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Legend of the Seeker: Puppeteer (2009)
Season 1, Episode 9
little girl steals entire show, you other lot could just go home
23 June 2019
I remember I was just kinda irritated by the little boy in "Listener" and thought by myself, should have been a little girl. A few episodes later, here we have little Jordana Beatty as Rachel in this episode, and for the first time, there is something truly noteworthy about this series. (I have to admit that I got involved with LEGEND OF THE SEEKER only because of one of the later this season episodes having been specifically singled out by, er, uhm, let's just say, a kinky website) Before this, "Bounty" and "Identity" were the only ones that really had me interested, "Denna" was promising, but... aw. Here we have a show in which a cute little girl appears, and she is so, so cute, and the script makes up for all this... this... wizard magic Darken Rahl flying dragon nonsense I've had to sit enduring while inwardly complaining "bummer Bridget Regan was so wonderful in BEAUTY & THE BEAST that I went completely off Kristin Kreuk, but here... I would not even have recognized her... bummer bummer double bummer, and there are 22 episodes of this..."

Episode stars J O R D A N A B E A T T Y and then there is craig horner and bridget regan in supporting roles. Who they? I was only bothered by them when they got in the way of things. Jordana had star potential written all over her. With hindsight 20/20, noticed earlier this morning that her Wikipedia page today is a backhanded compliment, that she is considered hardly deserving a page on that hallowed site as she isn't a person of any real noteworthiness. I kid thee not. Go check now. Her career peaked with this performance.

Somebody goofed. The kid should have been snapped up for more film work. She is absolutely joyous to watch, she is cuter than cute, this episide is truly worth watching, and you could quick-scan easily past The Seeker and his Confessor (stupid term, that).

One of the most huggable kids on film ever!!
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Dallas: Mother of the Year (1979)
Season 3, Episode 13
comes in a gusher!
20 June 2019
That bit with ol' J.R. being massaged by Kristin, but he is all despondent, down in the dumps as time runs out before the banks close in, and the phone is silent, and then buzzes, and Kristin answers, and it's Hank... the Asian oil well has come in... it is so gloriously done, I am placing the entire scene as a quote.

DALLAS is considered by myself to be an all-time classic which the vast majority of modern stuff can't even hold a candle to. Certainly there is a level of suspense that no amount of "creepy whomevers running around in leather outfits" or 1000 year old vampires can match (talking about PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES) even if they appear in technically better shows shot with modern ingenuity on much bigger budgets. DALLAS hits you with more true-to-life (well, on a much grander scale, of course) and the characters are absolutely believable. The actors came out of nowhere (well... kinda) but they delivered a huge hit that is better by far than most motion pictures of its time.

But what's wrong here? Victoria Principal's Pamela all too soon becomes "the old auntie" and Linda Gray plays the fiery part. Don't get me wrong here. I'm just once again saying that it is a terrible waste of Victoria Principal who should have been in several more explosive scenes pitted against Larry Hagman's J.R.... during 1979, when she was in her prime, as in "Spy in the House" (as I've repeatedly pointed out before)

Linda Gray is the actress. She does a magnificent job. She is absolutely the tigress.
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The Vampire Diaries: Growing Pains (2012)
Season 4, Episode 1
nothing left to break anymore
15 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Yeah, the fourth season premiere. Of course, the way to make it last this long, is by regularly setting fire to their own tail. Season 3 it was Stefan going unhinged, Season 4 it is Elena turning into a vampire. And that's crossing a line BIG TIME 'cause this is for keeps. You will notice that I rated it highly... it is another great episode. But the fun..? Like I have said before, the fun is gone. Aw, I long for the grand time I had with Season 1. How many times do you have to see a regular character die, only not-die, it is farsical. Numb to it. Sixty-seven episodes and such psudo-deaths were in virtually every one (okay, can't verify this right now, but it feels that way).

Nina Dobrev and Candice Accola great as usual. Candice was especially darling in that scene where she got taken down when the lawmen came for her as she came out the door, those expressions, wow!

In the woods, the erotic sequence, why does Tyler (okay, Klaus) say "wrong equipment"? Does not strike me that way.

Okay, Elena is a vampire now. Major game change. But what next? I have the lot on DVD, but eight, yeah, eight seasons...?
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unfairly treated
8 June 2019
I've just watched this on DVD, the reason I found out about it is that I recently did some research on Chyler Leigh (I consider myself to be heavily involved with SUPERGIRL's episode entries, I'm providing many of the quotes), decided I wanted to see her where she is still young, that instantly led to the Marilyn Manson music video and from there to this. I opted for the way more expensive set to have the music video included, even though I had it downloaded. All the time, I knew damn well I was probably gonna fall flat on my face with this as well, for if you encounter during your research here on IMDb those warnings by irate viewers, watch out...! Several times I have told myself, hell, you were warned... but you didn't listen...! The trailer with the long legs and high-heeled feet lured me in. I'm a sucker for that! But something scything said the movie was made for 14 year old boys only. Was I just gonna feel stupid?

