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Firecracker (2005)
Magnificent piece of art
25 March 2005
I will just hint, in a brief paean, to Firecracker's greatness. The density of thematic material, the multiple levels of meaning within meaning, and the intensity of the themes it deals with are nearly overwhelming: The nature of friendship, the effect of death on existence and on the breathing, the relation of beauty to desire and greed, appearance versus actuality, the spiritual and the physical, the yearning to break free, the nature of reality---need one say any more? There is not one film, to my knowledge, that says so much, and asks so many questions about, these fundamental issues. It may be true to say that the film asks more questions than it answers, but questioning is the beginning of the road to understanding. Watch this film a few times. It is a breathtakingly magnificent piece of art, with a stunning plot to boot.
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