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Meatballs (1979)
stick to the poster
9 November 2019
If you are a guy and can find the poster, the poster is a hundred times more fun than this movie. That says it all. The poster is on the DVD box, second prize, but best feature of the DVD. It just doesn't matter, it just doesn't matter, it just doesn't matter.
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Tomb Raider (2018)
Alicia all the way
6 November 2019
Forget what everybody else is saying. In a nutshell, Alicia Vikander is so absolutely perfect, everything that is needed to pull this off. It's the supporting cast that falls flat. That's why there are so many low scores here.
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Supergirl: Midvale (2017)
Season 3, Episode 6
Izabela Vidovic, wow!
3 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
A SUPERGIRL episode with Melissa mostly absent? I'd not have given much for its chances of amounting to anything. This ain"t my favorite show and I criticize its leftist leanings front, right and center. But... Hearty congratulations to the casting department for coming up wiyh Izabela Vidovic. One of the few things the showrunners did right. The youngster did a fantastic job and she seems uncannily to ACTUALLY be the real Melissa Benoist in younger form.



You know why?

That Sheriff Collins seemed like a top-notch kind of guy. Since he was a White dude, I realized instantly that couldn't fit in with the scheme of things. In this anti-American pro-Communist show, no White Male is any good (okay, one exception, that wynn guy, you will notice that I refrain from using a capital letter) it is only Black Males that are noble, so... you do the math.

(Oh, Old McCarthy could have caught a handful of live ones if this was the Old Days...)

Some other loose notes:

1) Chyler Leigh is down this season. It has nothing to do with the plotline. Of course Alex is going through trauma, but Chyler's down. So at those last scenes with her, couldn't we have kept the younger version? :) ----okay, a bit of kidding here. I like old Chyler. Unfortunately NOT ANOTHER TEENAGE MOVIE was a long time ago...

2) I don't like David Harewood. Creepy. Always creepy. I'm glad he can't fly. Hell, we'd have needed umbrellas... that ostrich dude up there... (okay, not in this episode)

3) I don't like Jeremy Johnson, glad he wasn't in this episode.

4) Helen Slater, what a beautiful person. Utmost respect.

5) Melissa, what a stupendously gorgeous girl. Three seasons in, she still looks like most cheerleaders can only dream of...
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no, Caroline, Damon is not the ugh, Stefan is the ugh...!
22 September 2019
For once, I don't agree with Caroline. The "epic" couple isn't Elena and Stefan, but Elena and Damon. The problem here lies in the casting. Ian Somerhalder is magnificent as Damon, while Paul Wesley is lackluster (besides the physique) and cold. Perhaps that is only how Paul Wesley comes across, I don't know anything about the guy, only that on-screen there is NO CHEMISTRY between him and NIna Dobrev, while there is lots of that between Nina and Ian. So it is bothersome to watch a show which suffers from a miscast Stefan, who should have been a fiery hot guy, not this cold fish...

Aww, I'd rather have talked about Phoebe Tonkin's legs, beautifully displayed towards the end of this episode. She should have been Miss Mystic Falls. April Young is, to quote a PRETTY LITTLE LIARS episode I've recently watched, "not pageant material" and that's glaringly obvious.

Ideas on paper do not always reflect in the casting.
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Supergirl: Triggers (2017)
Season 3, Episode 2
what makes a great heroine?
12 September 2019
I disagree with reviewer Luvnit. Supergirl appears weak and whiny? No.

I am reminded of the old adage of the mighty oak tree. Is that tree the symbol of power as it stands valiantly enduring the ravages of winter? No, it is it's delicate white blossoms that dare to lift up their little faces into the icy wind.

Come on, guys, Supergirl has laser eyes and freeze breath and she can fly, so if she's beating up bank robbers, well, she CAN do so EASILY. Hey, if the rest of the world were little ants, we could all be heroes, but we'd really be big bullies revelling in our good fortune. So, turn the tables on Supergirl, make it a whole lot more interesting. Now that's real courage, overcoming fear. +Looks cute when she's in real trouble for a change, and all the better to root for.
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Yael, Yes! all the rest, bah!
12 September 2019
Corny little song, corny little music video. I had just watched on DVD SUPERGIRL "Triggers" and wanted to see more of Yael Grobglas. Instead hadda endure long-haired ginger bloke and a guy with a tattooed arm and yuck... they thought they made better viewing material than the girl and relegated her to the sideline...