True to form, I went ahead. I basically thought so low of the prospect, that I opted to watch this one during winter, when the vast majority of my choices are way more conservative subject matter.

Yes, the potty humor is abundant. And it quite possibly would find linitless appeal with dirty little boys. BUT BUT BUT it is also WAY WAY WAY too cleverly made to get stranded on those rocky shores.

I looked past the potty humor, and by the time I watched it a second time, giggled inanely at WELL if it doesn't bring a giggle you are quite likely dead. Yeah, it's inane, but it is spectacularly magnificently inane...

Plus I got to see Chyler from SUPERGIRL when she was very young, and Lacey Chabert from PARTY OF FIVE when she was a couple years older AND I can play "Don't You Forget About Me" real loud at the end and have a good cry for the old lost world...
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Dallas: Mastectomy: Part 2 (1979)
Season 3, Episode 10
bye-bye fun, hello weepy
5 June 2019
I remember that back in the day I didn't exactly go for this turn of events, that was half a lifetime ago, so recently I had that sinking feeling perusing the DVD menu, "aw, Mastectomy again, and, bummer, it's a two-parter." But it kicked off with a funny scene featuring Kristin, my favorite bad girl, in, no, on, the bed with ol' J.R. and things went well (I'm talking Part 1 now), but of course, I did get dragged down, but okay... This morning noticed with some alarm, Mary Crosby ain't in Part 2, and we all know Pam Ewing is losing her appeal thanks to ill-advised scriptwriting... so you do the math that I did.

Summed up, we have the performances. Barbara Bel Geddes is stellar*, and Linda Gray is exceptional. But what about the fun?

The fun has been thrown out at the first mention of neurofibromatosis very early on. Way too early. I have in previous reviews pointed out what DALLAS had thrown away. There was an episode "Spy in the House" that should have served as a guideline for Seasons 2 and 3... delve deep into the Pam vs. J.R. standoff WHILE Victoria Principal is young and fiery and 100% perfect, but, no, what did they choose, bloody neurofibromatosis that's what.

There's gonna be lots of confrontation between Pam and J.R., sure, I remember, but it should have been THE MAJOR THEME during 1979, and not this neurofibromatosis thing.

Okay, and now came the double-parter with "Mastectomy" and DALLAS is a total feel-awful weepy. *Barbara Bel Geddes plays from past experience, she is a real-life victim, she drew from her own ordeal, and the weeping scene in here (1) wasn't much acting (2) I wouldn't have wanted to be there, (3) how could they want to film something like that knowing she's a real victim? It is a performance, but I raced through the episode for it truly carries the plague.

The other reviewer here overreacts re "the evil Miss Ellie" but truly gave me my only laugh re this dismal episode... the bit about Pamela having her revenge wearing a low-cut dress upon MIss Ellie's return. I'm sure that was unintentional.

Do not get me wrong. I realize the importance, the validity of the subject matter. But for DALLAS to throw this at us... I do think that loads of viewers were lost back then.

In all fairness, the episode deserves a much higher rating, but I personally (word fails me) it. No, not loathe or hate.

Bummer deluxe. Ditto the previous, but at least Mary was there at the beginning. Here there is just no fun at all...
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Charlie's Angels, bah! Nazneen shows them how to do allure
23 May 2019
Suspense aplenty from failed border crossing to more dark deeds by Annie, hell, that guy used to be Justin on PARTY OF FIVE, just saying. but that really makes it all the more shocking to watch. After losing so much, though, all because of Henry, our Annie has really turned, not that you could blame her.

Loved the way Annie looked so shamefaced when criticized for "being a junkie" only to give that sly fox smile as the policemen left.

After waving her bare feet about in the first episode this season, the La Perla girl is back, once more just in La Perla. Nazneen's character turns out to be a high-class call girl, and ol' Calder could of course be letting him in for a junior version of the Profumo scandal. Another thing I've noted is that Auggie signs a document without knowing for sure what he is signing. Both of the new girlfriends have ulterior motives, mark my words.

(yeah, it's five years later, but I haven't peeked up ahead)
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The Vampire Diaries: The Departed (2012)
Season 3, Episode 22
this is the final straw
19 May 2019
Like I said, the fun of Season One is long gone. And with what happens to Elena at the end of this episode... I just sat back and used a trusty old expletive followed by "I don't like this." First, Catherine, then Alaric, now Elena...? That said, though, Candice Accola's vampire performance has made her just even more unforgettable, so... I may yet be swayed...

