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Tried to Like This. Can't.
15 June 2015
I'm sorry to have to write a bad review but I can't honestly write a good one. I tried very hard to like it and the woman starring in it (I don't know if it's Melissa DiMarco as herself, or Melissa DiMarco as a fictional version of herself/Melissa DiMarco, or an actress playing a wannabe TV host/Hollywood reporter named Melissa DiMarco, or some other meta-idea I can't wrap my head around). But basically as much as I think she is probably likable in real life the show is just incredibly unfunny, boring, poorly acted (mostly by the other characters), poorly written and ill conceived. Really it's just not very interesting to watch. It has a very amateurish look and feel to it (again the acting gives that away as it can't pass as any kind of "real" reality type programming) and they should be commended for having a show on for so long despite obviously lacking the big budgets etc that other shows have.
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Good War Movie
9 June 2015
Massacre in Rome is a good war movie from the 1970's. It is weird because watching it seems more like we are watching an older movie in the style/appearance on the 1960's but maybe that is just because we happened to be watching a second generation copy on television or just a poorer quality version of the film. At any rate it's a good war story.

Richard Burton is great as always, starring in this movie, his acting is top notch. The entire cast is very good in their roles ranging from good to excellent.

The direction and camera work are great, for the time the makeup and costumes are also pretty much top notch. Not much action but I'm fine with that.

Good movie!
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lol:-) (2011– )
Holy Crap This Sucks!
7 June 2015
I thought it was a U.S. sketch show import that was airing on the Comedy Network in Canada but now that I have come on here I see that it is Canadian (French Canadian to be exact) and I am not surprised at all by that fact, in fact it explains so much as to why this show sucks so hard because Canadian networks have a history of producing really very bad comedy shows (and burying/canceling any good ones that pop up at least ever since Kids in the Hall or Corner Gas was pretty good too if you're into that kind of humor). It's very sad that something like this is on TV.

Decent enough premise of short skits that all have no dialogue but the problem is they forgot to make any of them funny--- like ANY of them! Every single thing I've seen in six episodes, and that's a lot of stuff considering how short the skits are, has been eye roll inducing it is all so awful.

A woman needs a light by the pool so the guy starts pulling stuff out of his shorts which couldn't possibly fit. Hilarious right? So hilarious it just kept going on and on. That's the pinnacle of funny on this show.

Huge pass. I give it a 2 because it's not as bad as some other Canadian TV comedies.
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WolfCop (2014)
Wolf Flop
6 June 2015
This movie gets a total flop grade from me. When a movie has a premise of a loser cop getting transformed into a werewolf and opening a can of whoopass against crime it should definitely be a lot more fun (and way more funny and action packed) than this movie is. The jokes were either just non existent or just plain bad, I groaned several times through watching it.

There's a pathetic attempt at a "funny" werewolf sex scene that also fails. The plot is pretty predictable which could be excused if it was funny or visually interesting but it's not. The only plus I saw was good makeup.

The acting could be a lot better but who knows if these people had anything good to work with.

Hugely disappointed in what looked like it would be a fun movie experience.
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Grandma's Boy (2006)
29 May 2015
I guess I'm in the minority on this page but I thought this movie was awful.

Just a lot more of the same old typical pothead and gross out humour start to finish.

Basically the only thing funny about the whole movie to me was simply the premise, that a 35 year old loser was still living at home with his grandmother. Not much different from the usual living at home with the parents and the quality of the movie showed that, just the typical old lady jokes.

I don't recommend this one unless you're a very big fan of stoner/loser movies.
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Little Ashes (2008)
Great Acting, OK Movie
24 May 2015
I thought Little Ashes was just an OK movie that would have not even been that good if it was not for the really top notch, great acting that the director got from the movies stars, and really all of the actors and cast did a great job in every single role in this movie so congratulations to whoever did the casting in this movie because they were great!

The direction is well done and they clearly knew the story they wanted to tell and how, and again the director did a great job pulling out good performances.

The script/story I found a bit basic and by the numbers with no really great moments or surprises. The acting really carried this movie in my opinion.
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Moderately Decent
30 April 2015
I give this movie a four out of ten overall on IMDb's scale out of ten points.

