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The Twelve Kingdoms (2002– )
Interesting but...
21 February 2021
This is an interesting series that holds attention, but does have some issues:

Initially the primary character is such a whiny, helpless wimp she makes one want to watch something else instead . However if the viewer hangs in there, this trait turns out to be intentional, a foundation for further character development.

Too many characters in this have minimal development and are largely irrelevant to the overall developing story. This presents a strange paradox in complexity through diversity, but so much diversity that little of it is fully developed.

The worst flaw (in my opinion) is the excessive and extreme use of names and terms and deviations of names and terms. Take every fantasy book with super-odd names, pull all the names therefrom and throw it in a pot... and the result is this series. It only gets worse as the story goes along... to the point that the English-speaking audience tends to lose track of who is what and what position they hold and what is going on and who has what responsibility, because it's all just a bunch of jibber-jabber references and titles. After a while my mind simply tuned out the terms and simply focused on the plot itself. Unless one is really into this sort of thing, it's easy to get to the point of not caring what a designation means or how it applies.

Major disappointment: the 12th or 13th episode takes the buildup of all the preceding episodes, and pours them together in a quickly-narrated climax significantly different from what has gone before. It's like reading a detailed book and then getting to the last chapter, only to find out that chapter is 4 pages long and the author says, "This is what happened then..." yada yada yada. After that the plot becomes fairly sparse and iffy and somewhat repetitious.

There is a LOT of talking. Dialog is fine, and in most cases the dialog here is fine; it helps tell the story. But there's a LOT of it. Like... a LOT...

All put together this had some potential. The story was very creative and imaginative, original and interesting. But at numerous times throughout the series I found myself focusing more on the delivery than the story... and that is never good. A well-crafted story should make you forget you're being told a story. Instead, this series regularly becomes a "spoken script" and almost yells "This is a plot point!"... which distracts from the immersive experience.

So I can only rate it "mediocre" as anime goes. The animation itself isn't that spectacular, many of the characters are underdeveloped and even useless, and the viewer never really connects emotionally with the primary characters or their stories.
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A fine film-- esppeically these days
20 February 2021
In these days of R-rated "super hereo" movies and F-bomb filled fantasy films, it is refreshing to find a family film that has heart and soul and so much that has been lost in the film industry over the decades.

As some have pointed out, it would be good for parents to watch this with children as some parts can be a little scary for very little ones. But any child 6+ should do okay with it. This is a film about judgement and acceptance, kindness and relationships, and seeing the best in people.

I enjoyed this greatly. I can't understand anyone rating this 1-star; that just tells me there are people on IMDB who have no business rating movies. For a family film, this is excellent. It will keep children and adults alike entertained, and delivers an excellent morality story in the process.
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Fearless (2020)
Surprisingly entertaining-- shame on the Grinches
19 February 2021
When I read some of the negative reviews on this I have to wonder what they were expecting. This movie was surprisingly good. The positive reviews are spot-on.

The first several minutes were admittedly a bit slow. Some writers need to learn: you have to catch the audience attention within the first two minutes.

But I'm glad I hung in there, because they started pulling some slapstick that was humorous. Then they brought in intentional tropes, then references to sci fi films through the years ("Someone hand me a clip board!"). Then they pulled one liners and more tropes and Easter Eggs and I found myself laughing repeatedly at the humor throughout this film.

For those who are looking for a fun romp you can watch with your children while you and the wife are entertained by the cleverness of the one-liners and subtle references, this is a really good film. Despite the weak start they pulled through and wound up making a very decent movie overall, one that the kids will likely watch repeatedly.
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TRON: Legacy (2010)
View changed over time
15 February 2021
I saw the first TRON when it was released in 1982. For its day it was a phenomenal film that made history not only in the world of science fiction, but in film making. The vision and presentation was simply different than Star Wars or 2001 or Star Trek. It was and continues to be a classic that holds its own even to this day.