And this episode delivers thrills and spills galore. I knew last time that it would not be goodbye to Klaus, but now, TVD-wise, he has been relegated to the spin-off show THE ORIGINALS (of which I know next to nothing about, although I've got Season One waiting in the wings). It kinda seems that Zack Roerig might finally be out of a job (guy probably came in late and left early anyway... :) I mean, anybody else found it funny that he is billed before Candice Accola?)

Welcome sight in this episode: Sara Canning as Jenna, albeit for back-flashes only.

Next season may see a somewhat reduced cast...? (yeah, I watch on DVD years after the event, and I don't peek up ahead...)
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The Vampire Diaries: Before Sunset (2012)
Season 3, Episode 21
penultimate episode of the third season
18 May 2019
No, the doom prophets of back in the day were wrong, all wrong. The show lasted for five more seasons. Which isn't necessarily a good thing. I wouldn't agree with our Brazilian friend here, he is obviously very hard to satisfy, and is clearly watching the wrong kind of show not suited to his taste.

But the big problem is that I find that the fun of it all is long since gone. Hey, how many times have these mains and regulars "died"...? Isn't there a staking or a neck snapping or whatever in every episode? Since they are meaningless, what's the point? In this episode, we hear Caroline's neck being broken, but are we shocked? The gag bit was good and played to sympathy, but those pencils used to penetrate her... just bad taste. They'd not have kept a vampire down.

But this turning of Alaric into a vampire, this is not popular with me. It is just felt that the show pulls out all the stops to deliver action and gore in a much more heavy-handed way than the grand old days of Season One. Like I said, the fun is gone, and it doesn't hold good for the prospects of eight, yes, eight seasons. It would really have been better if Season Three was the last, and the show tailored itself to come to a conclusion.

The best thing about Season Three? Claire Holt as Rebekah. This Klaus, he is totally overrated, and though I have already nibbled on the ORIGINALS line, I do not think it's gonna be my kinda thing at all.

Everything said and done though, I do not agree with the two other reviewers. I wouldn't be involved with this series if it was as useless as they've made it out to be. And let's face it, for the wonder of Season One to have continued, tall order, I suspected it would not.

In short, watch and enjoy, it is still one of the best ever TV series, it's just... it came down from up there in the clouds...

A special word of appreciation to Candice Accola for the hardship she had to endure filming the 'vervain gag' scene...
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Covert Affairs: Shady Lane (2014)
Season 5, Episode 1
I don't go for this idea at all
15 May 2019
I liked the episode. I was railing about the latest plot development and was gonna shoot it down here, but the episode itself, with the terrorist suicide bombing, won me over. But early on the season shot itself in the foot with this damned idea of Annie being sick/ill/weakened. Dammit, yeah, she was shot in Season 4, yeah, of course a price has to be paid for that... but I don't want this storyline for our Annie, not for, as I call her, "the real supergirl" (because Supergirl has alien superpowers, and is therefore a flying arsenal and not really as much of a heroine, but Annie is normal flesh and blood and caring warmth = true heroine)

Yeah, by Season 5, they grasp at this stupid idea. Bad enough the worst case ever of "playing blind" is in here, Auggie is blind only when the plot calls for it. Christopher Gorham's eyes follow movement throughout the series. I don't think Auggie's blindness adds anything much to the show, because it's the single most unconvincing aspect.

Yeah, I haven't watched anything up ahead, but this is gonna mess up the final season. And on DVD has that beautiful pic of Annie qith her handgun, not hoarse-voiced and wheezing. Come on, could have come up with something (anything) better! 'Cause this is only gonna be bummer city big-time!

Incidentally, I am a human facial recognition Wonder! That Borz terrorist guy, I went "he reminds me of someone." It kept bothering me way in. Then, Julia's boyfriend in PARTY OF FIVE...! that was like half a lifetime ago :) Hell, if I hadda put up with fake laughter Julia Salinger I'd be a terrorist too... stupid joke there, but still...
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Dallas: The Kristin Affair (1979)
Season 3, Episode 5
Mary Crosby better than BAYWATCH
11 May 2019
Yeah, the episode opens up with the bikini scene, that's only the teaser with the highlights, but then pretty soon, we are at the swimming pool... and let me just state again, forget about going boo and hiss at scheming Kristin, Mary Crosby is one divine fine-boned honey... and the difference between this and BAYWATCH (talking about the original, the knock-off is beyond contempt) is that the character is more like an actual living breathing emotion-filled person than just somebody running down the beach to go save some struggling child... Kristin might be this extremely devious nasty plotting little witch... but... aw, you have to see this to understand what I mean. J.R. falls for her in a big way, she eventually almost becomes his nemesis... but he never got her out of his mind. This episode shows why. Kristin is truly the girl of his dreams. "Kristin, with your mind and your body... it just might take me a lifetime to figure you out." Yeah, this was the one that truly got to him. In more ways than one...!

