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Ghost Image (2007)
Solid acting and great directing!
8 December 2007
Although this is a low-budget film, one would never know it given such a good story with solid acting. You'll see a few familiar faces and a few news ones that play a convincing roll. I was impressed with the cinematography. Great cityscapes and good locations were chosen wisely. It is clear that the director of this film has a solid grasp of the important elements of making good films! Impressively, you won't find a cheesy 'canned' soundtrack either. The music fits nicely with the storyline. I couldn't find any flaws that often plague low-budget movies.

You'll want to check this out on DVD for sure. The special features are just one more nice bonus for a good film. It also includes a video for the ending song. What could be better ?! Overall a film worth seeing. I would highly recommend this film to anyone!
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3 September 2006
First off, I think this documentary was needed and important.

Unlike many others, I see Katrina above all as an embarrassment. I am literally embarrassed to think that the strata of government starting with local all the way to federal was unable to spring into action and provide the necessary support to get these people to safety within a reasonable timeframe.

I don't see this atrocity as a racial issue. I see it more in terms of a class issue. Because the people of New Orleans (in particular those in the Lower 9th Ward) are of little significance to our economy, the aid need not be expedited. I am still not sure how the people of New Orleans did not boot Nagin out of office at election time. Perhaps there are so few people left to vote, that he virtually ran uncontested.

Yes billions have been spent, but what is that money providing for the citizens of New Orleans? From reports on NPR and other sources, the town still has mounds of trash everywhere. Who is performing the rebuilding effort, Haliburton??? I certainly hope the checks and balances are tighter in New Orleans than they have been in Iraq.

I see Katrina as 1 part natural disaster and 1 part human failure. You have a hurricane and then a failure to create a levee that would properly protect the citizens of New Orleans.

I do wish that more would have been presented in the documentary on two aspects of the disaster:

1. How much looting and crime REALLY occurred?

2. Did rape and homicide really occur in the Superdome?

The media hyped these two topics but I never felt like the real story was told. I wish Spike Lee had addressed these issues.

Overall, I think everyone should watch this and explore more ways to get involved. Also make sure your elected officials are doing what you think should be done on your behalf with regards to Katrina.

Here are the links from the HBO website for more information on ways to help:
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