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Acquitted (2015– )
Gripping yet inconsistent
19 May 2017
Good things: The cinematography of the series is impressive. The actors give a solid performance. The music helps the atmosphere of the series to stay consistently gripping. Every second contains an excellent amount of uncomfortable tension that prevents the otherwise overdramatized script from falling into the soap opera category.

At the same time, the script is still plagued by some serious illogicalities. It is simply questionable whether an international high tech company could have been managed successfully by a woman whose behavior is seriously neurotic at worst and someone whose background is such a huge question mark could work as a big shot in an investment company and stay married with the same woman for 17 years.

Moreover, it is nothing short of unconvincing that the small town in which the events of this series take place could be so remarkably void of people who would just listen to reason and act sensibly under most circumstances.

Summary: While I still enjoy to watch the series, I can't help being nagged by the feeling that something just doesn't make sense in the script.
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The Martian (2015)
Embarrassingly failed effort
11 May 2017
This film lacks all those quintessential qualities that a seasoned film-goer is entitled to expect from a science fiction film directed by one of the biggest legends of the genre: suspense, innovative characters and props and compelling music. Along with the last- mentioned shortcoming, the frivolous and vapid dialogue is an awkward mismatch with the overall theme of the film. Likewise, there are too many major inconsistencies to dismiss in the story line. Simply put, this effort deserves to be forgotten.
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Dicte: Crime Reporter (2013–2016)
Ridiculously unconvincing series
22 July 2016
While Dicte doesn't pale totally in the comparison with other Nordic series production-wise, its script has lots of apparent flaws in terms of credibility and the characters lack depth of any kind. People behind the series seemed to have been too unfocused to decide whether they should develop a soup opera or a crime series.

Consequently, Dicte fails to satisfy a fan of hard-boiled crime series like me because the dramatic development of the plot of every episode is just way too schmaltzy to strike the right note.

And again, the main characters are not only flat and uninteresting but ridiculously unconvincing. For example, nobody who knows how things work in a Nordic country should believe that a journalist is allowed an entry into an office of crime investigators without some strict monitoring.
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Boring and empty
29 December 2013
Dominating theme of the documentary seems to be "how we all are going to make it again while here are so many of us now?" while viewers are not given a single tangible example of how digitalization has actually changed the actual artistic work-flow and how it would purportedly simplify a creative process given that the objective is still to make something new, fresh and meaningful. Does it really matter then that if the process takes couple of minutes or 6 months then?

After 30 minutes watching I couldn't help but ask myself why all those people tell us things that everyone must have heard and read million times already and why the makers of the documentary suppose that I or someone else would automatically accept their authority and expertise in things that they are talking about.

Even worse, commentators fail to support their opinions with hard facts or wider academic perspective that would help to explain why so many arguably would like to make art themselves now more than previously. While hipsters don't try to disguise their infatuation for their nice new toys, no one explains convincingly why so many now can afford to buy those things, let alone make their art full-time.

While the documentary tells us that "craft is gone" and anyone could make music now, the only thing that epitomizes the assertion is annoying repetitive schmaltz playing in the background.
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