For writing I give it a four out of ten. It is not terrible but also nothing special. It is a pretty easy story line that you can see the plot developments coming in. There are twists but they are the typical kind of horror and thriller movie twists that you can see coming a mile away. The dialogue is not bad but nothing really stands out as great and most of all there is nothing about the story or script that sticks with you.

For acting I give it a four out of ten as well. There are some good actors and some bad and even terrible actors but most of them are decent to average.

For production value I give it a five out of ten. The picture looks great and the shots they show are pretty interesting and keep you interested until the end. The horror movie shots are typical but well done. Again nothing special that stands out or is very memorable but definitely nothing too awful either. The sets etc are all decent. The sound is also good though at times I thought the music or score were too loud.
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Bio-Dome (1996)
26 April 2015
Bio-Dome is one of the very few movies I couldn't even finish watching. At least I could not watch in one sitting, I had to split it up into two. I watched it, turned it off because it was awful, then started watching it again and couldn't. About a year later I watched the rest when it was on TV and literally nothing else was on. I always despised Paully Shore because he sucks and just isn't funny at all, but after this movie I really could not stand him at all. The few half decent jokes are either ruined by him or done by someone else. The Baldwin in this also sucks. There is nothing good I can say about this movie and really nothing else bad either, there's just nothing to this movie except the annoying crap.
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Magic Cop (1990)
Fantastic Fun!
26 April 2015
This movie is fantastic fun and by this movie is fantastic fun I mean this movie is fantastic and I also mean that this movie is really, really, fun!

The subtitles can get a bit annoying sometimes especially when there is a lot of action on the screen which you are missing in order to read the lines, then have to back it up to re watch it all over again, but this is the kind of thing I would complain about any time I watch a foreign movie that has subtitles, so I can't really attack it too much for that.

Great action, some really funny parts, and the acting and story are better than you would expect.
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17 April 2015
The story of Moses is an amazing story as it is, seriously all anybody would have to do is take the story and do it as it is in the Bible and it would be an amazing movie! Look at everything in the story, it's action packed!

The movie they made back in the 1950s or whenever is still a good movie even though it's that old because it's an incredible story. Just think how much more amazing this story could be if it was made today with today's effects!

Instead they completely change and completely ruin this story. Everything is out of place, made up, doesn't make sense. The acting is pretty bad and seriously what is the deal with only casting white people and Americans to play all the characters in this movie? Seriously not even one middle East person or Egyptian person is in this movie.
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Tiny Talent Time (2014– )
Doesn't Have the Same Magic
1 April 2015
This show isn't awful or anything but it does not have the same magic of the original Tiny Talent Time series way way back in the 1980's. Yes I am that old and even have kids of my own now, who I hoped would love this.

The show's main problem is it just isn't very entertaining, other than the kids who are at least as talented as they used to be. The best part of the show was always the part where the host would talk and joke around with the kids who are guests but the host they have now just isn't as likable and funny.

Not a fan of this show, I wish I was but I am not and my kids don't even enjoy it.
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Match Game (2012– )
Not Funny
31 March 2015
This show is really awful.

I don't like that I have to write ten lines minimum for this review..... OK so I guess I have to explain my reasons why I think it is awful.

The host seems like he is too good for this show. Not that he is actually too good but thinks he is too good. I don't see any effort here and it's not just that he does not come up with good or witty things to say to the guests or the contestants, it's that he doesn't even bother to try.

The guests are not funny at all and every single episode it's the same parade of bathroom and sex jokes. Yawn! It's like the height of humor to these so called professionals is to saw or draw a penis on their answer cards.

The show just isn't very good and I have no idea why I have watched it so many times, maybe because I find it so hard to believe that a show with such a simple idea that should work never fails to fail so badly.
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Bad Show
31 March 2015
Little Mosque on the Prairie is not a good show, it's just really stupid and predictable stories with some of the worst acting I have ever seen.