Neurofibromatosis. Urgh. Plot device? Yeah, necessary, I suppose. But back in "The Silent KIller" it really meant the beginning of the end. The end of the fun re the magnificence that is Pamela. Rather I would have wanted a constant J.R. vs. Pam tension like in "Spy in the House" than this damn neurofibromatosis thing that really puts a damper on everything. Victoria Principal should play that 'brimming with fire, but with tearful eyes...' The crisis with the baby is of course at the one center of the story, so, I have to concede... but... aw... Victoria's shares drop steadily... Mary's are up, up, up!
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Pretty Little Liars: Grave New World (2013)
Season 4, Episode 13
Ravenswood, the town that doesn't pay it's electricity bills
8 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, lemme try to make sense of this. Admittedly, that's a really tall order. What that other reviewer says, oh, I can't help but to agree with her on much. But she does come down upon it a bit harsh. For one thing, this is the episode where it finally happens. What we've all suspected, and what we've all waited for, and, here it is... Alison, still alive! And with all it's faults, the show does one thing right... Alison is not the Absolute Evil, she is a victim herself.

But the unpopularity of this episode? Clearly, here the girls are dressed in severe outfits, they look like they've stepped out of yesteryear, Spencer especially, looks like a black widow, and Aria and Emily both look ridiculous, Hanna at least is very ornately fancy-looking BUT the young crowd do not relate to these fashions. What's more, they don't wanna see the witch lady, and the old guy that looks like a corpse puts them off totally... thus alienating the likely viewers. Added to that, this Ravenswood museum dump. The producers could not have created a bigger mess... oops, I stand corrected... they actually did. And made the spin-off show of it. RAVENSWOOD. Which I know nothing of, but if it's as bleak as this, in this creepy little town... hell, didn't they do some research beforehand... that this stuff would not go down well with the terminally-hip PRETTY LITTLE LIARS crowd?

Scary, no, nothing, it tries, but fails miserably. I am no so much a Nicole Gale Anderson fan (BEAUTY & THE BEAST... enough said) but she did win me over. The World War One gas mask thing was laid on about as thick, as overdone, as Shay Mitchell's doing those consternation-filled eyes, wide like saucers, demented really...

Yes, a failure, and a train wreck, but, still, you shouldn't take the irrate young lady reviewer here to heart, not completely, anyway...

Positive: Alison, yes, of course. Yay, Team Sasha! Also, best performance I have seen of NIcole Gale Anderson. Negative: Awful clothes for the most part. Tries hard to sell this inexplicably surreal Ravenswood idea THAT JUST CANNOT FIT INTO THE FRANCHISE.
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a show that's been running for too long...
7 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
...runs out of ideas and everybody that comes in to do scriptwriting tries to outdo the previous. You know that little game, you write down a paragraph and hand it over to the next person, who adds a sentence, sends it on to the next, and so on, and so on...? By the time the little slip of paper gets passed round to every creative genius and finally makes it back to you, your original idea is a convoluted mess.

In other words, each cook adds a different flavor.

And too many cooks spoil the broth.

I thought about this when I saw the ending.

Come off it, none of you (except your pre-school kid sister maybe) seriously considers that Ezra is A. Preposterous notion.

A quick one to cause everybody to gasp. Then we'll undo this tangled knot next episode.

Pull the other one, thank you.

P.S. I am a fan of the series, but especially of Troian, Amber and Sasha. As for the script... well, it's a device to keep a display of fashion parading across the screen... As for the whole idea, Yeah, but two seasons tops, more concise, none of the trickle, much less nonsense and inconsistencies and physical impossibilities ~unless~ we truly go genre-shifting into the supernatural a la RAVENSWOOD*.

*not that I know anything about RAVENSWOOD beyond a cursory glance at it's Wikipedia entry.
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Pretty Little Liars: Bring Down the Hoe (2013)
Season 4, Episode 11
les petite filles out tout le plaisir
7 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I don't wanna zap Season Spoiler to this. I do not look up ahead, I haven't seen any episodes further on, but... I am the guy doing the quotes here on IMDb, there was a certain name with an unusual spelling, unusual way of writing it, rather... and I Googled it, and thank you, Wikipedia, you ruined it all for me, some weeks ago already I found out the identity of A. I insist that it doesn't make sense, what about Ian's body hanging in the bell tower, who cut him down, do I need to tell anybody that it would take a team?

All I'm gonna say is that this episode shows it as it is.

