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Great episode until the last moment
16 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This season has been one of this series best so far and the episode was shaping up to end on a high note. I know this show isn't always realistic but the show normally sticks closely to realistic scenarios but the 'cliffhanger' at the end about the baby being alive all this time was cliche, unnecessary and stupid.

Where every other season has ended with intrigue - this episode has turned a smart series dumb.

If these are the story lines put forward, the writers should just bite the bullet and end the series before it borders on painful to watch.
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Grey's Anatomy: Games People Play (2018)
Season 14, Episode 14
On an upwards spiral
10 March 2018
After the boring season 13 and the unoriginal first half of season 14, I was ready to give up on greys anatomy, but something is turning around. Since January, the show has been getting better and better - I don't know whether it is due to the departure of Riggs and Ben or due to interesting story lines that focus on research in medicine and not just relationships but I am really enjoying the series as I used to do before.
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Homeland: Standoff (2018)
Season 7, Episode 3
What has this show become?
26 February 2018
From a soon to be ex-fan of Homeland - I am once again disappointed with the decline in quality of the stories and pace that I will no longer watch this show. It has lost its great characters, originality and tension that made it great.
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Red Oaks: Action! (2017)
Season 3, Episode 6
Quite a good finale for a bad season
1 November 2017
I enjoyed the first season of this show and that is why I have watched up to the third, but I have not been a fan of the last 2 seasons. I was expecting another dry episode following the last few episodes of this season but I found it to be very funny. I've loved the nostalgic feel of this show (which is what attracted me at first) and I think the finale embraced the 80s setting a lot more than usual. It's ending on a high!
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Doctor Who: The Pilot (2017)
Season 10, Episode 1
Scepticism out of the window
16 April 2017
I was very unsure about the new companion this series, having been a fan of the last two, and wasn't sure that the writers could pull off the writing for such a character... But they did! She was written with the right amount of comedy and the right about of seriousness that makes me glad of the companion change. Though other seasons started of dull, this season opened with a mystery, that didn't have much in the way of shocks, but made up for it in terms of excellent effects and dialogue. The 50 minutes flew by. I am excited for the season, hoping that with the new doctor on his (or her) way, Bill will stay for at least another season. 9.5/10
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Homeland: Fair Game (2016)
Season 6, Episode 1
I fear for another season with season 3 quality
1 January 2017
This episode was OK at best, nothing special at all really. I was hoping to watch something with different pacing that the other seasons but what I got was a slowly paced, forgettable episode with no foreseeable direction for the future for the season. As with homeland, the acting was dry but excellent from the cast, with each member adapting to their role. I especially enjoyed Quinn's role in this episode and am looking forward to his progression throughout the season. All this episode did for me was to hint at a slow season with a direction to a more political season, however I still hope from what I saw on the trailer to have a good season, but I cannot see it going anywhere amazing like in the earlier seasons. Hardcore homeland fans will enjoy it but see a decline in quality, but it was worth the watch, I suppose. I truly hope there is a good conclusion this year with this season, or if not a cliffhanger because I am tired on Homeland ending their seasons at the same standard as the rest of the season. 3.5/5
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Teen Wolf: Lunar Ellipse (2013)
Season 3, Episode 12
Well, well, well
18 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This episode did not hit the mark. After a spectacular eleventh episode, teen wolf's third season was on a roll. After "motel California" the series has just been climbing high up on the ratings scale, with interesting character development, twists, and a good balance between the 'teen' and the horror. This episode just ruined it all. We start with Stiles Scott and Allison waking up from their near death experience trying to find their parents. This scene, left on a cliffhanger from last week's episode, lasted a very short time... too short. The main thing I hated about this episode was the fact that the "Deucalion" got off "scott-free" (pardon the pun) really got under my skin. After all he's done to the pack (i.e. controlling the alphas, being the cause of the deaths of some of Derek's new pack) he was let go. What a waste of an episode. Grrrr. GRRRR!! 6 RATING -- DECENT EPISODE, TERRIBLE ENDING
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Scream Queens: Scream Again (2016)
Season 2, Episode 1
This is the worst of fall TV; who would continue this?
28 September 2016
Scream queens is (was) a fun show. It wasn't ever amazing but it was none the less fun and watchable. So, not being as excited as of other premiering TV shows, I watched it when I had a free hour. I wish I hadn't. The blatant promotion of the series using 'famous' celebrities and the unforgivably bad plot was just the start of this terrible flop. Swaying away from what was actually half decent in the first season, this season picks up in a hospital of sorts, with tons of new characters. The only positive thing about this episode was Jamie Lee Curtis, who shone in an episode so bleak

