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Trust Me (2017–2019)
Excellent Series
5 September 2017
I'm not sure which series you peeps were watching but I had to comment. I haven't reviewed much recently but this series forced a reversal.

It's excellent. Exactly what I expect from a British series. None of the stupid slick production without substance of the American series but down to earth, with just enough medical drama to supplement the excellent characters. This is seriously good.

I binged watched it and analyzed my mood before this review to eliminate emotional subjectivity. I seriously doubt a second series will be as good but I am waiting for it.
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Superb brilliant excellent
15 March 2017
OMG! I'm watching the second series currently and I'm stunned. I just never realized India was so amazingly beautiful. I've traveled extensively but I always avoided India because the ridiculous media have always portrayed it as slummy and third world. The first series took me aback, but this second series has me flabbergasted, literally. The people, architecture and the sheer beauty of the landscape. My holidays are in August and I WILL be in Kerala, India. It's the people I'm most looking forward to meeting. Amazing series. Well done!
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The Real Marigold Hotel: Episode #1.1 (2016)
Season 1, Episode 1
Brilliant, excellent
9 March 2017
Totally loved all three episodes in India. However, the episode about Florida where Wayne Sleep felt so attracted to the American way simply emphasized both Sleep's shallowness and how superficial Americans are. I've lived in America for over thirty years and I still am unable to get over just how superficial they are and enviously, just how happy they are being so ignorant. Those residents in both gated communities, despite their age and experience subscribe to vanity and vacuousness. You can never engage anyone here with life experiences. Even the ones who have struggled and succeeded eventually will only aspire to such a gated community. Bobby said it best when commenting on the house on entry. No character. They çould never understand a Bobby George or a Eric Bristow much less a Les Dawson and for someone like Miriam who spoke her mind to the repulsive man who rudely interrupted their conversation, they would consider her rude and crude. They couldn't begin to fathom the depth of character she possesses only that she was politically incorrect. Imagine a society where you couldn't discuss religion or politics because you might offend someone yet those repulsive old cosmetically enhanced women cannot see they all looked alike and how vain they were. Miriam, three cheers and soldier on. Fantastic series!
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Mapp & Lucia (2014– )
Superb brilliant excellent
3 December 2015
It's been a long time since I've thoroughly enjoyed anything this good. I'm an extremely discerning viewer and I'm at a complete lost re what some reviewers were watching. Queenie, Miranda Richardson, was simply brilliant and so too was the scrumptious Anna Chancellor. Every character was brilliantly cast. I would certainly like previous reviewers to state other shows that could possibly match this level of viewing. I would so be eternally grateful. It's faultless television and probably better than Jeeves and Wooster. How has the acting world bypass Miranda Richardson whose talents are simply stupendous. Her facial expressions were magnificent and too funny. The wittisms, OMG!! Absolutely brilliant. Au Reservoir!
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The Guest (I) (2014)
It's so bad, it should be seen to be believed!
15 November 2014
This has to be some sort of social experiment! It isn't possible to do everything this bad without it being deliberate! The acting, directing, musical score, it was atrocious. I just had to keep watching. I have never seen anything so, so bad. If it was actually done deliberately, Psychiatric intervention should be done STAT to all involved and if it was deliberate, it should win the Oscar!

Idi Amin would have been proud to call this, his Magnum opus. If done deliberately, every one involved should be Oscar bound. It takes extraordinary, consummate skill to have created this. Which is why I gave it a 10. I truly understand good, because I can now say I have seen what Dante's inferno is all about and what was the inspiration for The Scream's artist, Edvard Munch.

This is proof of time travel because Munch had to have seen this movie!
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Absolutely ridiculous movie!
9 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This has got to be one of the most silly movies I've ever seen. Is their some epidemic of stupidity amongst horror movie makers. Could they not have some sort of containment suits to prevent the spread of their imbecility? Why is it so hard to make something scary?

The best aspect of this movie is that it should be mandatory viewing for baby sitters etc. Stop being so bloody nosy. Why are people so nosy? She poked about the people's house without disregard. I know it's the director faux pas, but still must every horror movie be about raving loonies? The protagonists are always so dense and imbecilic as well as the villains. The actors must be as well. They must have read the script and still decided to become involved. Was Dennis Wheatley or Alistair Crowley involved?

I find it difficult to understand who funds these idiots. Is it a tax dodge? Is it a social experiment? Allow idiots movie making opportunities to sublimate their urges to commit horrendous crimes. What about the the movie? Is that not viewed as a crime against humanity?