When I first saw TRON: Legacy in 2010, I wasn't that impressed. Looking back I understand why, and understand why it has an under-appreciated rating on IMDB. It simply wasn't the original TRON. It was too different, too dark, not as humorous or ground-breaking, the characters not as charismatic.

Today however it's 2021 and I pulled out my BluRay copy and watched it again. No longer expecting a repeat of the original TRON, I was able to watch, enjoy and rate this on its own merits. And what I found was a film that was superb of its own rights. The story was sensible, the core theme solid, and the directing, design and CGI nearly flawless. I found myself stirred as I had not been before. Older now, having experienced more of life, and no longer glued to the concept of the original TRON... I found Legacy to be excellent in its own way.

Perhaps the story line wasn't as thrilling, but it was solid. 2010 was a different year than 1982 so the graphics, while technically superior to the original, simply did not impress as much in the wake of all the special effects we'd seen since Star Wars changed the face of cinema in 1977. Nevertheless, TRON: Legacy is a solid film. As is sometimes the case I found myself enjoying the second viewing a great deal more than the first, and became fully immersed in this revised vision of TRON.

If a third TRON were to be produced today, what would it be? Would it push so much CGI in our faces that it would ruin the concept, or would they realize it's the story and characters that make the film? I would hope the later. I enjoyed the portrayal of the characters in Legacy. The actors did a great job. By the end of the film I found myself a fan-reborn in 2021, viewing the TRON concept with new appreciation. It's only been 11 years since this film was made-- not long enough to say it's withstood the test of time. But it's certainly an enjoyable watch with terrific choreography and presentation.

It kept me entertained and made a point about perfectionism and accepting our own limitations and mistakes. So this time I give it a good, solid 9 stars, (just short of "great"). I believe it's an effort that deserves that much.
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Just be in the right mood
9 February 2021
One doesn't go into a film titled "Cowgirls vs Pterodactyls" and expect cerebral fiction. If you're in the right mood., this is one of those "so bad it's fun" films. In places it moves slower than a constipated snail, but other than that it's a romp.

First thing to realize: this is intentional schlock. It's not an "Asylum bad" film... this is intentional camp and absurdity. To mention just a few points that happen within in the first 5 minutes of the movie:

* Pre-credit rubber pterodactyl props * Cracking whip and horse whinys in the theme soundtrack * Narrarator: "They were indeed pterodactyls... creatures, that no MAN could stop..." * Nice opening credit landscapes with ridiculously large lettering. * Narrarator: "Our story begins on a dark, and stormy night." * A cowboy is smoking a FILTERED cigarette * Many of the guns are obvious toys. This had to be intentional, because real black powder pistols aren't expensive. * They actually used stop-animation along with paper mache puppet heads rather than CGI

Best line in the movie: "Yaaay horsies!"

I didn't go in taking this movie seriously, and as a result somewhat enjoyed the terrible directing, hammy acting and ludicrous script. I actually chuckled at a few of the lines and comic bits-- which says something of itself.

This isn't a "bad" movie. It's a goofy movie; there's a major difference. If not for the current pandemic I would actually put this on my "watch with friends and have a good laugh" list. They'll either enjoy it with you or begin questioning your sanity. : )
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Mully (2015)
One of the most Inspiring movies I've seen
6 February 2021
This is a documentary of a man who had an episode of insight and moved wherever that vision took him. While watching the documentary it's difficult to believe one man and his immediate family achieved so very much.

I feel sure that a great deal of the journey was left out of the story-- such as donations that must have helped fund his work. The super-engineered greenhouses weren't built from sketched designs and animal skins. The tractors and trucks and equipment and seed and millions of seedling trees didn't just appear out of nowhere. If I were to guess (which is what I'm doing), I'd say he had a lot of contacts during his high-business career and a lot of friends who helped sponsor his work. Still, what he achieved was a monumental testimony to the power of caring and hope.

