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One of the best docu-drama's
21 April 2019
I love true story movies and this is one of the best ever!!! It's wonderfully acted and makes you really feel how Regina and Ms. Kerr felt. I will definitely be saving this on my DVR to view again.
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Live PD (2016– )
I'm tired of u ppl acting like "those aren't your pants"
25 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
My boys and I love this show!!!! I have MAYBE seen a couple of questionable things in the ENTIRE HISTORY of this show. It's live so don't tell me it's freaking edited. These officers put their lives on the line day in and day out and are ALWAYS there when called. Now for those of you talking crap about "My 4th amendment" BS: the officers have every right to pull you out, and pat you down if there is an odor of marijuana. It's illegal everywhere based of federal laws. It's DECRIMINALIZED in SOME states but not all. I am pissed that it was just decriminalized in my state of Oklahoma because I don't want my kids to have any easier access to drugs than is already available. And for the person who said my LEO's are sketchy, when you become perfect, come talk about anyone else. These guys are awesome. I get tired of people saying 'they can't do this but I can do that'. Those of you with double standards make me sick!!!!

This is an awesome show that shows what these men and women truly deal with on a day to day basis and all the ignorance they encounter throughout the day. Too many LEO's have been killed even up to this day in 2019 we have had 20 already and February isn't even over yet. My undersheriff is in that list of line of duty deaths. It's heartbreaking and most are pretty respectful but there is still way too many who don't.
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Chicago Fire: Going to War (2018)
Season 7, Episode 2
Loved the way it all fit together with all 3 shows
11 October 2018
LOVE THE WAY THEY ALL TIED TOGETHER!!! There was plenty of tie in's from one show to the others. For the person who said it was a waste of their time....... next time since YOU control your tv why don't YOU change the channel. It's stupid to supposedly "waste" 3 hours of your day and then complain about it later!!!!
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Not getting the people who complain
29 September 2018
Yes they show a lot of large animal calls and sometimes the same illness multiple times but the treatment is NOT always the same. ALWAYS consult a vet but like the pot bellied pig with tetanus, you never know until you try. And the fact that one person commented about their dogs getting out unknowingly, if they had watched the episode they would know that footage was old (showing the dog leaving while being filmed) and they didn't actually go to Holland. It was a city in the US that is named Holland. So if you are going to comment I feel you should at least watch the shows you name off in the comment. Now my opinion is obviously that I love this show!! It shows that sometimes the cases we think are a lost cause can be fixed. I have seen the worst parvo cases be turned around. To put it in perspective, the lady I bought my babies from lost 15 puppies (I had already bought mine and brought them home) to parvo and she has raised many litters of pups and also tried her best to save them. So don't judge this show until you have seen it. I love learning how to help my babies out without having to spend money when I can avoid it. I don't have a lot to lose
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M*A*S*H: Mulcahy's War (1976)
Season 5, Episode 8
Good episode
7 April 2018
This is a very good episode. Father Mulcahy is having a hard time figuring out how he can relate to a young soldier who doesn't think the Father knows what he's talking about since he's never been to the front line. So when Radar has to pick up an injured soldier Father Mulcahy goes with him against Col. Potter's orders. On the way back the injured soldier stops breathing and Father Mulcahy has to perform a tracheotomy with Hawkeye's guidance by radio. While performing this delicate procedure they are in shelling zones and Radar is having a panic attack. This is definitely Father Mulcahy's baltism by fire. Cpl. Cupcake had to have surgery on his paw after tripping a land mine to safe his handler. Burns wants to have him discharged and put in front of a firing squad until Hawkeye and Hunnicutt tell him the dog qualifies for a medal for bravery. Burns continues his antics after Mjr. Houlihan's engagement.
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