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Appleseed (2004)
26 April 2006
Fantastic piece of anime. This film has paved the way for new 3D anime films. The animation is fantastic. The characters all look human rather than looking like 90's computer characters. The opening sequence is absolutely fantastic and hooks the viewer immediately. The other action sequences that are throughout the rest of the film are good as well. The mechanical design is great and they look incredibly realistic. Weapon design is also great as is the transport. The music throughout the film does create contrast and changes the mood of the scenes. I especially liked the action sequence music. However, even though the film is great, there are some bad things about it. The shading on characters is not natural enough and the translation is not perfect. You may also need to watch the film a couple of times to fully understand the depth of the story, which isn't such a bad thing as you get to appreciate the film more when watching it again. Appleseed is a great piece of animation that has paved the way for new 3D CG films. An amazing and state of the art film. 10/10
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Stand Alone Complex
20 April 2006
Fantastic Series. Very entertaining. Good action scenes dotted throughout the series, an great example is where they storm the Geisha building in the first episode. and the story lines are very gripping. The short Tachikoma cartoons at the end of each episode are amusing. The laughing man storyline is very intriguing and the twist near the end of the series is very clever and cannot be seen. The last three episodes contain amazing action and again create a climax up to a great twist. The characters are very well animated and the series does dive into the past of some characters - such as the Major, showing her breaking a doll in the opening credits. However, the translations are not perfect. The opening theme song is fantastic and the music throughout is also very good. A great example of Manga.
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