Regardless of how it was achieved, this is a man who gave everything he had to accomplish something most of us would think is impossible: turning a desert into a self-sustaining farm and hopeless street children into PHDs and Doctors and business people and responsible husbands and wives. I am not easily taken in by such documentaries, often seeing the sham behind the hype. But in this case, everything I've managed to read about Mulli (Mully) seems correct. This is a man who remembered his humble beginnings and turned his love of people to action. I simply cannot imagine.

The documentary while somewhat scanty on details, focuses on the overall trials and final results of Mully-and-family's efforts. I would have liked to have seen it extended a half an hour and include a few more how-it-happened details. But this film seems to have been kept intentionally trim, focusing on the important points. It covered his religious affiliation and dedication, but didn't dwell on such. It showed his achievements, but didn't tell much about he achieved them. The overall effect-- and apparent purpose of the film-- was to show what one person can do to change the world.

At first it was Mully himself with the sole vision. But as it states in the documentary, his wife supported him every step of the way. His own family went through some tough times, but eventually as they grew his children joined him and were of great help in achieving his vision-- and themselves benefited from the personal growth gained from their experience.

In short, this film is inspiring, and proves that with selfless willpower and faith, even a small group of people can accomplish amazing things. While rescuing thousands of children over several years hardly puts a dent in the devastating circumstances of millions of street children-- at least Mully and his family have done their best. They've set the example and proved what can be done. If all humankind focused less on themselves and more on helping others, perhaps similar results could have been achieved on a global basis rather than the ecological and social disasters we are currently experiencing. That, I believe, is the true story being told here: selfless dedication to helping others.
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Ne Zha (2019)
Suffers from anti-climatic ending
2 February 2021
The story, animation, characters and English-language voice-dubbing are all good. The English subtitles are terrible and do not at all match the voice-dubbing.

There are a lot of 10-star ratings on here. I don't know if they're legit or "part of the production team" reviews... but I can see why people would rate this highly. The animation was top-notch. For me though, the ending was sudden and anti-climatic, which was a disappointment. A stronger ending would have made this a much better film. Evidently it was designed to introduce a follow-up film... which is a really bad idea if that film has not yet been produced.

Overall it was an interesting and enjoyable watch, but had a let-down final scene. These production companies need to learn how to do a proper job at subtitle translation. We see too many of these films that look like they used Google Translate to do the job for them.
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Well worth watching-- unlike the American version
28 January 2021
I binge watched the entire series on Netflix, and repeat what is often stated in these reviews: the Korean version blows the American version away. For one thing they keep this clean and wholesome. A couple of bloody scenes, but at least it doesn't throw all decency out the window like the 3rd season of the American version.

This series is all about a non-politician with a sense of morality and ethics being put in the nation's most powerful position. That is better done if the series itself has a sense of morality and ethics (both of which is lacking in the American version). The more I watch Korean drama, the more I realize how good they are at building characters, portraying stories, and getting to the heart of a drama.

This series reminds me of West Wing (though thankfully, much slower paced. West Wing made my brain bleed.) The story here is excellent, the plot twists regular and unexpected. I did have it "figured out" early in the series (which is unusual for me. I'm no Sherlock Holmes.) But other than that this had a great plot, good story line, and terrific acting, directing, music and sets.

And just so it's said... it is so refreshing to see a series about a person who is honest, has integrity, morality and insists on doing what is right. How rare is that these days? All through this series I couldn't help but look at the main character and think, "This guy could play the Korean 'Superman'." Seriously, he has Clark Kent written all over him. ;D

That aside, this is just plain good television. Doesn't get much better.
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It's bad, but...
22 January 2021
Okay yes, this movie is bad. Terribly bad. Not-even-camp bad... which is why I give it 3 stars. If this were made today, it would be an Asylum film. That observation should give people sufficient warning before watching.