5.5/10 D
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Scream: The TV Series: When a Stranger Calls (2016)
Season 2, Episode 12
Not the blood-thirsty finale I was expecting!
17 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Since the last few episodes of scream showcased the horror, suspense and violence of the movies, I was expecting a blow-out epic of a finale filled with more murders, more horror and an epic unmasking... I didn't get that. The things I found disappointing with this year's finale was: the low main character body count, the overwhelming amount of clichés and copied scenes from scream 2, the unrealistic actions, and the crappy cliffhanger at the end. The low main character count: In the movies, most of the credited cast die, especially in Scream films, so I was expecting another death of the Lakewood 6, plus a few more. What we got was an unknown sheriff. We didn't even get to see the killer die (another cliché of the genre). In all fairness, the main main cast is likable, but characters like Maggie have outstayed their welcome in the series - hopefully she will be killed first if there even is a next season. Secondly, the amount of clichés: Clichés in a 2hr movie are quite forgivable, and are left unseen through the actual horror - however, boasting its originality being a TV show, scream really should have took a few risks and stepped away from the clichés and movie copies, for example: the car crash from scream 2; the 'is-it- the-killer-that-terrorised-the-town-ages-ago; the 'killer-is-in-the- projector-room' from scream 2; the 'stabbed-in-the-cinema-but- survived' from scream 2 and the ending where 'two people are claiming their innocence, but the final girl picks the wrong one' The only original moments, like the killer letting Emma and Audrey go wasn't even a big enough focus for the episode for it to become original and creative. Again, another thing the scream finale lacked was realism. There were a lot of scenes in this episode that certainly wouldn't of happened. Without digging into the fact there are weapons in a cinema, I'm going to focus on Emma's UNBELIEVABLE aim with the gun. Twice in this episode, Emma has had a very good chance of killing the killer, but when it came down to it, she couldn't hit the killer that was only mere metres away from her, with a loaded gun. That is even more unbelievable than the fact she had that many bullets in the gun, being fired by the cop, by Emma twice shooting over four each time, and Eli being shot 5 times in the chest - I didn't see her reload. What's with that? Finally, the cliffhanger at the end, to me, just seemed like a way of scream getting another season, which I hope they do not.

Anyway, overall this episode was unexpectedly tame and unrealistic. I am especially annoyed at the low body count, because that's the only reason I tune in to this 'slasher' show - for some slashing.

If they continue for another season, they need to step up there game.
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Scream: The TV Series: The Vanishing (2016)
Season 2, Episode 10
Best episode of the season AND series
3 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This episode finally hit the mark. If i had to sum it up in one word it would be thrilling. This week found Emma and Audrey solving cryptic clues to find the buried alive Noah before he either bleeds out or suffocates. What made this episode so great was the gigantic twist - which to be honest I kind of guessed thanks to Scream's excessive use of clichés (thus the 9 not a 10 rating) - that Zoe was the intended victim, leading to the killer - who by at the end of the episode is steered to Eli, Emma's mom (I hope - it'd be a nice surprise) and 'Brandon James' (yes, yet another horror cliché) - expressing his power over the teens. I REALLY loved the flashbacks in this episode - even if it wasn't the best use of the episodes short run - as they gave some character development between Maggie and the Sheriff; I'm happy to see where this goes. Bring on the next episode - It'll be good, I hope.
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There is more teen drama than horror.
20 July 2016
To recap after last week's brutally thrilling episode, the towns annual fair is happening with the killer on the loose, and Emma learns more of Keiran and Eli. The first problem (well, reason this episode was average at best), is that all of the action that happens happens right at the very end of the episode. Like the episode information stated, "The killer forces Emma through deadly games during the Lakewood carnival" it wildly inaccurate for two reasons: There is ONE 'game' right at the end that lasts for ONE minute. Typical scream - it never lives up to the hype it creates Scream TV gives this week another underwhelming episode, that is filled as far as it can be with horror clichés that miss out the horror. I had high hopes for this season, that maybe there would be a murder every week, and gripping story lines that were as original as the movies. No, I was wrong. As far as the acting is concerned, it is great. Flawless. But that doesn't make up for the series' downwards spiral into a bloodless teen drama.
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Fringe: Welcome to Westfield (2012)
Season 4, Episode 12
21 May 2016
Fringe has gone back to what makes it great!! The three main characters dominating the episode, Walter is back to himself and Olivia and Peter's relationship is building again. It's just like season 1 and 2. I was doubtful after the third season with the "alternates" and the new characters, that season 4 would be the same long story line, but no, I was thankfully wrong. Each episode has its own mini story line and some episodes, like this one, has no Alternates etc. I am looking forward to the rest of season 4. Gory, interesting and funny, FRINGE.IS.BACK! This episode is one of the greatest of this season and it finally makes me want to see more which I have not felt for the last season!
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Outstanding performances and story, only lacking more depth character development with the minor characters, and characters from the other film
22 April 2015
After the performance and the storyline of the first film, I had very little belief that the sequel (ish) would make any lasting impact. After watching, my initial thoughts were totally contradicted, not only because of the stunning performance of Eva Green, but the development and pace of the story was upbeat and breathtaking. Even though there was no 'edge of your seat' moments, the stylised violence, some-what comedic love scenes and the unpredictability of the end out done the first film. Commenting on what I briefly said before, Eva Green not only made me despise powerful people of that time, but I felt sort of sympathy for her character based on her loyalty to her country no matter what deep feelings she suppresses into her early damaged soul (even though she has no problem with manipulation- as seen in a few of her other films)

I would definitely recommend this film for any Spartacus lovers, or anyone who likes to watch an original, stylised movie that makes you think back to the original- whilst adding to the knowledge of that era. Stunning visually and based on the storyline!
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