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Movie 43 (2013)
hmm, interesting
4 February 2013
this was not as funny as I thought it was going to be. It seemed to be more about exploring (and breaching) boundaries of behaviour. Observing what people do in embarrassing scenarios. Things you must not do, like have sex with your mum. When you're a kid (female) - thinking of a scenario where you'd die of embarrassment, and in movie 43 it happens.

Also taking the mick of just how stupid our society is, and some of the completely brain-dead things that not only get done - but then lots of folks go and do it too. A kind of societal blindness to what's in front of your nose.

I found bits of it funny, bits shocking, thought provoking, boring, over the top, interesting.

I'm glad I went to see it.
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yummy French film
8 October 2012
Full of energy. What really hit me was Driss's energy. He is a young, street wise, survivor. Bursting with testosterone, such a boy. He comes from poverty and walks into luxury: but he's not overwhelmed by it, no tugging the forelock and being intimidated for Driss. He never wavers from being himself. He is unpredictable as he explores the rich world he has walked in to. He might break something, or steal something, or assault someone. If he thinks something is rubbish he says so. He laughs when he feels like it, which can be considered inappropriate - but Phillipe usually agrees with him - he has this way of freeing Phillippe to see things another way.

Driss is as big, powerful, energetic man - who is quite happy out in the street sharing a smoke with a bunch of other almost homeless guys like himself. He's like a panther, he could quite easily knife someone if he had to, to survive. He is raw energy. Then here he is placed in a rarified, alien place, learning to put support tights on a bloke!!

What I'm trying to get across is this tornado of energy being gentle & compassionate, but never being tamed. He's not a tame panther, not particularly safe, but with Phillippe he is nurturing. He's authentic. No politically correct, spin crap here, if he's irritated he'll tell you to f--k off. Very refreshing - a real person.

Philippe is great too, that he sees the potential in Driss and isn't scared off by the idea of Driss, his background and all.

It's so refreshing to see a man portrayed as a man and to be so powerful, sexy and loving on his own terms: when he can walk comfortably in completely different worlds without apologising to anyone.
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Alice in Wonderland-esque
10 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I really had to stick with this. I was tempted to walk out in the first 20 mins. THe house was so dark and cluttered and I felt a bit overexposed to Simon's rather moth eaten, used to be white Y fronts. It was depressing and rather harrowing, our hero was in such a bad place, doing daft things (they seemed perfectly sensible at the time), and landing himself in more and more trouble. But then he has a meeting with his very funny, enthusiastic psychiatrist and turns a corner. Excellent use of music, really powerful. Very funnily observed, people's quirky little neuroses and hang ups. 'Oh my god, how do I work the dryer', 'no, those are not my underpants, nothing to do with me'.

The serial killer was a hoot. The hedgehog story with the spaghetti western music was wonderful.

I might go see it again, to get all the nuances I missed first time round.

It was cringeworthy, gritty, funny. Everything you want in a movie. I went with a friend & we both loved it.
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9 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It was a bit of a smorgasborg. Lets just chuck in heaps of stuff here and see what sticks. To begin with snow white is portrayed as this super spiritual being who is really special. She can look at a murderous ogre and it goes quiet, and I swear, blushes. In the end she becomes a warrior and just stabs the queen, so I don't' see the point of all the calm & peace stuff. This is after saying that although she originally hated the queen, now she just feels sorrow for her. OK i guess you do sometimes ring a birds neck if it's terribly badly hurt.

Why use full size actors to portray small people. That irritates me - why not just do the whole thing with cgi & dispense with actors completely. There are enough really talented small actors out there. OK, so I guess if it works one way it can go the other, so we can have small actors doing non-small people roles.

I got really fed up with queen and brov, being a total psycho only takes one so far. Honestly get over yourself and stop navel gazing. It honestly got really boring queenie throwing another tantrum, she was probably quite happy to die in the end, just to stop having to hear herself screech.

The sanctuary was obviously not a sanctuary as the baddies - psycho brother & his mob - came in and started slaughtering things. So why bother calling it sanctuary?