...oh, they were sadly mistaken.

In this corner, Yay Yael Grobglass... yeah baby, right on. In that corner, We The KIngs, ag shame let's pull the chain.

That about sums it up. Can't sing, can't dance, can't make a music video.

Yael does appear in the end tied to a pole, helpless damsel in distress. Good idea. She ends up kissing her rescuer, sad ginger bloke. Bad idea. Wishful thinking. Okay, that bit is easily forgiven. The other bit NOT.

Let me sit through an online watch I have to shell out for... watching boring kinda overweight dude...? Fill the screen with Yael, and I'd have signed up for the (expensive) download!
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The Facts of Life: Cousin Geri (1980)
Season 2, Episode 5
did Geri Jewell really think she was gonna become a series regular?
11 September 2019
This is yet another "not a review", just a personal comment. Today I spotted a Trivia snippet here concerning Geri Jewell making snide remarks about this episode having been an attempt to "nab an Emmy award"... LIsten here, Geri, how do ya spell self-delusional? This was a Special episode, a one-off, and ya got a comeback out of it, kinda like half the entire cast of Season One (and there were several, oh, SEVERAL there that were WORTHY...) but making that comment reflected very badly on your apparent high view of yourself if you thought you had truly scored a regular spot on the show... for look at this episode. Meant as Emmy material? Oh pleez... oh pleez... don't make me laugh. Would be the only laugh generated re this pathetic offering. The handicapped jokes start getting lamer and lamer till becoming truly offensive ("Name That Handicap" being the poorest dullest stupidest attempt at corny corny corny humor --- hell, I'd have been ashamed to deliver such shoddy work, I call such stuff "first draft" attempts") but you have the gall to suggest that because no Emmy was generated your character was dropped? Your character was dropped because she was meant as a one-off from the start for this Special episode (which came in the wake of the previous unfunny episode "Who Am I?") and this was, I'm not gonna be politically-correct because I sure as hell ain't politically-correct: Not nearly even good. Those jokes were truly badly presented and the whole thing started to take a dip and slided from there into total embarrassment almlst from the start... AND IF YOU OUT THERE TAKE ME TO TASK FOR THIS... please watch this episode again, in the light of harsh reality...
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Pretty Little Liars: The Bin of Sin (2015)
Season 5, Episode 17
who's in the barrel?
7 September 2019
I am not giving any spoilers. I do not know what is gonna happen next. Yeah, as I watch on DVD years and years later, I try not to encounter any plot giveaways as I contribute Quotes. But watching this episode, I decided I was gonna post my prediction. Now, I could be wrong, I coukd be right, your guess is as good as mine. Two possibilities, the drum is either filled with decaying cats and rats... nah, that's gonna be an anti-climax... or it is Holbrook. And that's my prediction. By the way, the girls have clung to the assumption that Holbrook is the latest Big Evil, jumping to that conclusion because Aria saw Santa-suited guy kissing Alison? Had this been real life, how would you explain grown INTELLIGENT girls acting AT TIMES so absolutely stupid, immersing themselves in a mystery that keeps exacting a toll of lives heaping up, heaping up...?

But anyway, I say it's Holbrook in there. That's why Officer Toby (hee hee haw haw) couldn't say anything over the phone, means it was a human body.

But this is speculation only. Anyway, on to the next episode within minutes, just gonna go fix my coffee...
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The Facts of Life: Double Standard (1980)
Season 2, Episode 3
Jo vs. Blair
3 September 2019
How can I say this and be nice about it? Gee, that is gonna be very, very difficult. Feel free to dislike my little note here, I know it sure as hell ain't gonna be popular.

Jo vs. Blair...

Nancy McKeon or Lisa Whelchel?

Here's the facts...

