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Any One of Us (2019)
Scary but inspiring.
2 November 2019
This follows a professional BMX'er in his journey from a bad high profile possibly getting some degree of recovery. Some of the best footage is go-pro footage when he is struggling with various things, but then it is also inspiring to see his progress. It also talks to a bunch of other affected people, who were injured in a variety of give you a more full perspective of conditions people may also find themselves in.

Overall, a very good documentary, and definitely recommended.
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Emergence (2019– )
Stranger Things Rip-Off
25 September 2019
If you have seen Stranger Things, then this show is pointless. Maybe for common viewers who don't have Netflix the show might have some point to watching it. For anyone familiar with ST, its pretty much the same exact tone and set-up, except with lesser writing, actors, story, music...everything.

Its a poor attempt by ABC to try to rip-off the popularity of Stranger Things and I guess they couldn't think of anything better to put on 1 for 1 hour a week. I would rather see any original idea...than an inferior ST clone on national TV each week. In fact, just show Stranger Things.
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Interesting day in the life
29 August 2019
This is about Instagram reality fitness "guy"...Calum Von Moger. I remembered seeing him in another doc so I figured I would see how this one is. Its pretty interesting showing how his life has been going since the last doc gave him some exposure, but the negatives are that it never really presses him in terms of his psyche or other things as it seems the filmmaker is friends with him. so for instance it seems he may get lonely, as he seems alone in his house and travels a lot, but it never once questions his love life, and how any of that goes, which seems very odd in a 90 minute documentary about solely this persons life. I think it sugar-coats things a little bit, so, as a piece of art, its not amazing, but as a somewhat entertaining look into the guys life, it is somewhat interesting, and as he seems like a genuinely nice guy, you are rooting for him to comeback from his setbacks. It was also funny....when certain events occur, when he should have learned from past mistakes, so...when he talks about the ills of social media, and other issues, is when the film is the strongest, and...hopefully he learns such things, but based on his behavior it seems likely he will injure himself again in some way.

Overall: nothing amazing artistically but a likable person and an interesting watch.
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Screwball (2018)
surprisingly light doc on doping
19 August 2019
I really enjoyed hard-hitting docs on Lance Armstrong, and the olympic doping scandals, but...this is not that film. This is a silly take on the subject where the narrated action is re-done..with kids dressed up in adult clothing re-enacting the action. It is humorous and makes the doc easy to watch and helped keep my interest. but I feel the filmmaker was probably too close to Bosch, in getting his cooperation, and therefore....never really examined the darker side of his behavior, and mostly gives him a pass. It also goes light on A-rod and pretty much..just highlights that baseball is just ...a game. Not life or death, nor criminal, but just..a game. I feel when someone cheats to get 400 million dollars in contracts..its a serious offense, so...I would have liked a bit more of a harder hitting take on the subject. But it was definitely decent, and an odd-type of documentary with humor that makes it easy to watch, and effective in its own way.
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Action (2019– )
An interesting look at mostly legalized gambling in the US
30 June 2019
The series does show people flaunting money, but it also shows some of the same people losing big bets. Its a pretty neutral look as it shows the highs and lows, and doesn't sugarcoat betting, and doesn't demonize it either.

If you are at all interested in exploring the betting world, I would definitely recommend it.

(note the first episode deals with introducing the characters and talking about the economics and current legal standing, but if you watch the 2nd-4th episode it gets more into some of the hardships for some of the characters, which was just as interesting, and made it more balanced.)
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Worth seeing
12 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is interesting and most of the negative reviews seem to be people with a "Mark Zuckerburg" viewpoint - that robots pose no threat to humans, while..Elon Musk fueded publicly with him on twitter about this and has...a completely opposite viewpoint.

The film is very interesting, and definitely worth seeing if you are interested in the subject matter. Also the creepy robot narration makes it kindof spooky and atmospheric..and makes you think a bit more. The ending is not completely clear, but in getting there it shows a lot, including how asimov's rule on AI...was probably already broken for the first time in human history.

Very interesting, and definitely worth seeing.
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Too Stupid to Die (2018– )
Funny, but not as good as Jackass...
1 December 2018
The guys in Jackass are too old to be doing that stuff anymore...(and some RIP.) So these guys are doing it for them. It is VERY similar and would be better if they made it more original in some way, but the fact that its in Indiana and not the suburbs of PA is a minor enough difference right there that makes it a bit interesting.