Now, I am a fan of the show, but I also (inwardly) jump up and down in indignation. Father Christmas runs around in public when it is obviously not winter. A girl would appear in that red coat without sticking out like a sore thumb? While alone, the mysterious figure knits wearing those thick leather gloves? Try doing that, surely it's nonsense? Look, the script pulls out all the stops to play the game to the hilt. As such, the show becomes laughable. It is an endless parade of pretty girls (wow, yeah) and fashion (why the majority of female fans watch) but sense? There isn't any of that. I've encountered some explanations in DVD extras, but there are stuff that will never be explained. I mean, I figure up till episode 160 the mystery will prevail, and then, the big reveal, and some explanations... but then, show's over folks, don't sweat the small stuff. And yet... this is a ship that cannot hold out water, it has more holes than Swiss cheese...

Had I written it, I know what I would have done. A is the Grim Reaper, A has skeleton bone hands... which explains the gloves. These girls did something at SPOILER ALERT the mentioned party long ago. I figure out, they insulted somebody. I know the circumstances of this person, and this is gonna floor ya all... but I won't say it here. They might have driven a person to extremes. This is a severely unbalanced person. Full details not known to me, and I'd rather not have known any of this, for I do imagine, I'd have been amazed. Gee, I can't blame Wikipedia, they're a font of knowledge, they can't zap Spoiler Alert to it all...

But I don't know anything really. There is still my theory re the twins. Now there is a honking big clue in this episode... that poster. Yeah, it's been around from #4. 01, and I noticed the 'twins theme'... but I thought it to be an actual movie. It was only about an hour ago that I tried to identify this movie, only to discover... well, seems this is not for real, I mean, just some made-up prop, Les Petite Filles Out Tout Le Plaisir means Little Girls Have All The Fun, ooh, Ali...!

In the Halloween episode that showed Ashley Marin having that flashback, delusion, whatever, re that little blonde girl in the bedroom... the little girl that stuck the knife into her sister...

I had an idea of the outcome back then. Hanna was one of ill-fated twins. But where Ali fits in, nah, don't ask me. Sasha Pieterse and Ashley Benson are both blonde, but physically worlds apart.

I am more confused than a chameleon in a Smarties* factory.

*little colorful sweets for kiddies

On a lighter note, away from all this speculation brought on by my Google research on the poster...

...the most beautiful same-sex couple, Emily and Paige. Doing that wonderful charming little dance towards the end. I can cry. I don't think Paige is gonna make it. I know one other major major regular character doesn't... (accident on Wikipedia long time ago too...)

One pet gripe. Ever since the Radley scene with Spencer, where they were at that window, Toby's been irritating the hell out of me. What a whiny wuss boy. And, hell, the dude has Spencer as a girlfriend, but chucks her out re slipped info... hey, dude, your Mommy's dead, ain't nothin' gonna bring her back, you have a warm caring girlfriend, go do the math, whiny wuss boy...!
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Compliance (2012)
Kristin Ritter from Apartment 23 has gotta be behind this!
4 May 2019
This has to be the most unbelievable plot for a mainstream movie, I mean, I don't have to explain myself here. Hell, I came across a clip , on the Net, spotted the name Dreama Walker, ooh Dreama from DON'T TRUST THE B IN APARTMENT 23, which happens to be one of my all-time favorite shows! and downloaded a 13:42 sequence, which I watched only just now.

Looks like somebody's fantasy. But research before watching told me virtually everything is true. So I cannot fault what I saw, it was played true to life.

The only explanation is that the people involved had to be really really dense living in a backwater town with no radio or television or newspaper. Hey, I don't think you could havr pulled this off a hundred years ago... But I checked out some facts on the Net. This kind of stuff is going on, like, recently.

Might be that some people who got strung along were all too willing to comply... for in this day and age... come on, surely...

But of course, there's a sucker born a minute. Some of the related scams are gross and vulgar, can't mention them here, but however ridiculous and implausible, indeed, people fell for them. Real sheep.

Token resistance. The girl talks back, she seems totally able to tell them to go to hell, but no... Not as much as an "I know my rights..."

Can't help but think this has just gotta be one big lie, and we're all blabbing about some online "urban legend" thing.

Dreama is a dreamgirl, but I of course doubt that the real-life incident would have been anything like this...

I am, of course, not complaining...

Signed, a happy Apt. 23 fan
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Dallas: The Silent Killer (1979)
Season 3, Episode 3
ol' Bing's most harmonious production
3 May 2019
Mary Crosby, as the notorious Kristin Shepard, joins the cast, replacing Colleen Camp. I don't like actor replacements, but that be damned right now. Mary Crosby is magnificent, she is like a jewel with a menacing glare.

Okay, I saw this back in the day, but what with the wisdom of age, I can tell you, what a glorious sight... Never forget, people, she may portray the bad girl, you all go "boo" and "hiss"... but that's one stunning lady. The scene with Sue Ellen is especially remarkably great, I mean, Linda Gray is formidable, yet the newcomer more than holds her own. Check out that "if you don't pull yourself together" moment, she reminded me of a young Liv Tyler, only in a demented mode.

