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Lizzie Borden Took an Ax (2014 TV Movie)
Great movie--awful sound
25 January 2014
Closely follows the real story, as well as being an adequate remake of the 1975 TV version with Elizabeth Montgomery in the titular role. (Her performance was much more nuanced and provided significant ambiguity regarding Lizzie's actual guilt.) Christina Ricci is in fine form; the locations and costumes are accurate to the period; and overall, it should have been a good movie. The operative here being "should"......

However, the movie has been trashed by a nerve-wracking soundtrack. The utterly incongruous heavy rock music is totally inappropriate! This is NOT a movie meant to have a contemporary "feel" to it! It's like trying to watch Swan Lake with the soundtrack from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Whoever decided this was the way to go for a period movie had rocks in their head!
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