In Season One, Lisa Whelchel is a knock-out stunner. She had major competition from Julie Pikarski, Felice Schachter and Julie Anne Haddock. Those three were there for their leggy displays (you'd be naive if you didn't agree). Julie Pikarski was the official opposition, and she was actually my favorite, I really liked her. Felice and the other Julie had comparatively minor roles, yeah, they sat around and stood around as set decorations mostly (but not completely, but okay...) Lisa, however, was the star, the main focus, as Blair Warner. Let's say that on the Man's Richter Scale she was an Eight.

By Season Two (actually noticeable all the way)... and it pains me to say this... Lisa is not an Eight anymore. I'm not gonna go into this, suffice to say that the most beautiful flowers bloom gloriously, but the bloom lasts for a tragically short time, and Lisa is not the Blair of Season One anymore.

Enters Nancy McKeon as tomboy Jo. However, take note, this is Nancy McKeon. In real life, not that I knew anything about her, but clearly not the tomboy type. That ponytail... that pretty face, even when she scowls, she ain't nothin' but cute...

Okay, I don't have to write out my verdict. You know my answer. Nancy McKeon is a Ten. And I haven't even seen her legs yet...

So, as for this episode, Jo in her LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE 'peasant dress,' you could put Jo in a gunny sack and she'd still beat the pants off...

That guy Harrison... Any guy who wouldn't see THE TRUE PRINCESS in Nancy McKeon (even if Jo rides a motorcycle)... well, he DESERVES a slap / poke with a high-heeled shoe.

Written by a Nancy McKeon fan (who actually is biased towards blondes, but...)

P.S. This little show damn well rocks. All the girls get fantastically good lines! Almost four decades later, I am amazed! Putting up Quotes left, right, front and center! Check 'em out!
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The Facts of Life: The New Girl: Part 1 (1980)
Season 2, Episode 1
New Girl steals the entire show
31 August 2019
Well, this is where I first came in, half a lifetime ago, South African TV never showed Season One. And this is how I knew the show. Season One's Mrs. Garrett was way over the top, while Lisa Whelchel was way more of a flower. At least here in Season Two, they finally got the song right, and that boring bore of a headmaster is gone. But without Julie Pikarski, Felice Schachter and Julie Anne Haddock, how could they?

Lisa Whelchel"s star is already fading. New girl Nancy McKeon hits it for a six in her debut performance. No wonder I was a Jo fan back in the day. I just didn't know how beautiful Lisa was the year before. But here, it's Nancy all the way!

Cute lines. The one where Jo likens Blair to a self-loving Barbie doll is classic!

Mrs. Garrett "lost 25 big ones"? What happened to them?Unfortunately, they start to migrate... Remember what Joan Rivers called this show later on...

Incidentally, Blair's comment re wearing high heels with denim jeans = tacky... no. Depends, I suppose, but she does talk about Jordache jeans in here as well, and smart-cut jeans paired with strappy high heels oh wow...
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political correctness way back in the Seventies...
28 August 2019
I wholeheartedly agree with my colleague Mr. BA Harrison here. This episode is absolutely tawdry. You have here this mad nutcase Japanese guy, who allegedly has the strongest mind in the world??? For crying out loud, this guy just assumed his brother was dead without ever, ever checking up, and held Wonder Woman responsible and plotted revenge his whole life long, what a fool fool fool even if he could move bird cages and little dice along... but bother to find out the true facts, no! He then tries to Pearl Harbor the Red White & Blue diaper-clad lady, but all is forgiven for the sake of political correctness. No, he should have been made to fall on his sword.

Really, scriptwriter, what utter utter utter tripe! Dismal beyond belief. Loony leftist garbage. Hey, if she is still alive, must be a huge fan of recent SUPERGIRL storylines...

I'm not going into further detail. I'm not gonna talk about this anymore. It is a waste of time.

Just one thing. Those damned chimpanzee grimaces at the end of every episode... NOT EXACTLY EVEN A COLGATE* SMILE...!!!

*depending on your nationality, some readers might have to Google this
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22 August 2019
Yeah, this is the episode that ends with the scene that horrified a whole lot of fans, somebody dies, somebody who's been around from Episode 01, somebody who has a cult following, somebody who during the course of the series became more, way more, than the sum of her parts.

