallow.

One of the more amazing revelations was that out of the 900+ peer reviewed scientific papers on humans contributing to global warming, ZERO cast doubt on the actual event. But out of the hundreds of media reports, 53% cast doubt on it. The doubts on global warming are an industry media problem, not a scientific one.

Please see this movie and please encourage others to see it. We really must work towards a solution right away.
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11:14 (2003)
Worthwhile - Can't believe it's not more widely known
29 January 2006
This is one of those movies that you really ought to see. We rented it based on the back cover, and we were glad we did. 11:14 has been compared to Crash and Memento. We haven't seen Crash, but it looks like we should, and while I thought that 11:14 was not quite as terrific as Memento, I felt it was definitely in the running with it.

I came to IMDb to see what else this guy, Greg Marcks, has done and was surprised to see that the only other entry is a 19 minute short film. How on earth did he get stars such as Patrick Swayze and Hillary Swank? If you do decide to see this movie, DO NOT WATCH THE TRAILER FIRST. What a rotten trailer. The trailer gives away virtually the entire plot.
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