I got quite bored with this film and just hoped someone would kill someone and end it. It was full of magic, but it was not a magical film. It would have been nice if the pace changed to a bit of humour or irony or something. Like the village of the women, I was thinking about the huntsman - aye mate, you're going to have to shag the lot! It's that long since they've had any. But no, no, everyone is just po faced and terribly tedious.
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Mirror Mirror (I) (2012)
best movie so far this year
7 April 2012
I adored this movie. The queen was adorable, & very tongue in cheek. When Prince boy comes in half naked (which he managed several times) - the queen is so funny as she mutters,'smooth & hairy'. There is a definite sound of her purring. Her evilness is quite delightful.

I want to go live in the forest with the dwarfs and learn to fight & be a thief. There was a bit of peter pan and the lost boys in there. It took enough time to get to know the dwarfs & their little quirks.

The butler (or whatever he was) was great. I found it a very feel good movie. They had the whole winter thing when the queen was in charge - shades of Narnia. It kept my interest all the way through, didn't drag. I was smiling thru most of the movie. Excellent use of CGI - beautiful scenery and magical castle scenes. Amazing architecture and costumes. It had a pantomime feel. In the end it goes full colour as there's a thaw, great song and all boogie on down. I may go and see it again.

Snow white was great too. She was an intelligent young woman with a bit of feist about her.
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The Sitter (2011)
thoroughly enjoyed this
23 February 2012
This is one of the most enjoyable movies I've seen in the last 12 months. It was like a road movie, where the characters all shift a great deal & end up in completely different places than they started. I thought Jonah really managed to carry off this character - I found him authentic, non judgemental and very sweet in a really positive way. It was as if the main characters had therapy during this one night & came out having sorted some issues out. Some bits were cringeworthy - oh my god you don't do that with kids - but it was OK, everyone survived. It was very well observed - there was lots of truth in it, like the abusive girlfriend who is taking the mick because she can. The rich kids who are actually not that well looked after, and it takes a kind human with no hidden agendas to help them see what's happening. Lots of bonding and loyalty which is always heart warming. Amusing nutters. Really, what else does one want from a film?
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good enough
23 February 2012
I don't understand what people are moaning about this film for. You know you are getting a comic book load of CGI stuff that has nothing to do with the real world & has got to be overacted because that's the kind of film it is. It's a kick ass vengeance movie. I want old burny head to come in with his chains and rescue the kid. It moved along fine - I found it a little bit boring in the middle & then it picked up again. There were times when old ghosty was shaking his head and looking confused, when I wished he'd just get on with kicking ass, but that was OK - can't be easy being taken over by a demon.

So 8 out of 10, it doesn't pretend to be anything it's not. It would be great to have a motorbike that came when you called, a bit like a pet dog.
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The Artist (I) (2011)
hmm, curious
29 January 2012
I just saw this in Jan 2012 as I really didn't want to miss is as it has been portrayed as something 'amazing', as in extraordinary. I was waiting to be blown away, and wasn't.

Lead George appears charming & deeply content with his life, but his wife hates him & sits at home miserably with a face like a bag of smashed tatties. If he is such a happy and satisfied guy, why haven't they sorted that out, they're like a couple in their 70s waiting to die.

The dog is gorgeous, most grounded character in the movie. There's a very loyal chauffeur, who works free of charge for a year. Studio boss is very quick to let George the silent movie star go, he just disappears overnight after being mega-famous. Is Peppy very fond of George and remembers how kind he was to her and is determined to return the favour, or does she fancy him, as her behaviour could be seen as that of a stalker. Then at the end they dance, the tap was OK, but was that a waltz, OK, a 200 mile an hour spin round the room. It just left me flat and bemused, no light bulb moments.
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Mental (2009)
loved this
22 January 2012
I saw this for the first time end of 2011. I loved it. I just love the way this guy actually cares about his patients - which is really the only way to heal people (engage with them). I love the way he is outside of the box and isn't a tame psychiatrist who belongs to the health authority, but uses his expertise and humanity to do what needs to be done. He takes one person at a time and enters into their take on the world & holds them steady while they do what they need to do. It comes at a cost to him of course. He doubts himself & gets hurt, and can make choices that don't turn out well - welcome to the real world. But no decision is really wrong, and it's only from engaging that you learn anything at all. I loved this. All trainee psychiatrists should have to watch it.
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Unforgettable (2011–2016)
enjoyed this
22 January 2012
Have just seen episode 2 here in the UK. I enjoyed this, a gutsy woman trusts in herself. I can see it's quite new as the actors aren't settled into the characters yet. But it's also someone who has had a trauma, so she's been there. Worth a lot more than all sorts of paper qualifications. There will have to be other things introduced into it, or just the memory thing could get a bit boring. But I find what's more interesting than the total visual recall thing is her attitude of ,'I play by my rules", this girl is not going to kiss ass. Whew, what a relief. So, if there could be some more nice complex plots that slowly let us get to know Carrie and the other characters that would be great. I love in Bones how it took so long for people to get to know each other - it felt real.
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War Horse (2011)
15 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
really irritating film. Too long. OK, so dad is an old war hero with PTSD, as Emily kindly explains to us - he just always looks like a bunny caught in the headlights. Handsome son is so good he makes me puke, no tit mags for him. Emily is as ever Mrs Stoic, is this the only role she plays - a gentle tearing-up. Bad land-owner is modern capitalist banker fat cat, who taunts people's weaknesses. Handsome boy's learning disabled friend keeps going in about how great friend is. They piled it on with a shovel, a trowel and then a spoon. There were no real people just caricatures of people. The army bloke who took the horse was quite sweet, he quite liked horses at least. I liked some of the German lads who were farm boys and good with horses. Liked the French grandpa and his granddaughter was charming, at least she had some spirit, probably looked at tit mags.

