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Dear White People (2017– )
Great... could easily watch in a sitting.
29 April 2017
Loved it. Funny, thought provoking, with characters you sympathize with in their POV episodes and hate in their antagonistic moments for other characters' episodes. Only problem I had was structural... there's some time dilation here, seeing the same moment from multiple viewpoints over the course of multiple episodes and other hops in time. I could have used some more signposting of when we were and when time is moving forward again after those moments where we're sticking around. (I suppose this is the main purpose of T**ne and that helped, but I still got slightly confused on occasion.)

I might have rated this an 8 but I'm going with the 9 to counteract the lowkey "I'm not racist" racists currently brigading this show. Right now the show's rating is in Neil Breen territory and that's just not right.
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had potential but the final product is crap
13 February 2007
I loved the idea of this show... having the schlub survivor of an expedition explore a subterranean realm filled with comically cheesy special effects. And overall I thought the show was pretty good visually. But the writing was just plain lazy. Unlike the sets and costumes, the writing did little to evoke the feel of those old live-action Saturday morning kids' shows. Plus, there weren't many jokes as other reviewers have noted... just deadpan whining by Saul. Apparently the writers thought to themselves, "This resembles something people will remember from when they were ten but with some blood, a naughty joke and a bit of whining.. so it's funny!" Well, no it's not.
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