The director, writer and producers should be expelled from the country to live with extremists. That should be punishment enough for extremists. Having such moronic imbeciles living in their communities and polluting their environment with their ideas !
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Homeland: About a Boy (2014)
Season 4, Episode 5
Super Duper Episode!
6 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
What is scary about Homeland is that the show has survived a tremendous setback and has actually improved. The episodes so far has been quite excellent and I assume it's because the personnel associated with the production of this show,must be very good. They must do great research and portray the characters and technology faithfully.

This is where my fearfulness, escalates. If the characters are being researched so well, then the operatives depicted, who all appear to be deeply flawed and sociopathic, essentially become bogeymen. Surely,these cannot be the type of people we have representing us. They are so subjective and reactive,it's a wonder they haven't started more wars than we are already engaged in. It's scary that people of this caliber walk the earth, no wonder we are so destructive and utterly ruthless!

A show like this highlights the reason for us to seriously get our heads out of our bums and monitor these dangerous people occupying our Govts' and police forces. They cannot be allowed to make any decisions whatsoever being as flawed and compromised as they are!

Carrie's bit where she emoted pride when he bribed the policeman was just brilliant acting or directing? I'm really beginning to respect Claire Dane's skills or if the director is responsible, theirs.

But then, maybe it's just a great TV show and it's all make believe. I really hope so, because anything else,we are surely in deep deep kaka!
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Line of Duty (2012– )
Appears quite good!
5 November 2014
Just watched my first episode and will be binging throughout tonight. He's well bent. Flash motor, posh totty, missus at home and kids in a bunk bed, while he drives a Jag. Which copper earns enough paper to afford a Jag?

That said, like the premise. Casting appears good, as well. Don't own a telly and last cop show watched was Happy Valley, which was extraordinary! I mean brilliant. Bent cops should be nicked and should do more porridge than a usual villain.

Live in America now and the bit at the start about the coppers covering up their mistakes are totally relevant here. Here they believe in nicking everyone, because it's all about results and they justify their criminality, by saying everyone has done something wrong in the past. More bent police here in America than anywhere else, it appears.

When I grew up, the old bill was to be admired, but American influence has corrupted everything. He thought the crime was sexy and therefore his domain. I'm hoping less American references as the episodes continues. Us Brits need to realize, we actually are worthwhile and can do some things better than others! No need to import all the US tripe!

Upper portion of this review was from watching the first episode. I have now watched both series. 1st series was good to great. Lead actor, Compston was poor however and wishy washy but otherwise a watchable series. Good plot, character driven parts and good, understated Brit direction.

2nd series was excellent except for an anti climactic ending. Almost as if time ran out and a quick ending was required. Out of keeping with the entire series. Keeley Hawes was superb and in America would be in Emmy territory. Beautifully acted by her, completely overshadowing everyone else. Just such a pity about the last 15 mins.

Lindsay Denton is such a complex character and her development was completely wasted. Her motivations and influences should have been the plot lines for at least the last two episodes. Her acting re those motivations and influences would have been something to behold. She nailed the complexity of the character and the confused madness of a scorned woman, just wasn't given the script to dazzle us with and still managed to dazzle. Complicated plotting that just fizzled. And what was Kate Fleming's marital woes about? It suddenly surfaced and exploded. No leading up to it. Almost as an afterthought.

It's definitely worth watching just not brilliant but simply very good.
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Madam Secretary (2014– )
Lame attempt at West Wing, but watchable
4 November 2014
It's definitely watchable but entirely unrealistic. America leads by strength. Not condoning, just being objective. Creator and writers needs to take a stand. Too many ethical issues being observed and resolved optimally. This is the sort of tripe that has deceived voters into electing the extremely corrupt politicians that we are saddled with. Writers portray these politicians as appealing and ethical. That's far from reality. Their very choice of jobs highlights their immorality. When you have a system being corrupted by lobbyists and condoned by the very politicians who should resolve this huge conflict of interest and shows like this, which paper over these enormous cracks, one assumes, poor research or a selling out of ideals.

It's a flatter to deceive kind of thing! Either you're a Sorkin or Kelley or a very poor imitation. Great premise, especially as Sec Of State. Americans desperately need education re Geography and cultures etc and this premise can resolve these impediments. The platform is established, but the execution so far has been blasé.