The worst are the leads and the worst one of all is the guy who plays the head of the Mosque, I think his name is Amaar and every line he delivers is painfully bad. He murders jokes the way someone who works at a chicken killing factory kills chickens. That is to say he is not funny at all.

Not sure what else there is to say but this show was really just awfully bad.
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Package Deal (2013– )
Bad Show
31 March 2015
The nerdy brother is just plain awful, a caricature of weakling brothers who is not funny at all. How could any man like this survive day to day being that stupid, useless and pathetic? What brother would let him stay in his life?

The oldest brother is the only funny character but he is so stupid and criminally irresponsible that again there is no way to believe the lawyer brother would allow him into his life or home.

These guys are all old (30s to 40s) so why in the world is the lawyer letting his two idiot brothers ruin his life every single week when he has a beautiful girlfriend who he loves move in with him? It makes no sense.

Why would the girl not dump her lawyer boyfriend if he is such a weak pushover that he lets his two annoying, idiot brothers into their lives and home every week?

The stories are idiotic and unbelievable which could be forgiven if the jokes were funny but they never are, this show is incredibly stupid and so not funny that it hurts my brain and I hope that Harland Williams fires his agents immediately for getting him involved with such an embarrassing, awful show.
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Seed (2013–2014)
Bad Show
31 March 2015
This is a bad show.

This show is so bad that I had to write a review and say how bad that it is.

I have to write this review saying how bad it is even though the show is already cancelled.

I'm writing this review just to warn people in case this show ever is aired in reruns and they come here to look and see if this show is worth seeing.... it is not worth seeing. It is a very, very bad show that you should avoid.

The acting is crap and the writing is also crap. This entire show is crap.

This is a very bad show. Is that ten lines yet? I have to write ten lines but really all I need to say is that this show is crap, that's my entire review. There it is ten lines.
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31 March 2015
I don't think this show is funny and I'm not even sure what they are doing.

James Corden seems like he is an okay person who might be fun to sit at a dinner table with and just chat, but as a television host he is lacking something. I can't quite put a finger on it but he does not seem quite like he is just being himself and caring about the show or his guests.

All of the comedy pieces they do fall flat for us and I just don't see the humor value in them.

I get the feeling they are trying to be absurdly funny and weird and cool the way the last host was but the writers don't seem to get that being stupid doesn't automatically make it funny sometimes it's just stupid.
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Gerry Dee: The Substitute (2014 TV Movie)
Gerry Dee Sucks
31 March 2015
This special was painfully awful. I'm not sure if it was just online (where I saw it on the CBC website) or if it was actually aired on TV, but I think it was so bad they actually just put it up on their website.

In this special which is one hour long but seems like it is five hours long while you're watching it, Gerry Dee (who plays the teacher Mr. D in that show also on CBC) plays a substitute teacher in a hidden camera show. His makeup/fake hair are so comically bad that there is no way anyone actually believes he is a real person but he goes through the motions.

He picks a fake Eastern European name like Mr. Cherchechkov or something and uses a really awful accent and for a full hour does such unfunny things as have his students help him fill out his betting slip ("Detroit or Boston?") and give him dating advice. None of this show ever even approaches what could be described by any sane person as "comedy".

Not sure what else to say other than that CBC needs to fire everyone involved in this show and in general fire everyone in charge of green lighting all of their comedy shows for the last decade or more. Add to their list of failures this TV pilot or special which is such an unbelievably unfunny train wreck you would have to watch it to believe it.
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Schitt's Creek (2015– )
Bad Show
31 March 2015
I'm not sure where all of these glowing positive reviews and ratings are coming from. Are we watching completely different shows or is this some kind of vote rigging where these votes have been purchased? Or maybe are the cast and crew of this show voting again and again to drag this show up?

This show is not funny. The acting and writing are painfully bad. The worst thing of all is definitely the character of Eugene Levy's son who is played by his real life son, who is so annoyingly bad and unfunny I literally threw my remote control at my TV, which was a big mistake because then it took me several seconds longer to retrieve it and change the channel.

Universal opinion of friends, work and everyone here in my family is that this show sucks so I honestly wonder who you people are who like it and are watching it. I have not met one of you in real life, that's for sure.
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