The goose (or was it a duck) was nice - at least it had some character.

The horses of course were lovely, but then horses are - apart from the ones that kick and bite. It felt a bit of a waste of my time all in all. Millions of boys being sent to their death by the dicks in charge, nothing changed there then. A good old war movie, and the point?
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really enjoyed this
21 November 2011
I wish this film had been longer to include more of the sense of time passing, as in the book the pregnancy takes a long time - there is also the relationship with Seth & Leah. There weren't any wolf fights in the book, but I guess films feel the need to do visual stuff. A friend disliked the leg shaving scene, but I liked that was left in as Bella was feeling nervous & it was in the book. I liked the time on the island, that gave a sense of how long the honeymoon was. The whole film was under 2 hours, so it's a shame they didn't add a bit more time and settle down more into the being in the house part. I love these books, and it's not for the action - I would be quite happy to not have any action, just see how the people relate to each other. When the wolves turned back to people again they really should have been naked (that would have been quite nice, & more authentic) - but they managed to have loads of clothes on. Oh well, you don't get everything. It would have been nice to see more of the Jacob/Rose hate thing, which was quite funny too. I'm looking forward to part 2 with the beautiful Renesmee - interesting when she's very little. I would really like to see more of the relationships in the house. The book was perfect, so it's a shame to change things about for the film, but I guess they just don't have time to cram so much information in. I'm going to see it again, as I'm sure there are loads of details I missed. I was a bit worried about Kirsten; is she actually that slender? Or was that emaciated look done by computer to show the ravages of the pregnancy?
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The Way (I) (2010)
wonderful film
14 May 2011
went to see this last night at 11.10pm, but cinema forgot to start the film, so it was 5 to midnight before we got going - with a little prompting.

It makes me want to do el camino. Very touching. I cried twice and laughed, and towards the end was sitting with a huge grin on my face. The warmth between the characters was good, honest, authentic.

It's also like having plans to do one thing, but you end up doing something quite different, that just grows. I could feel a loosening at the end of it, where feelings had shifted for people, there was a release for the characters that had happened in a very real way. Nothing grated, it was very gentle, but built up to a wave that carried me with it.

Scenery is beautiful of course. An interesting bit with the gypsies in Spain that I found challenging. It brought me up as I believed the same stuff they assumed - I'd heard it so much: and it is interesting when I realised that what I've accepted as truth may just be prejudice. We all like a scapegoat to absolve ourselves, and to feel superior to other folks.

Well done everyone involved with this. I think I will be buying a few copies of this to hand out.

It makes me want to go, but it kind of makes me want to go alone to see who I meet on the way.
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Hanna (2011)
7 May 2011
I liked Hanna's character & I liked her friendship. But really, her dad didn't prepare her - poor wee soul. It was quite dark. An awful lot of unnecessary killing -- completely gratuitous. What really worried me was that it was a 12a. This should have been a 15.

Cate as a psycho CIA person was scary; and I did feel real warmth to Hannah's character. But overall I didn't really get it. It was quite flat for me, I expected to come out buzzing, but I didn't. Possibly I was empathising with the poor wee lass who obviously didn't have enough warm fuzzies in her life.