However, taking into consideration recent developments, the sequel... (of which I try not to encounter any spoilers) sounds to me it isn't really farewell...

Incidentally, one other thing:

I was real baffled by the Thanksgiving theme that quickly escalated into a Christmas theme. Never ever seen anything like this, never seen Christmas decorations at Thanksgiving. I want to yell out GOOF, somebody got real confused and carried away, but as a South African way down under, I'll refrain, I'll leave it up to somebody else, but certainly on BEVERLY HILLS 90210 and MELROSE PLACE Thanksgiving didn't feature Christmas ornaments...?
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The Facts of Life: Running (1980)
Season 1, Episode 11
ode to Julie Pikarski
31 July 2019
This little series, gee, of course it's dated, and it's got some dorky performances in it, cringe-worthy deluxe, hello Charlotte Rae, living, breathing cartoon character, hello, John Lawlor, almost as boring as Lyle Waggoner on WONDER WOMAN, and an absolutely horrible horrendously false theme song, hello tone-deaf composers! Really grates on your nerves if you hear it more than once a day.

I saw a lot of it back in the day, I don't really know where I came in, but South Africa didn't show Season 1, and judging by, er, certain events in the pilot episode I instantly realized why, but I'm not gonna go into that here. All I will say is that I was initially flabbergasted at the spectacle that is Charlotte Rae as Miss Edna Garrett, not what I remembered, for I came in when she was at least a little bit toned down. Best thing about Season 1 is that Lisa Whelchel is that much more cute, the flower of youth had already wilted a little bit by the time I first saw her, and I well remember I was a Jo fan. But finally seeing what I didn't even know about, Lisa, yeah, wow, great...

But the series has these (minor minor alert now, stop reading, but it is almost forty years later, so...) unfairly discarded actresses... No, I'm not talking about Molly Ringwald, on the evidence here, she was bland at best.... I'm talking Julie Pikarski, Felice Schachter and Julie Anne Haddock. How could they just drop 'em? WOW, the show with the greatest legs. More spunk than CHARLIE'S ANGELS, man. In this episode, Cindy (Julie Anne Haddock) does a reverse somersault. I kid you not. You have to see it for yourself. And Julie Pikarski, while I was watching that jogging-in-place scene, earned herself the perfect nickname from me... Cheryl Ladd Junior. Up to this episode, however, it is abundantly clear that Felice Schachter got pushed aside, she is almost a peripheral character.

The more these girls come down the stairs, and go up the stairs, oh wow, I'm only a guy, that's all I can say. Might be ghosts of yesteryear, but oh wow, I'd have gladly suffered through an extended Season 1 for months on end. Inane as the show is, yes, it had a lot of heart, AND, YES, IT COMES FROM A TIME WHEN THE WORLD WAS A MUCH BETTER PLACE.

Before signing off, lemme just say something inspired by the "Dieting" episode: Julie Pikarski, you are a beautiful girl.
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WKRP in Cincinnati: Daydreams (1981)
Season 3, Episode 10
what a waste of time...
21 July 2019
As Google says, a jittery Mr. Carlson tries out an important speech on his staff, with interesting results... To which I say: Interesting? Don't believe a word of it. A freaking big bore. The other reviewer here pulls his punches. The vignettes are so-so? Bah, bah and bah once more. Yes, Jennifer would have seen herself as a glamorous movie star/courtesan type, Les would have seen himself as a World War 2 reporter during the Blitz, and Johnny would have seen himself as a rock star, but everything falls flat WITHOUT ANYTHING being REMOTELY funny. Yeah, to quite my colleague here, not as funny as regular story-driven episodes, BAH! A waste of time throwing away potential, which this group had in spades IF they worked with PROPER material, but this... this... (sputter) is shoddy SHODDY work. And by the way, Colleague, the reason you did not see the Baikey bit, it was a short little bore that could easily be snipped out, so they did, to add more commercials, and if one of those commercials were for dishwashing liquid, it would have been more entertaining anyway...