However, it's not 1-star "worst movie ever made" bad (though I would understand people giving it that rating). Nor would any honest and sane individual give this anywhere near 10 stars. That such reviews exist provide testament to both diversity and lunacy within the human species.

The sound is horrid, the music just as bad, the script, directing and choreography miserable. The actors tried to do a good job, but there's only so much one can do with such material. But like a train wreck, one cannot help but watch through to the end.

The sets are a mish-mash of junkyard salvage and claustrophobic twisting hallways that made me wonder where they filmed this. Did they build the sets or did they locate some of the strangest abandoned factories on Earth? That in itself I found to be interesting and skin-crawl bad at the same time.

Kathy's fake-annoying voice was carried consistently throughout the film (although I have no idea why they found that necessary, she at least pulled it off). Her "wide-eyed bimbo" was intentional and charming... to an extent. She and the over-the-top-strange sets were the only saving graces of this movie and why I gave it 3 stars instead of 2.

I found myself (like many viewers) glued to this, watching to see where this mess would end up. The further the movie went along, the more I found myself wondering when it would stop. Somebody, please make it stop. But there was Kathy Ireland and those absurdly weird sets and the hope-against-hope that they might make an actual movie out of this. Alas, that didn't happen. Still, there are considerably worse movies out there... and considerably better ones.
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Space Whizzards
21 January 2021
Anyone who would rate this 9 or 10 stars is either part of the production team or is in need of some reality therapy and meds. A bunch of short stories stuck together, poor directing, equally poor acting. The occasional almost-good CGI doesn't pull this one out of the sub-mediocre dumpster. It's neither the worst movie ever made, nor anywhere near the best. And it doesn't warrant any longer review than this. ; )
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33 Postcards (2011)
Good portrait relationship film
8 January 2021
If you enjoy movies about people, relationships, overcoming adversity, and can appreciate movies without CGI, this is a good film about two people reaching across a world to form an unselfish relationship. The story, directing and acting are all excellent. Characters are well-developed and- contrary to some ratings- well fleshed out. Some people will rate this at the top of their favorites. Others my only find it so-so. But it's a good film without gratuitous language, gore or over-the-top CGI. There are few of such these days. For those who rated this 1-3 stars... I pity such jaded opinions who have lost their ability to appreciate basic good film making. Such negative reviews are unrealistic and unwarranted.

This is a well-done movie.
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We Can Be Heroes (II) (2020)
This Can Be Fun
5 January 2021
This movie can be fun... if a person will let it. We have to realize this is a KID's film. If one is an ADULT and giving this 1-star... that person may need to question their motives and choice of entertainment. If you hate this kind of fare so much you would label it as "the worst movie ever"... why watch it in the first place? Just so you can post a scathing review? Seriously.

In response to some of these 1-star reviews: there is a difference between a Kid's film and a FAMILY film. Shrek was not a "Kid's film". The Incrediles was not a "Kid's film". "Toy Story" and "Cars" were not "Kid's films". They were FAMILY films, intended to delight adults and children alike. Kid's films (which this is) is aimed directly at children. Adults should not expect this to be cerebral drama... and certainly not expect scientific reality. "Over the top" is somewhat normal for this genre.

This film was aimed mainly at kids, though many adults enjoyed the absurdity, comedy and camp just as much as the kids. Were some plot elements ridiculous? Yes. Was the acting over the top? Yes. Was the story line a little goofy? Yes. BY INTENT. It was meant to be absurd, silly, campy, and goofy. They were aiming at a CHILD AUDIENCE.

This film contains some pretty decent CGI and set effects. The characters were interesting (if a bit lame... but then, that was a major plot point). The film got a few morals across to the kids: teamwork instead of egos, cooperation instead of arguing. Believe in yourself and work with what you've got. Never give up. Those are all valuable life lessons.

