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Double Trouble (I) (1992)
One of the best from the Barbarian Brothers
3 April 2005
One of the things that makes the Barbarian Brothers so great is their ability to do both action and comedy and pull both off superbly. This film is no exception to them being able to showcase their unique talents. This film also continues the tradition of them working with great co-stars. Tiny Lister, Richard Moll, Martin Mull (all in Think Big) and now Roddy Mcdowel and David Caradine! In the face of the Barbarian Brothers, most actors just seem to sink into the background, but you have to hand it to these legends to be able to hold their own on the screen and not be drowned out by the amazing screen presence that the Barbarians have. To touch quickly on the movie- Peter and David are two brothers who are on opposite sides of the law but who come together to take down a crooked businessman who's trying to rob the international diamond exchange. As usual Peter and David have GREAT chemistry and it is so fun seeing them play off of their characters differences. This movie really has it all: action, suspense, comedy, tragedy. What else could you want?

Luckily for you fellow Barbarian fans, Encore has been showing this movie lately on both Encore and Encore Action! I've seen it three times so far, hopefully you can catch it and tape it like I did because we all know how hard it can be to track down original copies of Barbarian films. If you like movies, you will love Double Trouble. Don't miss it!
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