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Run (I) (2013)
Kinda like a clichéd Disney love story..
3 February 2014
Where to be begin? Well, this was one of those movies you happen to watch on netflix. This movie centers around a kid who is a hero, and a thief. Amongst all other things, he's just your average outcast. He moves from town to town never really finding a home. There's very little to this movie. Very simple plot, no surprises at all. It's a matter of when it will end, not how. The acting is very mediocre and lazy. The writing doesn't really grasp your attention. I feel like this movie was made for Disney. (Coincidentally it stars a former Disney star 'Kelsey Chow')If you minus the few gun scenes, this movie would have been stamped with a PG rating. If you're looking for a "live action" thriller, this is not it. It merely advertises as fast action, but it simply does not deliver.
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Dumbbells (2014)
"Dumb" is only the beginning.
21 January 2014
This movie follows an arrogant basketball star who's career was once promising but cut short by an injury. The movie starts out slow and never really takes off. You get introduced to a stereotypical group of characters. All more annoying than the next. This movie uses middle school humor to try and pull laughs. I felt like a 14 year old in middle school all over again. You'll notice the emphasis on "urban" humor. There's emphasis on "bitchez" (with a z)and countless sex jokes. There is no real storyline here. Though, just when you feel like one is gonna begin, the movies ends. I would recommend not watching this unless, you wanna laugh at the movie and not the jokes themselves.
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