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15 February 2007
Easter morning, 2006. I had woken up early that morning. My mother was already up, and starting to get ready for the day. I had been stating about how bored I was, so she suggested I "go watch that American History movie". I had not heard much about the movie, except for how graphic some of the scene's were. I found the movie OnDemand, and selected play. From the very first scene to the very end I didn't move. I was amazed. I did not even pause the movie for the whole 110 minutes. This film was brilliant, one of the best out there. Never before in my life had a movie stuck to me like this did. For the next few months, and even today, I am constantly thinking about that movie and the intensity of it. The paths they all lead down, and the consequences that they faced because of there actions. Edward Norton's acting is supreme. You could feel the hatred through his voice. The family scenes bring tears to my eyes every time I watch them. This is a true story of hatred, family, and consequences.
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Saw (2003)
Good For A Short
11 January 2006
This is a feature on the second disc on the Uncut edition of "SAW". James Wan and Leigh Whannell wanted to have something to show the American Studios so they quickly made this. This is basically just the "Reverse Bear Trap" except Leigh Whannell is playing the roll of Amanda. I believe this is pretty good for a nine minute short which later lead to the release of the actual movie "SAW". The interrogation scene in this short I believe is much better than the interrogation scene that make it to the final cut. In this you actually get to see how jigsaw captured David (Leigh Whannell). As you can see I am running out of things to say about this so I will just finish with this: This is a great extra on the second DVD of the Uncut version of SAW.
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