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The Natural (1984)
A boyhood dream that wouldn't die
22 December 2006
this movie makes me cry every time at the end because it reminds me of when me and my dad use to play catch until it got so dark we couldn't see. The whole story is great especially the baseball scenes. my favorite scene is when they are playing in chicago and he busts the clock out to start a new streak. This movie is up there with Field of Dreams on my favorite sports movies of all. This movie also shows us that money is not everything that there are people out there that would play the game just to play and that is how sports should be. Sports should not be about multi million dollar endorsement deals and being a show off like T.O. and Barry Bonds, it should be about the love of the game. It may sound corny and it may sound like what Ray Liota said in Field of Dreams but its the truth and that is how i feel.
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Whoever doesn't like this movie must be retarded
14 March 2005
This is one of my favorite movies of all time, it reminds me a lot of Paul Newman's masterpiece The Hustler. Johnny finds out that Joe has been holding him back for 15 years in the slum pool tables instead of letting him go pro.So he breaks away from him and later gets his revenge.The movie takes place in South Chicago in bars and restaurants. The movie features some stars and some unknowns but is still a great movie. When Johnny's brother doesn't pay up a 5,000 dollar bet he fest beat up and then tries to rob a pawn shop but is sent to jail and his bail is 25 grand.The end of the movie is great where johnny hustles Joel out of 100 grand.
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