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Ball of Wax (2003)
Satan gets drafted to the Majors...
11 March 2005
This movie made me squirm. It a movie you may not want to watch with your parents or girlfriend. The bad guy (portrayed by Mark Mench) does things to his team members and friends (and babysitter, even!) that are too awful to believe. And then he smiles like he's done them a favor.

The closest thing I can compare this to is the Oscar-nominated "Closer" except much meaner: this movie gets inside your head and screws around with your brain. This film is poison in pinstripes. If that sounds appealing, go rent it.

My only complaint is with soundtrack issues. Oftentimes I could not hear dialog. And be warned. There's a ton of it!
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Good material, so-so delivery
11 March 2005
saw this at a film festival. real fascinating subject matter. the director really got lucky that Farmer John shot so much film of himself as he was growing up, because that footage is excellent. overall, it's hard not to like Farmer John and the film. both are non-offensive and entertaining.

i have to say, though, i'm not a big fan of the style in this movie. too many talking heads. i liked the more observational stuff, and as i said the stock footage. but that's just me. others will probably have no problem with this. but for me, it's what separated this from being great, instead of what it is: just very enjoyable.
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