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Utterly fantastic
25 May 2018
After seeing some 'reviews' on youtube you would be forgiven for thinking that Disney is making you eat a bantha-turd sandwich, where folk are more worried about how SJW this film is rather than anything else.

This film is excellent. I was at the premier in '77 and this is the best Star Wars since Empire. No Jedi story, no lightsabers, just a bloody good , fast paced movie that made me want to watch it again straight away.

I felt like a child again, encapsulated in a narrow focused, well written and executed movie...Cant wait to see it again.
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American Crime (2015–2017)
An amazing piece of Film
16 May 2015
I'll get the negatives out of the way first, it wont take long as there is only one. Some times the director went a bit 'artsy' on some of the cinematography. Thats it.

Now the positives.

Coming from the position of a cynical middle-aged man who has seen the best and worst of TV, I regard all new TV shows with an air of suspicion. It even took 5 or 6 episodes of Mighty Breaking Bad to get in to it.

No such issues with this show. You might be forgiven for thinking this is another Cop show judging by the title but rest assured its as far from that as you can get , this little gem of a show hits the mark in story, characters and acting right from the start. If you read the blurb you might also have the idea that its a 'Race' revolving show as well, and although it does play a part, its not bias or heavy handed and its more about the people than their cultures, race and background.

Its just a near perfect display of Art, story and Character piece set against the backdrop of Family, Lovers, the quest for justice and facing up to the fact that we and the ones we love are never as pure as the driven snow....

Looking forward to season two with high hopes.
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The Last Man on Earth (2015–2018)
Surprised to see so much hate....
13 March 2015
Its not laugh out loud funny, I give you that, but its certainly worthy of the occasional chuckle.

Don't go in expecting a roller-coaster of non stop laughter and drama as you will be disappointed.

Just finished Episode 3 and by the looks of it, it has strong potential to be a very interesting, amusing and quite original show.

Its only 20 odd minutes long so its probably the kind of show that you tape and watch with your family while having a bit of dinner in front of the TV and its something that most of the family will appreciate and there is nothing that you cant watch in front of young children.

Inoffensive and fun...whats to dislike?
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Z Nation (2014–2018)
Cheesy, silly and fun
20 September 2014
This is not a TWD replacement or competition, certainly in its current state. Not that TWD is the epitome of excellence but the apparent lack of budget and mostly unknown actors give Z Nation a less professional finish.

Coming at a time when we are over saturated by all things Zombie, Z Nation seems to know that its not going to break any records or do anything groundbreaking and so doesn't try. Instead, what we have is a show where the makers are giving us a bunch of characters ( I cant even remember their names) who are knee deep in Guts and supremely confident in cracking the skulls of the Zombies and the whole thing is a 45 minute long gore fest with a bit of a back story.

I personally didn't want to get involved in another series where you have to love or loath a character, get involved in their love lives and generally care about them especially in another Zombie world so its quite refreshing to know that it doesn't matter who lives and who dies and judging by the carnage the producers don't care who lives or dies either.

After the first two episodes, I can say that it was fun and I will watch the third episode. Why? cos its a laugh in a visceral,gory and silly way.

Just don't expect a serious, well written and high budget TWD experience and you might have a bit of fun with it...
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Noah (2014)
You think you know Noah's story?
2 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I was planning to sit through it with the expectation that the most surprising bit of the show would be the crate shaped Ark, I mean, how much can you do with a seriously old story?

Turns out quite a bit and do it very well.

Its quite obvious from the start that its not a literal interpretation of the Bible story so thats got the Hard line Christians annoyed already and despite stopping short of showing the evolution of Ape in to Man in one scene, its quite clear that the makers of this film are doing their own thing with it and they don't give a damn who they might upset. And good for them. The story is excellent and it felt familiar and alien at the same time, a bit like when I saw Lord of the Rings 20 years after reading the book, You know its not sticking to the script but that doesn't hurt it at all.

The Environmental aspect of the film is obvious and the Vegetarian/Vegan overtones have been well documented in the main stream media but its not shoved down your throat yet you still come away feeling that you should be doing more for the planet as the message behind the Movie is quite powerful...Change or die.

The acting...My only grumble would be Emma Watsons portrayal of a Mother when I still think of her as a 10 year old wizard. Crowe is well suited to the part and pulls off the Wise, God fearing honourable Noah and The rest of the cast are more than adequate to the role given them.

Was it a bit too long?, not for me, it kept me rooted to the chair for the 2hr and 17 minutes and I was a bit sad when it finished as it was quite a good yarn.

Don't watch this film if you are a Biblical Literalist, you wont like it and you'll get upset so spare yourself the offence, everyone else should though....
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Salem (2014–2017)
One episode in and Im done
26 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Im not going to comment on the lack of historical accuracy or indeed the lack of quality to the production in general or the fact that once again the producers of a TV show has cast someone who is British as a 'bad guy' (YAWN), what I will comment on is the really pathetic attempt to seduce the male audience in to watching it for cheap titillation.

At the first Abortion ceremony the viewer is treated to a thinly disguised metaphoric pseudo-sex act between the 'Cinnamon Girl' as she was referred to in the show and the soon to be Mrs Wretched.

Then again at Sabbath ceremony in the Bedroom, where more of the same happened, except this time the 'Cinnamon Girl' unscrews the end of a Broomstick and gives the impression that she was too use it like a bloody dildo....

I was in bits, laughing so hard that any atmosphere it was trying to build was gone.

I have a rule when it comes to TV. If it uses pointless Sex Scene in the first episode, it has no story worth bothering with and it can do one.

This show has little redeeming quality as it is but now I cant sweep the Back yard without having a chuckle...

Anyway, If you want 'Twilight Games the Lesbian years' mixed in with a little bit of Historical nonsense....You'll love it, otherwise swerve this like a Puritan would a Whorehouse.
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TURN: Washington's Spies (2014–2017)
A point of view from over the pond.
15 April 2014
I wasn't expecting too much from this despite the excellent trailers because, generally speaking, the Brits don't come across too good in ANY respect when it comes to the American portrayal of the War of Independence (Patriot for example)or in any other TV show for that matter.

As other posters have said, some productions would have you believe that the British were a force of occupation fighting against every American on the continent rather than the Maturing of a country no longer needing its parent to push it around.

Im delighted to say that, so far, this production bucks the trend and is actually seemingly fair handed to all belligerents and doesn't compel the viewer to focus on the 'Evil Brits' or 'Saintly Patriots' from a moralistic or even worse, a jingoistic, standpoint.

I feel as though I will actually enjoy this without the worry of having every British character being used as a disreputable, thieving, tyrannical Murderer that Hollywood and some US TV shows seem to delight in portraying....

Looking forward to more of the same...
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