Stale empty humor that doesn't go anywhere. So far, none of the episodes that have tried to be different has hit it in any way with me. WKRP needs to stay "in that bullpen" with the team working on each other's nerves, that's what the show is about, that works, so why all these little inane attempts scattered throughout... Mars the reputation of an otherwise highly-regarded show, bringing it down to being INCONSISTENT IN QUALITY which is actually the kiss of death as far as reviews go.

I did not like this. This was written without much thought. No real feeling for the characters went into it. Big disappointment if you consider what the fantasies of these people really should have been like...
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Dallas: Second Thoughts (1980)
Season 3, Episode 20
Mary, Mary, Mary
2 July 2019
In this episode, what a feast to watch Mary Crosby as Kristin. The scheming little she-devil. Who now sees the wheels coming off her plan to snare ol' J.R. Ewing. If you think about it, where does the child take it from to deliver such a performance? You see her world falling apart as J.R. is about to dump her, and as she tries lashing out with her hint at blackmailing the ol' scoundrel, he fixes her with a contemptuous smile, and she blanches, backs off. Now I'm pretty sure that few DALLAS fans went really lyrical about Mary (I know that back in the day, half a lifetime ago, I saw a pretty girl who was just SO mean... ) but Mary Crosby, wow!

Pamela's Victorian dress. With that high collar. Currently pictured here on this entry. She went to visit her down-and-out brother in a Mary Poppins dress? Get real! Can only be explained thus: The wardrobe department had that get-up lying around, so...
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Legend of the Seeker: Puppeteer (2009)
Season 1, Episode 9
little girl steals entire show, you other lot could just go home
23 June 2019
I remember I was just kinda irritated by the little boy in "Listener" and thought by myself, should have been a little girl. A few episodes later, here we have little Jordana Beatty as Rachel in this episode, and for the first time, there is something truly noteworthy about this series. (I have to admit that I got involved with LEGEND OF THE SEEKER only because of one of the later this season episodes having been specifically singled out by, er, uhm, let's just say, a kinky website) Before this, "Bounty" and "Identity" were the only ones that really had me interested, "Denna" was promising, but... aw. Here we have a show in which a cute little girl appears, and she is so, so cute, and the script makes up for all this... this... wizard magic Darken Rahl flying dragon nonsense I've had to sit enduring while inwardly complaining "bummer Bridget Regan was so wonderful in BEAUTY & THE BEAST that I went completely off Kristin Kreuk, but here... I would not even have recognized her... bummer bummer double bummer, and there are 22 episodes of this..."

Episode stars J O R D A N A B E A T T Y and then there is craig horner and bridget regan in supporting roles. Who they? I was only bothered by them when they got in the way of things. Jordana had star potential written all over her. With hindsight 20/20, noticed earlier this morning that her Wikipedia page today is a backhanded compliment, that she is considered hardly deserving a page on that hallowed site as she isn't a person of any real noteworthiness. I kid thee not. Go check now. Her career peaked with this performance.

Somebody goofed. The kid should have been snapped up for more film work. She is absolutely joyous to watch, she is cuter than cute, this episide is truly worth watching, and you could quick-scan easily past The Seeker and his Confessor (stupid term, that).

One of the most huggable kids on film ever!!
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Dallas: Mother of the Year (1979)
Season 3, Episode 13
comes in a gusher!
20 June 2019
That bit with ol' J.R. being massaged by Kristin, but he is all despondent, down in the dumps as time runs out before the banks close in, and the phone is silent, and then buzzes, and Kristin answers, and it's Hank... the Asian oil well has come in... it is so gloriously done, I am placing the entire scene as a quote.

DALLAS is considered by myself to be an all-time classic which the vast majority of modern stuff can't even hold a candle to. Certainly there is a level of suspense that no amount of "creepy whomevers running around in leather outfits" or 1000 year old vampires can match (talking about PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES) even if they appear in technically better shows shot with modern ingenuity on much bigger budgets. DALLAS hits you with more true-to-life (well, on a much grander scale, of course) and the characters are absolutely believable. The actors came out of nowhere (well... kinda) but they delivered a huge hit that is better by far than most motion pictures of its time.