I didn't much care for the cliche "children are smarter than adults and should be ruling the world instead". Seriously Hollywood, we've been fed that junk food long enough. But then again, look at the mess adults have made of this planet. First time in history we've threatened the planet itself. But the reality is, this internet-addicted, self-focused, "entertain me!" generation is unlikely to do any better, and will probably do much worse (if "civilization" manages to survive that long).

For those who rated this 1 & 2 stars and posted lines such as "Worst movie ever!"... I have to just shake my head. Do those "reviewers" have any idea what the worst movies really are? This doesn't even come close to that puddle of goo. This was better than Batman and Robin. Electra. The X-Men franchise. Superman vs Batman. Catwoman. Wonder Woman 1984. THOSE are the rotten tomatoes ... and even they aren't 1 & 2 star level. Seriously people, save your 1-star ratings for movies that *really* deserve it. If you really can't tell the difference, maybe you should be doing something other than writing lame reviews.

For a KID'S MOVIE this was pretty good. It held interest all the way through and it even had some laugh-out-loud moments. Not the best movie ever made (thus my 6-star rating), but it by no means the worst. This movie had a lot going for it. Kids will love it and was goofball enough to give kids-at-heart a chuckle.
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Nobody's Fool (1986)
Difficult to rate
4 January 2021
This is one of those movies that is very difficult to rate. It was made 36 years ago, so one can't judge it by modern-day criteria. Overall I didn't like the film, but that's a matter of personal taste, not because it wasn't well-made. The movie itself, for what it intends to be, is pretty solid.

The writing, directing and acting is spot-on. Some people may watch this and consider it absurd, but in truth it echoes small-town life so accurately it's scary. And while one may consider the character Arquette plays as being naive, daft and more than a little loony... perhaps we've known people just like this. Arquette nails the character right on the head. (Those who don't like Arquette because she's "too cutesy" will have a lot to complain about here. They threw that in just for you.)

As much as Arquette steals the stage, one has to give creds to Eric Roberts as the male lead. He's totally believable in his part, and the perfect counter to Arquette's acting. Add to this an entire cast of quirky people and as nuts as they all are-- how many of us recognize our family or friends (or perhaps a bit of ourselves in one of the characters?). This is a movie that as ridiculous as it is, hits too close to reality to be just a comedy.

This is basically a slice-of-life film that focuses on the character's foibles, blunders, idiocy, and in doing so perhaps touches on the audience's own such errors.

Part of me wants to rate this 8 stars for pegging its goal. But one must also relate it to other films in general, and that's the tough part. Finally I decided on 6 stars "better than average". I give it a nod of approval for successfully telling an all-too-common story in a unique, unusual presentation in which the director pulled no punches on small town life... and lands each one.
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One of the best
1 January 2021
When I see the overall viewer rating of 5.6 and see a review titled "Nothing happens. Ever"... it is obvious there are a lot of people who simply do not understand slow-burning, cerebral fiction. Perhaps Transformers would be more to their liking.

This is one of the best sci fi movies I have ever seen. It has very little action, no giant monsters or robots, no over-the-top fight scenes or space battles. This is about individual people dealing with a worst-situation scenario... and from the very beginning to the last after-credit symbolic sound effect, this offers excellent writing, directing, acting, and production.

It has one of the most effective dramatic scenes I have ever seen in a movie (I won't go into details and spoil it). George Clooney was almost unrecognizable in his role of an elderly man struggling during his last few weeks of life. The spaceship crew is minimal in number, none with incredibly significant roles or overly-emotional drama... just people going about their assigned tasks until that moment when daily life becomes extremely demanding.

This film had me glued, every minute to the very ending. I've seldom seen such effective story telling... if one is willing to sit and pay attention to the story being told rather than demanding their personal expectations of what science fiction should be. Like the odd Russian film "Stalker", this is slow and deliberate and meaningful. Go in with that realization, and one can find a rare gem of a film in this otherwise adrenaline-fueled world.
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Believe the negative reviews
29 December 2020
Wonder Woman is not wonderful.