Aw, I don't know anything much about Bing Crosby, only that he's some old crooner who sang... Christmas songs, was it? Aw, don't care. Best thing about him is his marvelous ultra-watchable daughter.

Kristin is like a lethal poison in a most attractive slinky-smooth bottle... irristible, but deadly. And if I say anything more, I have to hit the dreaded Spoiler button... although you had to have lived under a rock not to know what's gonna happen. But then, of course, four decades later, the young generations just don't know...

...Okay, you uninformed lot, DALLAS, the original, might be old... very old, let's face it... but good...? Aw, shucks, it's better than most anything you'd see switching on the television (and I'm not talking about South African TV, which is a laughable mess beyond contempt, I'm talking to you Yanks and Brits and Aussies and Kiwis and Canadians). Stood the test of time? Way more than that!
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WKRP in Cincinnati: In Concert (1980)
Season 2, Episode 19
WKRP = hilarity, this is reality, reality that is not hilarity = "no" to this
2 May 2019
Aag no, man! You tune in for a laugh, this is the funniest wackiest crew ever assembled, but halfway through, you get walloped by a dose of reality like you're watching the news, man.

Okay, community awareness and all that. Applaud, applaud, applaud. But here, no laughs. Look, everything has a place. But in its proper place. Here, it is just NOT A GOOD EPISODE, one you'd rather skip... unless you wanna wallow in past misfortune.

Escapism, that's what good entertainment is.

I wouldn't call it a waste of talent though. As usual, they were all great. I especially liked the scenes with Bailey.

So what am I bickering about...? Should just have stayed on the right track all the way, would have been ten times better even!
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Supergirl: Exodus (2017)
Season 2, Episode 15
great action, just leave the (ignorant) political stance out of it
2 May 2019
Yes, everything the other reviewers say about Chyler Leigh's dramatic performance here is true. As for Supergirl holding back a starship, suffice to say that I find it too much to take, I mean, if she can do that, there's really no thrill in seeing her taking on bank robbers and such like... but okay...

Just to say that the episode gets my vote for action and suspense.

But there are things that bother. We're bombarded by the anti-male stance, and liberal politics keep on building illogical utopian view castles in the air. The show dreams about overthrowing those that built the Western world... Supergirl was created for a time when the old Red, White & Blue had its back to the wall on the European front, and is now being hijacked by everything that is in essence far-flung from old American ideals.

There might not be many such references in this particular episode, but the strongest one to date was in here, the blatant labelling of the leader of the Free World as a "fascist"... a guy who is simply being a wise father putting America first. I think that is an uncalled for low blow. In a show that carries the old Red, White & Blue with an All-American blonde blue-eyed cheerleader heroine, how utterly moronic ironic.

Keep less-than-insightful politics out of entertainment!
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The Vampire Diaries: Break on Through (2012)
Season 3, Episode 17
Claire Holt, rising power, force to be reckoned with
1 May 2019
Can't help but notice that our Brazilian friend still harpers on about "the unbearable Elena" who has only "minor participation" in this episode. Which is kinda misleading, as I don't see Elena having "minor participation" in this episode, maybe our friend went for a drink of water, I don't know. Good performances by Nina, Candice and Claire, let's not forget newcomer Cassidy - Ian is, of course, Ian, in the plum part with the best dialogue. And then there's Torrey. As memorable here as in PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. You will notice that I refrain from mentioning that... well, that actor I saw in CLOUD 9 where he gave a performance as a kinda thick bloke... Maybe that's why I just can't take him seriously. Anyway, somebody else might well be complaining about "the unbearable Elena" but it doesn't make sense, if you're that picky and choosy, you should have picked up on P.W. first. However, in all fairness, have to point out here, no complaints about him in this episode.

Claire Holt deserves special mention, yeah, the mermaid from H2O JUST ADD WATER has slightly matured and become "a most dangerous lady" carrying attitude in spades.

Something's been confusing me. Look, I watch loads of shows, however much THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is a favorite, all these plot lines, gee, people, I can't keep up with them all, BUT... last I remember, Elena was adopted, yet in previous episode, tells Alaric with a sigh "great genes, huh" referring to dangerously disturbed Samantha Gilbert, who is NOT related to her by blood or genes... okay, that was last time, but this time, Elena continues to act like she is related by blood to Samantha...?

All in all, plenty to see. I do admit that every time I check in here to glance at reviews, I try to figure out "that other guy". Anyway, I'm pretty sure our Brazilian friend swam over to THE ORIGINALS, which I understand is far from the high school romance thing.
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Victoria Principal is a star among mere mortals... but everyone delivers!
1 May 2019
I've been watching DALLAS on DVD, but until recently, wasn't able to comment.