But what's wrong here? Victoria Principal's Pamela all too soon becomes "the old auntie" and Linda Gray plays the fiery part. Don't get me wrong here. I'm just once again saying that it is a terrible waste of Victoria Principal who should have been in several more explosive scenes pitted against Larry Hagman's J.R.... during 1979, when she was in her prime, as in "Spy in the House" (as I've repeatedly pointed out before)

Linda Gray is the actress. She does a magnificent job. She is absolutely the tigress.
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The Vampire Diaries: Growing Pains (2012)
Season 4, Episode 1
nothing left to break anymore
15 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Yeah, the fourth season premiere. Of course, the way to make it last this long, is by regularly setting fire to their own tail. Season 3 it was Stefan going unhinged, Season 4 it is Elena turning into a vampire. And that's crossing a line BIG TIME 'cause this is for keeps. You will notice that I rated it highly... it is another great episode. But the fun..? Like I have said before, the fun is gone. Aw, I long for the grand time I had with Season 1. How many times do you have to see a regular character die, only not-die, it is farsical. Numb to it. Sixty-seven episodes and such psudo-deaths were in virtually every one (okay, can't verify this right now, but it feels that way).

Nina Dobrev and Candice Accola great as usual. Candice was especially darling in that scene where she got taken down when the lawmen came for her as she came out the door, those expressions, wow!

In the woods, the erotic sequence, why does Tyler (okay, Klaus) say "wrong equipment"? Does not strike me that way.

Okay, Elena is a vampire now. Major game change. But what next? I have the lot on DVD, but eight, yeah, eight seasons...?
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unfairly treated
8 June 2019
I've just watched this on DVD, the reason I found out about it is that I recently did some research on Chyler Leigh (I consider myself to be heavily involved with SUPERGIRL's episode entries, I'm providing many of the quotes), decided I wanted to see her where she is still young, that instantly led to the Marilyn Manson music video and from there to this. I opted for the way more expensive set to have the music video included, even though I had it downloaded. All the time, I knew damn well I was probably gonna fall flat on my face with this as well, for if you encounter during your research here on IMDb those warnings by irate viewers, watch out...! Several times I have told myself, hell, you were warned... but you didn't listen...! The trailer with the long legs and high-heeled feet lured me in. I'm a sucker for that! But something scything said the movie was made for 14 year old boys only. Was I just gonna feel stupid?

True to form, I went ahead. I basically thought so low of the prospect, that I opted to watch this one during winter, when the vast majority of my choices are way more conservative subject matter.

Yes, the potty humor is abundant. And it quite possibly would find linitless appeal with dirty little boys. BUT BUT BUT it is also WAY WAY WAY too cleverly made to get stranded on those rocky shores.

I looked past the potty humor, and by the time I watched it a second time, giggled inanely at WELL if it doesn't bring a giggle you are quite likely dead. Yeah, it's inane, but it is spectacularly magnificently inane...

Plus I got to see Chyler from SUPERGIRL when she was very young, and Lacey Chabert from PARTY OF FIVE when she was a couple years older AND I can play "Don't You Forget About Me" real loud at the end and have a good cry for the old lost world...
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Dallas: Mastectomy: Part 2 (1979)
Season 3, Episode 10
bye-bye fun, hello weepy
5 June 2019
I remember that back in the day I didn't exactly go for this turn of events, that was half a lifetime ago, so recently I had that sinking feeling perusing the DVD menu, "aw, Mastectomy again, and, bummer, it's a two-parter." But it kicked off with a funny scene featuring Kristin, my favorite bad girl, in, no, on, the bed with ol' J.R. and things went well (I'm talking Part 1 now), but of course, I did get dragged down, but okay... This morning noticed with some alarm, Mary Crosby ain't in Part 2, and we all know Pam Ewing is losing her appeal thanks to ill-advised scriptwriting... so you do the math that I did.

Summed up, we have the performances. Barbara Bel Geddes is stellar*, and Linda Gray is exceptional. But what about the fun?

