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An Exiting Thriller
28 March 2005
A vary exiting thriller staring Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd.The movie is about a twisted pervert who kidnaps young women and holds them at a hide out and makes the girls what ever he wants and if they don't cooperate or tries to escape he takes out in the middle of the woods and ties them onto a tree and leaves them to die.

I think this movie is pretty good and very exiting.This movie isn't hard to find if you want to get it i've seen it at wal-mart for $5.50 and it is definitely worth it.So if your in for an exiting thriller I recommend Kiss The Girls. I think that this is probably one of Morgan Freemans best movies.
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Very Scary
28 March 2005
After I watched this movie I took into perspective that aliens are freaking Scary. This movie probably has the best Alien abduction that I have ever seen.The aliens research on the man that got abducted was petrifying and the aliens themselves looked as scary as heck. I think this movie is Very underrated and should be seen by every true alien believer or anyone that is in for a good scare, besides after you see the movie i'm almost positive you will believe in them anyway. I think this movie is just as good as any alien movie i've ever seen and is sure as heck scarier.I definitely recommend this movie and if you like scary movies this is a must see.
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Good Bad I'm the Guy with the Gun. Ash is back
26 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Ash is fighting the evil dead for the third and probably the last time. This movie is priceless I crack up every time I watch this comedy. It just keeps gets funnier and funnier.The lines Good Bad I'm the guy with the gun, or this is my boom stick will always keep me laughing. The movie starts out flash backing to the second movie and shows Ash cutting of his dead hand and putting on his chainsaw and then he gets sucked back in time ware he gets tossed in a monster mid evil pit, fights tiny Ashes at a mill, gets bitten by a book, makes an army to fight the army of darkness, makes out with 2 hot chicks,defeats the army of darkness,and unites two Kingdoms.OH yea and drinks a liquid that sends him back to his own time.Get this movie no mater how expensive it is it is so awesome.I have seen it at Wall Mart for $5.50.
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very funny, watch it
26 March 2005
This is another Blink 182 documentary that will make you pee your pants. It is another Documentary of Tom, Mark, and Travis a.k.a Blink 182 running around being Blink 182, it consists of 14 scenes and lasting for more than 40 minutes and all of them except for the credits will have you busting up laughing. It has great live footage of one of their shows in Chicago, it has kick butt music video's which are First Date, The Rock Show, and the never before released video and the released video of Stay Together For The also has many other bonus scenes like the awesome photo gallery.

You can also see Mark recording Shut Up, a lot of cool drum solos by Travis and Tom being freaking hilarious. .If you watch it you could see much,much more.

If you go out and buy it or watch it some how Trust me you wont regret it.(Trust Me)
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Scarface (1983)
an awesome movie
26 March 2005
This movie is freaking awesome if you have not seen it yet,then get your butt off the couch or wherever you are and rent it or buy it. Trust me you won't regret it.Al Pacino greatly portrays the Cuban cocaine sniffing mobster Tony Montana who soon becomes one of Miami's leading mobsters. Tony Montana just doesn't kill the pretty much king pin of the town he marries his wife too.That is how bad this dude is.This movie is so hard core it blows me out of my seat.This movie is full of awesome action and great and crazy characters, it also has a strong story and it keeps you at the edge of your seat the whole movie.So if you want to see a good movie then you should get Al Pacino's Scarface.
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