I've been told this isn't long enough, so I'd better say something else. Hmm, let me think. Was it meant to be shocking that children can be so violent - all you have to do is go to some tough housing estate and you'll see that level of violence from children; so no surprises there. Actually I found a lot of bits quite boring and too long. Hopefully this is now long enough
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Your Highness (2011)
really enjoyed this film
14 April 2011
very funny. It had loads of stuff packed into one movie. I went with a cynical friend who also enjoyed it. It looked like a blast to make. I fancied seeing some of the out-takes when folk fell about laughing, or just exploded, snorting. Serious brother, F was so sweet & naive, with total blind love for his little brother. Thad was a lecher who saw the sexual in everything - which was hilarious. The baddies were so delightfully yukky, & still managed to be funny. they even created a new word - the fuckening - like a reckoning (I've just had to enlighten the computer that fuckening is a word), but much funnier.

I felt kind of sorry for the minotaur, he only wanted a friend. At one point Courtney tells Thaddeus what is going on for his brother, which works. Sometimes techniques like that spoil things, but it worked here. Everything in this movie worked for me. It was quite seamless, bursting with energy & the right length too. Some movies suddenly stop & I feel cheated - but I felt satisfied with the end of this.
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Sucker Punch (2011)
this certainly gets folks hot under the collar
3 April 2011
Lots of reviews, people feel something about this movie to bother writing in. Outrage or adoration but not look-warm.

Well, I've never played a video game as I'm too old so I don't recognise anything in this movie from video games.

It wasn't what I expected from the trailers. I thought it would be girl power kicking ass, which is pleasant at the time. At one point it reminded me of Charlies Angels,'oh, the girls go off on a mission, & indeed kick ass'. I did feel frustrated however when I thought, we've had 2 missions & have another 3 to go - this is getting a bit tedious. But then I just looked at the beautiful strange sepia landscapes & enjoyed that.

I could almost explode with frustration at one point, I just wish the girls had kneed the guys where it hurts and done them irreparable damage, preferably killed them. The abuse of power was so outrageous & vicious & all the lying crap,'I'm doing this for you, we're in this together,,,blah blah' This reminds me of lots of corrupt people in power, I guess that's why it's so frustrating -- we've all had this to some extent, unless of course we are the one doling it out. I was pondering during the film if it was about corrupt age and power against youth, or men against women - I hear that there are thousands of women and children being trafficked as sex slaves at the moment. But then it felt like our corrupt institutions (Britain) which grind us down & constantly eat away at our rights as fat bankers and politicians smile and tell us it's for our own good they have to raise taxes and put people out of work.

So I think that this film actually took something very unpalatable & just plain nasty (the way we allow ourselves to be bullied by the government), that no one really wants to look at apart from a few outspoken groups - and they dressed it up with beautiful actresses, fab music and amazing visuals, so that we could swallow this bitter pill. Who the hell wants to watch some whinging documentary about corruption in high places: we all know it exists, we just feel powerless to do anything about it.
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great movie, really enjoyed
13 March 2011
I enjoyed this more than I expected. I enjoyed it more than true grit, unknown or the adjustment bureau.

The baddies were bad and, the nice ones were nice - the dog was soooo cute. it didn't feel like you were working towards a degree trying to figure out what was going on, and they didn't shoot the horse!!

I am currently planning to buy the book and enjoy it all over again in a different medium. And I shall probably buy the DVD.