This wasn't the horrible movie some reviewers make it out to be. 1 & 2 stars is a bit exaggerated-- I save such ratings for worst of the worst. At the worst this is simply a disappointing, poorly-written, badly-directed comic-book movie (emphasis on comic book writing... and there have been better comic books).

Still, believe the negativity. This movie has so very many flaws. I'll sum the entire movie up in one scene: roping a lightning bolt and swinging from it.


WW'84 made me feel like I was watching the 1970s Wonder Woman with all its ridiculous camp. With almost 2000 reviews here I don't need to spend a lot of time writing this one. A bunch of people are going to see this movie. Some are going to love it because well... that's some people. Some people will like it because of Gadot or Pine. A whole lot more are gonna be justifiably disappointed.

There are worse movies out there. Wonder Woman is bad, but remember Batman and Robin? Electra? Catwoman? Some reviewers need a bit more perspective and balance. And some movie writers and directors need a lot more talent.
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Marvel Anime (2010–2011)
Sub-par typical X-Men scripts with anime thrown in
26 December 2020
Take a typical modern-day X-Men script (which have received thumbs-down reviews from numerous fans), throw in cliche mutant/human bad relations, and add to it the emo / angst / ridiculously long dialogs of anime, and you have the Marvel Anime: X-Men presentation (2011).

The animation is fairly decent-- especially compared to some of the mono-shading stuff we've seen on Saturday morning TV from both Marvel and DC. There is no shortage of the typical overly-buxom, deep-cleavage, body-paint- costumed Marvel female, or the camera angles to emphasize that physical trait. (If you've never thought you'd get tired of constant boob-focus shots, this series might change your mind.)

Beyond the animation, this is a 6-episode story drawn out to a long, long 12 episodes. The series starts out interesting enough and holds one's attention for about 4 episodes. By the 6th episode the viewer is starting to feel some strain in keeping the script going. 9th episode I found myself wondering how much longer is is going to go on and where it's leading. Beyond that there were some characters I felt needed eliminated right now, end them, why are the X-Men such incompetent morons? Seriously. And yes, I know it's an animated series. It still had me wondering at how stupid a group of people can be (and about the writers/directors that presented them that way).

It's been pointed out in many reviews that the X-Men are a paradox. They're supposed to be super-powered (and they are), but any criminal with a gun, grenade or LAWs rocket could wield about as much power as any of the X-Men. With the exception of Wolverine (and possibly Jean Grey), a bullet could take out any of them. Nowhere does that become more apparent than this series, in which the team is regularly disabled by one or two bad guys, who seem to be nearly unstoppable.

The script is cliche (granted, this was written 9-10 years ago), the monologues droll on, and the extremely-obvious focus-on-the-boobs shots plentiful. The X-Men are constantly arguing amongst themselves, disagreeing with one another, distrusting to the point of paranoia, and makes one wonder how they could ever be a team.

There is plenty for children to take away from this: the way to solve your problems is by the use of violence and excessive force, women are basically sexual objects, it's normal behavior to distrust, argue and fight with with your closest fiends and allies, and if you have blades coming from your hands it's perfectly acceptable to run around slashing and stabbing others with them... and no accountability. Because that's how life is, right?

Beyond that, this series is close to the most emo, angst-ridden, long, drawn-out, absurd-ending plot line I've seen. Those responsible for mass murder don't wind up paying the price, and everything is okay because people are "sorry".

The sorriest thing about this is the story line. This Marvel offering could have been a lot better with a little more effort and a lot less cliche.
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Futmalls (2020– )
Potentially great series
20 December 2020
At the time of writing this review, Futmalls in only in its 6th episode, and I've only seen the first five. Given that limited exposure, to be considered is the existing 8.1 rating on IMDB. (I was torn between 8 & 9, so I gave it a 9.)

