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W1A: Episode #3.6 (2017)
Season 3, Episode 6
BBC Brilliance....
24 October 2017
Sometimes in life, in entertainment, art, A vision is created for the world to enjoy, as in so few events in television or movie history a program, written and acted and filmed to such perfection, I am left distraught that this may be the finale episode, though I feel it won't be, in my opinion W1A is up there with Fawlty Towers, In The Thick Of It. Dad's Army., With the base to them all , brilliant cast, and writing, I look forward to watching this brilliant series again and again for years to come , it is my first time ever writing a revue of any kind, and scared not to say any sort of spoiler, but I do urge others to watch and rave and rant to all your friends to watch this wonderful comedy, the world needs people to laugh out loud, to spread a joke ..... Spread a joke tomorrow, and tell where you saw it ..... BBC brilliance, I wonder if they will do brexit negotiation series.....
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