The fun has been thrown out at the first mention of neurofibromatosis very early on. Way too early. I have in previous reviews pointed out what DALLAS had thrown away. There was an episode "Spy in the House" that should have served as a guideline for Seasons 2 and 3... delve deep into the Pam vs. J.R. standoff WHILE Victoria Principal is young and fiery and 100% perfect, but, no, what did they choose, bloody neurofibromatosis that's what.

There's gonna be lots of confrontation between Pam and J.R., sure, I remember, but it should have been THE MAJOR THEME during 1979, and not this neurofibromatosis thing.

Okay, and now came the double-parter with "Mastectomy" and DALLAS is a total feel-awful weepy. *Barbara Bel Geddes plays from past experience, she is a real-life victim, she drew from her own ordeal, and the weeping scene in here (1) wasn't much acting (2) I wouldn't have wanted to be there, (3) how could they want to film something like that knowing she's a real victim? It is a performance, but I raced through the episode for it truly carries the plague.

The other reviewer here overreacts re "the evil Miss Ellie" but truly gave me my only laugh re this dismal episode... the bit about Pamela having her revenge wearing a low-cut dress upon MIss Ellie's return. I'm sure that was unintentional.

Do not get me wrong. I realize the importance, the validity of the subject matter. But for DALLAS to throw this at us... I do think that loads of viewers were lost back then.

In all fairness, the episode deserves a much higher rating, but I personally (word fails me) it. No, not loathe or hate.

Bummer deluxe. Ditto the previous, but at least Mary was there at the beginning. Here there is just no fun at all...
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Charlie's Angels, bah! Nazneen shows them how to do allure
23 May 2019
Suspense aplenty from failed border crossing to more dark deeds by Annie, hell, that guy used to be Justin on PARTY OF FIVE, just saying. but that really makes it all the more shocking to watch. After losing so much, though, all because of Henry, our Annie has really turned, not that you could blame her.

Loved the way Annie looked so shamefaced when criticized for "being a junkie" only to give that sly fox smile as the policemen left.

After waving her bare feet about in the first episode this season, the La Perla girl is back, once more just in La Perla. Nazneen's character turns out to be a high-class call girl, and ol' Calder could of course be letting him in for a junior version of the Profumo scandal. Another thing I've noted is that Auggie signs a document without knowing for sure what he is signing. Both of the new girlfriends have ulterior motives, mark my words.

(yeah, it's five years later, but I haven't peeked up ahead)
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The Vampire Diaries: The Departed (2012)
Season 3, Episode 22
this is the final straw
19 May 2019
Like I said, the fun of Season One is long gone. And with what happens to Elena at the end of this episode... I just sat back and used a trusty old expletive followed by "I don't like this." First, Catherine, then Alaric, now Elena...? That said, though, Candice Accola's vampire performance has made her just even more unforgettable, so... I may yet be swayed...

And this episode delivers thrills and spills galore. I knew last time that it would not be goodbye to Klaus, but now, TVD-wise, he has been relegated to the spin-off show THE ORIGINALS (of which I know next to nothing about, although I've got Season One waiting in the wings). It kinda seems that Zack Roerig might finally be out of a job (guy probably came in late and left early anyway... :) I mean, anybody else found it funny that he is billed before Candice Accola?)

Welcome sight in this episode: Sara Canning as Jenna, albeit for back-flashes only.

Next season may see a somewhat reduced cast...? (yeah, I watch on DVD years after the event, and I don't peek up ahead...)
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The Vampire Diaries: Before Sunset (2012)
Season 3, Episode 21
penultimate episode of the third season
18 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
No, the doom prophets of back in the day were wrong, all wrong. The show lasted for five more seasons. Which isn't necessarily a good thing. I wouldn't agree with our Brazilian friend here, he is obviously very hard to satisfy, and is clearly watching the wrong kind of show not suited to his taste.

But the big problem is that I find that the fun of it all is long since gone. Hey, how many times have these mains and regulars "died"...? Isn't there a staking or a neck snapping or whatever in every episode? Since they are meaningless, what's the point? In this episode, we hear Caroline's neck being broken, but are we shocked? The gag bit was good and played to sympathy, but those pencils used to penetrate her... just bad taste. They'd not have kept a vampire down.