The mood is dark and emotional, and it doesn't tie up everything neat and tidy-- quite on purpose. The show presents plot elements and satisfies those plot elements, but still leaves the audience wondering about certain aspects. This is as it should be, and part of what gives the show its unique premise.

Futmalls appears to be comprised of short stories that span 2-3 episodes, tied in by one overall story line with primary characters. This is integrated successfully.

The first series "Best Selling Writer" (ep 1-3) is basically good science fiction with a twist. It's not great, but it is good writing, directing, acting and and a story interesting enough to hook the viewer into the series to see what happens next. What happens next sets the hook.

The second story "No Chance to Grow Up" is the stuff Hugo Awards are made for. I'm leaving it at that in this review, no spoilers allowed. ; )

Both story lines though tied together rather well, bear no resemblance to one another in mood or method. This is admirable-- a continuing plot made of separate parts. I am hoping this series continues in this vein. If it does, we have a promising series to look forward to.

Giving it a tentative 9 stars at this point. It's too early to tell how it will turn out, after a full season or two, but this is one which warrants high hopes.
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My Dear Warrior (2019– )
A children's show that children will hate
17 December 2020
This will likely appeal to two types of people:

1) Those who like campy semi-romances 2) Those who enjoy absurdity

The story is simplistic. Acting is cliche. Dialog is terrible. Plot is plodding. This might be considered Saturday morning TV fare, except children won't like the primary romantic direction of the plot. It will take a particular personality to enjoy this presentation. With the abundance of KromComs available these days, I doubt it will fare well among the competition.
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Alien Worlds (2020)
Potential... but boring
16 December 2020
The concept of this show had potential, but what it delivers is a slow-moving, boring, repetitious yawner.

The CGI is excellent (but then, what CGI isn't excellent these days?). But instead of focusing on alien worlds, the majority of each episode focuses on Earth-bound nature. What they show of alien worlds consists of repeated-footage shots. (Yes, yes, we've already seen this scene three times.) This combination proved boring before the first episode had finished. I enjoy cerebral fiction. Some of my favorite movies are slow-burners and thought-provoking. So for a series to bore me, they really had to work at it.

Some people will find this enjoyable. Many will demand a bit more in production standards, and especially in script-writing and directing. This is a repetitious, unfulfilling series that, while imaginative in places, does not have the production and writing skills to live up to its promise.
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Start-Up (2020– )
What a fantastic series
14 December 2020
I don't give 10 stars lightly or without good reason. This KRomCom is best of the best, right up there with Crash Landing on You. The writing, directing, story line and acting was prime in all aspects. From the first episode to the last this keeps one's attention.

I don't think I've seen such a diverse character set in any series. (I'll use roles rather than actor names here.) The grandmother was endearing (some of the best acting I've seen), Dal-mi lovable and admirable, Mr. Han displayed a wide range of acting ability, InJae a cold stone CEO who nevertheless generated sympathy, and he three techs the perfect combination of lovable nerds / die-hard friends growing through the experience. Even the secondary roles (the "bad guy" father, DoSan's parents, Park and more) played their parts very well. And who wouldn't take a liking to the CEO/Director of Sandbox? Perfect actress for the part.

This is far more than a triangle romance. This show teaches (to a degree) about the difficulties of starting a business, the realities, heartbreaks, and need for a thick skin. It shows the pitfalls of letting one's emotions override reason, and for a refreshing change presented the characters as capable of learning valuable lessons. It contains elements of sci-fi-fantastical (AI that is far too I for example) but not so much as to break the reality wall. It doesn't become overly silly or absurd, and stays relatively grounded so that it's believable throughout. To the few who felt the romance was too strongly stressed and not enough business... you missed the point. This is a ROMcom, not a BUScom. This wasn't intended to be a tutorial on how to start a business. If one isn't into romances... don't watch RomComs. ; )

This series touches about every emotion on the board. Superbly crafted in every aspect. Two thumbs up, ten stars, and throw in some champagne.
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Termination (2019)
Sci Fi Babble
9 December 2020
I stopped watching this after the 2nd nonsensical segment. if a movie maker can't catch attention and make some sort of sense within a certain amount of time, I've learned not to spend time further on the film. It may turn out okay, it may not. I'm not going to waste part of my life to find out whether it's a sleeper or a cowflop. The other reviews here slam it. After watching 2 stories I agree.