Re the cast:

Larry Hagman delivered a menacing performance in the first two seasons. J.R. is of course a bit reformed now, fatherhood and all that, we all know that's gonna change, but I'm not here to review, just some notes... Larry comes across as an unlikely guy to have wielded such massive success. Both he and Ken Kercheval, if you think about it, who'd ever have thought, in the mid-Seventies, they'd have it in them? If you observe this episode, one person has STAR written all over her, she is a Goddess among mere mortals, yeah, Victoria Principal is gold gold gold, she has the looks, wow, does she ever! She exudes warmth. Pamela cares! Victoria's eyes are a glorious soght to behold! I have noticed that her fire far, far, far outranks ANYONE I have seen in TV "soap", she is unsurpassed, she is the Queen of them all, and I doubt that anybody would ever be better... I'm especially thinking about an episode called "Spy in the House", okay, that's far back already, but let us just recall that "back to the wall", defending herself against J.R.'s snide remarks, all fire, but with tears in her eyes... An immortal classic... The mould was broken after Victoria was made...

To cut a long story short, hand me any positive saying re Victoria and I'll undersign it right now.

In this episode, thankfully, that majesty is still intact. Another wonderful performance, truly awesome.

The others? (By comparison) they're like normal people getting by on talent. Linda Gray has the most difficult part, she is fearsome, really... you know what I realized while watching? I think, what with Queenly wave and all, the director must have told her to channel a creepy cold Queen Elizabeth thing...

Ken Kercheval is just a guy who struck it lucky big big big time. He is just tailor-made for that part. I don't think they could have found better. Barbara and Jim, a Hollywood royal couple. Steve Kanaly has the look, he IS that part. Charlene Tilton is unfortunately fading fast, the problem there is that she's been fading from the onset, like a prizewinning rose that's been plucked, but now sits there wilting...

DALLAS not only holds it's own against all comers, it is still the granddaddy of them all... It can be paraded among the best modern day has to offer... it doesn't look dated at all...

In short, it's as amazing and awesome as ever!
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The Vampire Diaries: 1912 (2012)
Season 3, Episode 16
back to yesteryear
28 April 2019
We go back in time, well, really just loads of back-flashes really. I much prefer the vampire in high school storyline, but okay... One thing I gotta tell you, the other reviewer here, our friend from Brazil, he is saying that nothing happens in this episode, it just stalls the fans. If nothing happens here, from his perspective, then I would hate to see a rough day... Okay, the moment I saw that old Model T Ford or whatever, heart sinks a bit, but no, only "little whiles" spend in the past. Missed Candice Accola though.

And my apologies for having neglected Claire Holt in previous review, she is truly great... you will notice that the blonde female vampires are especially striking... yeah, that's the word exactly. Striking. Shudder!

PIty about the quote IMDb is currently not accepting (I tried!), the halfway one about "half the woods were torn down" where the punchline is missing. Damon's cute nickname for Rebekah, no, not "bonnie Beks"...

One thing though, all this bloodless gore... people, just do not think a decapitated body is gonna be like that Blood is gonna spurt like a geyser.
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Wonder Woman: Formula 407 (1977)
Season 1, Episode 12
things to do with WONDER WOMAN when you're bored
24 April 2019
You can marvel at the costume. Yes, it's really silly, that adult diaper, but, yeah, Lynda Carter does look good in it. Then again Lynda Carter would look good in a gunny sack. But then again, Lynda Carter as Diana Prince (like that Antonio guy said - severe hairstyle + awful glasses YEAH!!!) doesn't look good... and this brings me to the other reviewer here, who said there is too little of Wonder Woman in here. Yeah, it kicks off that way, she takes a l-o-n-g time to appear, but she's perhaps not featured less than in other episodes. But I'm glad not to be alone, lost in a sea of true blue WONDER WOMAN Lynda Carter aficionados all with sentimentality in their eyes. I've only recently seen anything of WONDER WOMAN and while I do realize you gotta make allowances for Seventies stuff... well, to cut a long story short, CHARLIE'S ANGELS, streets up ahead, but from the same era... mistakes, yeah, bits that didn't age well... but certainly no gorilla suits, I rest my case. Yeah, WONDER WOMAN, I'd never forgive that one.

But the problem doesn't lie with anything else than the lack of an interesting supporting cast. Lyle Waggoner, boring. Hell, even his Playgirl photo is boring (and that's the only interesting thing about him). That one that plays Etta Candy... and worst of all, Lynda Carter as Diana "Popeye's girl Olive Oil".... please. Snores galore.