But this turning of Alaric into a vampire, this is not popular with me. It is just felt that the show pulls out all the stops to deliver action and gore in a much more heavy-handed way than the grand old days of Season One. Like I said, the fun is gone, and it doesn't hold good for the prospects of eight, yes, eight seasons. It would really have been better if Season Three was the last, and the show tailored itself to come to a conclusion.

The best thing about Season Three? Claire Holt as Rebekah. This Klaus, he is totally overrated, and though I have already nibbled on the ORIGINALS line, I do not think it's gonna be my kinda thing at all.

Everything said and done though, I do not agree with the two other reviewers. I wouldn't be involved with this series if it was as useless as they've made it out to be. And let's face it, for the wonder of Season One to have continued, tall order, I suspected it would not.

In short, watch and enjoy, it is still one of the best ever TV series, it's just... it came down from up there in the clouds...

A special word of appreciation to Candice Accola for the hardship she had to endure filming the 'vervain gag' scene...
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Covert Affairs: Shady Lane (2014)
Season 5, Episode 1
I don't go for this idea at all
15 May 2019
I liked the episode. I was railing about the latest plot development and was gonna shoot it down here, but the episode itself, with the terrorist suicide bombing, won me over. But early on the season shot itself in the foot with this damned idea of Annie being sick/ill/weakened. Dammit, yeah, she was shot in Season 4, yeah, of course a price has to be paid for that... but I don't want this storyline for our Annie, not for, as I call her, "the real supergirl" (because Supergirl has alien superpowers, and is therefore a flying arsenal and not really as much of a heroine, but Annie is normal flesh and blood and caring warmth = true heroine)

Yeah, by Season 5, they grasp at this stupid idea. Bad enough the worst case ever of "playing blind" is in here, Auggie is blind only when the plot calls for it. Christopher Gorham's eyes follow movement throughout the series. I don't think Auggie's blindness adds anything much to the show, because it's the single most unconvincing aspect.

Yeah, I haven't watched anything up ahead, but this is gonna mess up the final season. And on DVD has that beautiful pic of Annie qith her handgun, not hoarse-voiced and wheezing. Come on, could have come up with something (anything) better! 'Cause this is only gonna be bummer city big-time!

Incidentally, I am a human facial recognition Wonder! That Borz terrorist guy, I went "he reminds me of someone." It kept bothering me way in. Then, Julia's boyfriend in PARTY OF FIVE...! that was like half a lifetime ago :) Hell, if I hadda put up with fake laughter Julia Salinger I'd be a terrorist too... stupid joke there, but still...
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Dallas: The Kristin Affair (1979)
Season 3, Episode 5
Mary Crosby better than BAYWATCH
11 May 2019
Yeah, the episode opens up with the bikini scene, that's only the teaser with the highlights, but then pretty soon, we are at the swimming pool... and let me just state again, forget about going boo and hiss at scheming Kristin, Mary Crosby is one divine fine-boned honey... and the difference between this and BAYWATCH (talking about the original, the knock-off is beyond contempt) is that the character is more like an actual living breathing emotion-filled person than just somebody running down the beach to go save some struggling child... Kristin might be this extremely devious nasty plotting little witch... but... aw, you have to see this to understand what I mean. J.R. falls for her in a big way, she eventually almost becomes his nemesis... but he never got her out of his mind. This episode shows why. Kristin is truly the girl of his dreams. "Kristin, with your mind and your body... it just might take me a lifetime to figure you out." Yeah, this was the one that truly got to him. In more ways than one...!

Neurofibromatosis. Urgh. Plot device? Yeah, necessary, I suppose. But back in "The Silent KIller" it really meant the beginning of the end. The end of the fun re the magnificence that is Pamela. Rather I would have wanted a constant J.R. vs. Pam tension like in "Spy in the House" than this damn neurofibromatosis thing that really puts a damper on everything. Victoria Principal should play that 'brimming with fire, but with tearful eyes...' The crisis with the baby is of course at the one center of the story, so, I have to concede... but... aw... Victoria's shares drop steadily... Mary's are up, up, up!
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