It did give quite superficial characters, but it gave enough to entice me to want to read the original, as I know films don't normally capture the essence of a book. I came out with a big smile on my face, the last 5 or so movies I've been to I've come out rolling my eyes.
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Australia (2008)
19 January 2009
so boring we left before it was over. Is this taken from a Mills and Boon book. Boy meets girl, they dislike each other then like each other, then fall out and get back (I guess, I didn't see the end) The bit with the cattle drove was good - maybe it should just have finished there when they were on a high. But then it trailed on for ages, and ages, and ages. All those irritating people, I just wished Nicole Kidman had pulled a kalashnikov out of her underwear and shot them. But no, it just went on and on. also silly things happened with indigenous people who would not be caught so easily by white incoming people who didn't know the land as well. So please try and keep films to around 2 hours on less there is something really worth saying. cheers
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Seven Pounds (2008)
really boring
18 January 2009
Well, what can I say. This film dragged and was boring. Will Smith hasn't done a decent movie since I Robot. OK I didn't watch the one where his dog died, as someone told me the dog died and I just didn't fancy it. Please Will, smile , have some fun - be your usual chatty fun self. And to fall in love with a woman, or let her fall in love with you - oops spoilers, OK say no more. I don't know if he's got himself in to a contract with some depressive. Please just take some happy pills and make a good film I almost walked out I was so bored. Yuk Well, actually this had more than ten lines before someone squashed them all up together and made them into 4 lines. so Still Yuk This kind of piffle does not make me cry, it just irritates me.
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a good film
18 January 2009
I really enjoyed this film. It was heart warming. the dogs are lovely. I don't really feel I can say much without spoilers, although I guess we all know it will have a happy ending so . It was a jolly fun movie, the animals were great, their human companions can appear to try too hard, but we can forgive them for that. Sorry, I need 10 lines so I'm gonna cut and paste.I really enjoyed this film. It was heart warming. the dogs are lovely. I don't really feel I can say much without spoilers, although I guess we all know it will have a happy ending so . It was a jolly fun movie, the animals were great, their human companions can appear to try too hard, but we can forgive them for that. Sorry, I need 10 lines so I'm gonna cut and paste.
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Eragon (2006)
really enjoyed this film
17 December 2006
My son and I went to see this film and really enjoyed it. It didn't seem to me like ripping off anything, it's completely unlike star wars or the lord of the rings - so I really don't know what people are wittering about. It was just like itself. We have dog,cats,rodents and fish. now I want a dragon.

We enjoyed watching the film unfold, which it did quite fast, but everything was clear and easy to understand. It looks like it's been left ready to do a follow up. I would even consider going to see this again at the cinema, which I do very rarely. Good for all ages. Go with an open mind and just enjoy.
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what a thoroughly excellent movie
25 June 2006
I've only just been to see this because the book irritated me so I'd blacklisted it. But my son wanted to go, so off I went.

We were both gripped, I kept sneaking looks at my son (12) to see if he'd fallen asleep; there were plenty yawns (we went to a 8.10 showing) but he watched it all and enjoyed it. He especially liked the history bits when they were putting the pieces together. I was impressed.

I was very pleasantly surprised. The acting was great. It was lovely watching a movie where intelligent men are discussing women reverently. I remember reading about the bleak days of the witch-hunts when many women were slaughtered, and the world lost immeasurable knowledge because it was the witches (healers, users of herbs) who were killed and other wise, and therefore threatening women who were butchered. It felt affirming to have that noted.

The Robert Langdon character was very attractive; intelligent, self effacing, strong and gentle. A man who in a crisis says,"I need to get to a library". Excellent.

I enjoyed this enough to get it on DVD when it comes out. do go and see it.
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Eight Below (2006)
A very good Disney Movie
23 April 2006
Went to see this with my son yesterday. This may well be one we go to see again, and that doesn't happen much. The dogs were amazing - wow imagine hugging one of those big hairy fluff-balls. We have a terrier at home, it would be interesting to see how she got on with those big guys.

It wasn't dummed down, it looked real as if you were seeing nature in the raw. It wasn't all made sickly sweet and OK for small children - and I think kids are fine with that, they're much more able to handle reality than we give them credit for. There were weepy bits in it, but I didn't feel I was being manipulated by the film-makers - it just was the story.

The people were all interesting too. There was a lot back in USA of what was going on with the team who'd left. We met the Indian guy who'd bred the dogs & his view on things.

It was nice seeing people caring for each other and doing what they could realistically to support each other. Nobody was a superhero, it was real people and real wonderful dogs.
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a really great feel-good movie
20 April 2006
My son and I love this film. If we ever feel a bit blue out comes cat in the hat and it cheers us up. The cat is just so cheerful and zany. It's just a great feel-good movie, and we've watched it heaps of times without getting bored with it. It doesn't follow the Zeus book a great deal, but in this case it works well for the film.

It's extremely silly in the nicest possible way and makes you want to bounce on the sofa and always leaves me with a big grin on my face, which is extremely therapeutic and better than hitting the cooking sherry.

I like this just as much as Mike Myers other stuff (that secret agent bod, I've forgotten his name), it's full of energy which energises me when I feel flat. The whole thing is tongue in cheek which I enjoy. This film is a real tonic. Watch and enjoy.
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