For much of this episode: Would rather watch two snails race. And that's a damning indictment.
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H2O: Just Add Water: Graduation (2010)
Season 3, Episode 26
24 April 2019
You will notice that I gave this one the ten-star salute, not just nine. You know why? Because at the end, when Indiana Evans sang the theme song, me, myself, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Okay, it might be a tiny little show, and only three seasons, I've said goodbye to many other bigger shows, but there is something here... Members here go, "gee, I'm a girl of eighteen, I should be ashamed to admit I'm watching this, it's of course kinda for children, but so cool..." Aw shucks! This little thing is quite bigger than it might appear to be. I remember that after I found out about it, I downloaded a scene from Tubidy and wasn't that much impressed, it seemed like girls having fun though, I basically went for it because I knew Phoebe Tonkin from THE SECRET CIRCLE... point is, it seems small and starts off small but if you look back at it, no way is it small. In another review a few episodes back, I said it was bigger than the sum of its parts. And here we reach a climax so big that whatever happens in other shows, this approaching comet beats all else...

But at the end of it all, what's the wisest thing that can be said? These four girls, yes, four, Claire Holt still counts, these four actresses... two of them went on to THE ORIGINALS and they're not looking back, nah course not... who cares about that little kiddies' show they used to be in? But life will never ever, not ever, be as good for them as it was back then, here. Super-cute and very young, everything up ahead for them really promising...

The series is a polished little gem just like those crystals... The stuff that fond memories are made of. Fine Australian export product.

Once more, congratulations Claire, Cariba, Phoebe and Indiana, and let us not forget Cleo Massey, she was darling (however much you're going boo hiss hiss right now at little Kim)... a fine job...

And, now, just one more time... mocking myself ---- "Those tails! They look so alive!"
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H2O: Just Add Water: A Date with Destiny (2010)
Season 3, Episode 25
Earth is doomed...
24 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Who'd have thought at the beginning of this series that the climactic grand finale we're steering to here would be this cataclysmic? This episode ends on a cliffhanger to rival THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. Hell, it almost as big as the problems those girls in PRETTY LITTLE LIARS have. :)

The fate of the entire Earth lies in the hands of girls who take it very coolly in their stride when yet another IMAC movie is presented to them, clearly showing Australia going ka-boom and then everything else following in its wake. I mean, they don't bat an eyelash re impending charcoal broiled death. They have other things on their minds though... Romance. And Zane's forever scooting about on his dirt bike finally caught up with him, the money's gone. He desperately needs money to save the cafe, and... Must say I was surprised that Zane made the wrong choice yet again.
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The Vampire Diaries: All My Children (2012)
Season 3, Episode 15
I see some people are disgruntled...
22 April 2019
...none more so than our Brazilian friend, who is ranting about Elena being, in his opinion, a drawback to the show. I can't quite figure out what irks these people, Elena or Nina Dobrev. If the former, in this guy's case, some people might just want all-out vampire blood and gore. And Elena represents humanity. Yeah, big drawback if you just wanna have bloodshed on screen. I don't know, that might be it. If the latter, ah, the solution is simple. Haters are filled with envy. Nina Dobrev more or less has it all. She is beautiful and charming and acts two parts in A MAJOR BIG HIT SHOW end of story. She is in between two Hollywood heartthrobs*, yeah, that says a whole lot too.

Whatever anybody else says, this is just another winner, and Elena is great and NIna Dobrev is gold (and so is Candice Accola, hot damn wow, why do you think I'm here, for the vampires?**)

*just please note, in the case of Paul, that's hearsay as far as I'm concerned. :)

**Don't misunderstand. I've been drawn in from Day One. It is one of my most-liked shows. It's also amazingly clever. But the relationship drama bits are super-essential.
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Supergirl: Luthors (2017)
Season 2, Episode 12
I coulda sworn CatCo brought out a magazine like Vogue...
18 April 2019
Just a note to say that this Snapper Carr dude's been talking from the onset as if they're working for a newspaper. And back in Cat's days (better days, when Calista Flockhart was still there) it was a glossy magazine. Now I can tell you one thing for sure: the worlds of newspapers and magazines differ entirely. And covers shown represent magazines, but content are made to sound like hard news in daily newspapers that keep up with current events. A magazine cannot do this, it takes several weeks to go into circulation, hard news gets old pretty fast. Snapper talks about "tomorrow's edition" and in a previous episode, about the umpteen times Supergirl made Page One, all of this refer to newspapers, yet this CatCo is known for a less serious publication, Lena referred, with some derision, to its typical content being your style of jeans when she was first interviewed by Kara. And that was early in this season.

Screenwriters are mixing up newspapers and magazines. CatCo didn't put out a daily newspaper in Season One, and that's not something that could just be launched overnight from the magazine sector.

It suited Season One to have CatCo producing a magazine. This season, they're all of a sudden running a newspaper. And unless I missed an episode - and I didn't - Serious Plot Development Goof!
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