The characters aren't quite as funny as the guys in Jackass either, and again...its not very original. But if you like Jackass at all, it is good for a few laughs,and not a terrible show as some 1 star reviews are saying. (Jackass probably also had plenty of 1 star reviews...)

It would benefit if they maybe branch out and travel to other places and try new things..and try to make it more original and less a copy of Jackass, but its not a 1 star show either. (So the characters in Jackass could go other places and mess with people on the street pretty much anywhere and it would be funny...these guys aren't quite as talented in that way so it relies on the stunts more, and some of them aren't that funny per se.)

Overall: if you like Jackass you will probably enjoy it at least a little, but don't expect anything groundbreaking.
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An interesting look at the migration problem Europe is facing, although not heart poundingly compelling throughout, definitely worth seeing.
2 July 2018
We see the exploration of a boat accident which caused the deaths of a few hundred africans trying to land in Italy and this is juxtaposed with a Syrian family trying to get across Europe safely at the height of the Syrian conflict. there were some compelling moments for sure, atlhough it did not maintain that throughout. But it was definitely worth seeing if you are interested in this subject matter, and brings up a number of interesting points.

Solidly good, but not great documentary. Definitely worth seeing though. (there wasn't ...that much..."chaos" the title would indicate, but there were enough compelling moments to make it worthwhile.)
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Mostly Sunny (2016)
Decent documentary
16 January 2017
Apparently the director had a falling out w Sunny over the film,so i was expecting something at least mildly interesting, and it was. It was quite slow at times though so i cant rate it too highly, and it honestly just made me feel bad for the woman known as Sunny Leone as she comes across as much less intelligent that i thought, as she appears to be just another dumb girl from porn trying to cash in on her 15 minutes of fame,however she can. Most of the things she talks about is how she is able to make money and did porn to make money and she rarely says anything intelligent. After seeing the film I honestly feel kind of sorry that her life seems that empty and that there is nothing.. behind the facade. I do not think whatever fame she has will last much longer as she is pretty much just a good looking girl who is good at dancing, who happened to do porn,and happens to be from India at a time when they are just realizing what internet porn is. Beyond that she shows no actual talent or intelligence so i will say the film was decently interesting to see the veil lifted a bit and see how banal this persons life is. (She does seem like a nice person however, but.. acting is probably not her thing.). This is probably why she did not like the films true portrayal of there isn't much of anything beyond the facade.
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Good Mockumentary
20 May 2015
I wasn't sure what to expect with this movie, but I actually liked it a lot. One of the better "Mockumentary" style films I have seen, and possibly one of my favorites.

Basically Keegan Micheal Key is hilarious as Principal Douche, and the other supporting comedic actors keep it funny, but at the heart of it is a very good story with some depth too which made me want to find out what would happen next. As a "Mockumentary" though it is not a typical style comedy with typical style jokes every minute. It has some serious moments, but plenty of funny stuff too. Making it one of the better Mockumentaries in many years in my opinion.

Do not expect a typical film and let it take you where it will go, very funny and really well done.
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Hollidaysburg (2014)
Slightly disappointing
1 November 2014
I watched both this, and "Not Cool" to officially do the "Chair" experiment, and neither film was great, and neither film was terrible either.

After seeing the trailers for both I definitely had much higher hopes for "Hollidaysburg" over "Not Cool".

In the end though the film was nothing amazing as the trailer might suggest. It really wasn't that funny, I didn't feel much chemistry between the leads, and it was a little bit slow and awkward, but not in a good way.

It did have some moments though, it was shot nicely, and I did really like the music. Beyond that it was just OK. The best part about it though would be how it captured the FEELING of being home on break and some of that drama, which is the only thing the film really did well, and did better then "Not Cool" in that regard.

Beyond that though "Not Cool" was silly, but had a few jokes and actually surprised me a little after I Watched it in that I actually did care about the characters a little by the end, and that film had a few moments as well. (I also though felt no chemistry between the characters in Not Cool for the most part as well.) "Not Cool" was also not particularly funny after the first 10 minutes, and not a particularly good film either.

So, bottom line, "Not Cool" gets an OK 5, and Hollidaysburg gets a slightly better, but still "OK" 7. Thats about all I can give it, as neither film was great, but they both had some decent moments and some (occasional) laughs. Hollidaysburg's FEELING of thanksgiving break was much more authentic then "Not Cool"s though and that was the difference for me.

Definitely no masterpiece, and better then "Not Cool", but that really isn't saying much. It was OK.
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