The first segment the sound editing is so extremely terrible one has to use closed captioning to even understand the audio. (Seriously, it's not just mildly bad audio; it's the worst I've ever not-heard.) The stories started out interesting but then quickly fizzled to a no-ending. According to other reviewers it continued that way through the remaining stories so be fore-warned: this is a dumpster dive with no rewards.
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An Angel for May (2002 TV Movie)
Surprisingly well done
9 December 2020
This movie is well-crafted on all points, surprising for a TV-movie. The characters are well-acted and believable. The story line is tight and actually has a story. Time travel is more a vehicle for the plot than the focus. I could see someone giving this 9 or 10 stars and I wouldn't disagree with their choice. I give it 8 because I reserve 9 and 10 for "best of the best". This is high quality, well-presented entertainment. Good writing, good directing. Can't think of anything in the film I disliked. Found it enjoyable from beginning to end.
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Incredible artwork, and that's about it
5 December 2020
As evident from the majority of the reviews here, this film presents incredible and unique animation-- and a story line that will confound the best. It is beyond me why an entire production team would create a film that absolutely no one in the audience is going to understand. This is a very self-absorbed non-story that builds up all kinds of suspense and mystery, with zero delivery. That's not a spoiler; that is the essence of what (at this time) is stated in every viewer review.

There are so many strings left hanging here, with "clues" that go nowhere. Where did the boys come from? What part did the girl play? What did the computer data have to do with anything? What actually happened... at any time during the film? None of these questions are answered nor even close to answered. Perhaps the writer and director thought they knew what story they were telling, but one would have to be psychic to understand it. When a director stumps the entire audience... he's failed to understand the difference between art and absurdity.

I understand that art doesn't necessarily require a story, but it is so much better when it does. This movie is so "Zen" even a Buddhist Monk would be scratching his head. At least we don't see the typical, "I got it and you didn't nya nya" type of reviews... because everyone has had the honesty to admit, "I didn't understand a thing that happened here". Kudos at least to the reviewers who admit that this one is WAAAY over the audiences head.

Or maybe the director and animators had way too much weed easily available. Who knows? It was an interesting roller coaster ride, but in the end one can't help but wonder if the car actually moved.
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When will they learn
24 November 2020
Was all set for an interesting, entertaining evening. Five minutes in they dropped a gratuitous MF bomb... at which point I hit the stop button. When will these people ever learn: they won't lose viewers by omitting obscene language. They will lose viewers by including it.
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Almost gave this six but...
23 November 2020
Some marketing dingbat decided to release this to certain markets as "Dragon Mountain", which brought some negative reviews. The true name "Dwarves of Demrel" carries far more integrity to the movie, since that's what this is about: three dwarves trapped in collapsed mines.

This is a slow-burner of a movie that at its best presents some decent drama and character presentation... and at its worst makes no sense at all.

The creature offered no explanation other than "scary mystery element" that would have been better left out of the movie. The human character's presence is undeveloped and unexplained. The first 3/4 of the movie involves development of what really gets down to resolution in the final quarter. It is the final quarter that pulls this movie out of the trash bin.

I give this a "mediocre" 5 for effort, since it had a pretty decent final 15 minutes. But there was just too much of this movie that consisted of barely-audible dialog and gaping plot holes. With a little more effort this could have been a sleeper classic, but they just didn't quite get there. Those who rated this 8 stars and above have, I think, significantly lowered their bar on what makes a movie great. This is an interesting watch with real potential, but they missed that bullseye by a couple of rings.
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