The show is either political or ethical. Cannot be both. Politicians are not ethical. Even if they want to be, the surrounding jackals will corrupt them eventually, if they want to stay in politics, e.g. Obama. His ideals appear to be compromised just to make any headway. The current crop of politicians appear to be least patriotic people in America today and a show like this should at least cast some light their way. Sorkin or Kelley, never shied away and was still entertaining! Like politics, which is why I'm watching the show, also hopefully I can learn something, but appears unlikely so far!
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Exorcise the Director!
29 October 2014
Clearly the director was possessed! I like horror movies mostly because I am hardly ever scared by them, so I am chasing the thrill. The director simply has no imagination or creative ability. He resorted to old tricks and banal clichés. His fee should be confiscated and he should be sent back to directing school.

Except for Sean Harris's acting, it was an atrocious movie. Is there some sort of mass hysteria that occurs? A fugue state of some sort? Actors, producers, editing peeps, couldn't anyone see just how bad this movie was? The premise was excellent, so how do you create such effluent? Does the Production Co ever employ this director again and if so, why?

I'm not a director but doesn't he feel some sort of responsibility towards the viewing public? This is almost an indictment of hack! I really think he needs to check into the Psychiatric facility shown and co opt some of the drugs to obtain some inspiration, as well as some laxatives, because I feel we haven't seen all of his excrement as yet!
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Too Clichéd, such a pity.
28 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Love Hilary Swank but only liked the end of this movie. Just too many story lines, husband, Will, mother, friends etc. Just Kate and Beck relationship would have been more meaningful and relevant. Also poorly researched and poorly cast. Psychology is all wrong. Beck is dysfunctional, drunk, poor self esteem, as reflected in her sleeping around,drinking,inconsiderateness, always late,performance anxiety person, yet, suddenly changes into the opposite type person. Considerate, conscientious, caring, all because she met an ill person. Was this latent? Where did the insight come from?

Initial self esteem issues, originate from emotional traumas and then when the paradoxical behaviors surfaced, it goes to show the poor research and that the movie was Holywoodized for emotional resonance. This subject matter is too important and the people afflicted, too courageous to be exploited like this. I thought the movie was demeaning and pedantic. Why is Kate suddenly so noble? No one who has a house like that, friends like that, a body like she has, a trophy husband ( casting?), plays the piano that way, isn't vain and proud. Suddenly she is selfless and noble because of her illness. Her husband's needs, Beck's needs, etc. Her behaviors should be petulant and selfish. Then the Will actor, the guy has one range in everything I've seen him in. Needs lessons he does. Could have been such a good movie. All in all, deeply disappointing!
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Homeland: The Drone Queen (2014)
Season 4, Episode 1
7 October 2014
I really hope the govt doesn't employ people like Carrie? This is great acting. She is completely insane! In all of the previous series she has been insane and continues the trait in this episode. She's on mood stabilizers,drinks alcohol,has little remorse or compassion for her deeds and takes scandalous risks. I really hope more thought goes into her decisions than is proffered by the writers. Her eyes are such a barometer of her insanity, that it belies her position as chief and who would employ her. She reeks of selfishness and subjectivity. I really hope it's just a show and excellent acting, otherwise if her personality is truly on display, then woe betides anyone in her sphere! Anyway great first show!
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Good People (2014)
Excellent Movie
28 September 2014
Not sure why people review or have opinions about things they know nothing about. It would be similar to myself reviewing a Korean movie and saying it was bad. It could have been bad, but since I haven't got a frame of reference of knowing Korean culture, it might be arrogant and presumptuous to postulate? It's a well acted movie, well paced and completely in line with something British. Not the slick superficial production of an American movie but a dyed in the wool type English gangster movie. Not Guy Ritchie clever, but something that could happen and exactly how it might happen. The villains were believable and so to was Franco and Hudson. Wilkerson delvers his usual excellent performance and the set was superb. Exactly the kind of motors that a contractor or villain might have. The right flat and in the right neighborhood. Only complaint would be having Anna Friel act so little. Totally excellent actress and such lovely crumpet as well. Needed to see more of her. Excellent movie with brilliant understated acting. And Hudson's bum to booth!
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The Hunted (2013)
23 September 2014
Josh Stewart needs to be blacklisted from ever taking part in the film making process again! This is not a profession he belongs in. Criminal charges should be brought against him. The producers should be blacklisted. This was so very bad! Why didn't someone stop him? A primary schoolchild would have done better. He started of well and there was so much potential for a good ending. Really, my life is so much poorer from having viewed this and I now have to remove these minutes from my memory banks. Hopefully there is some home Electro Convulsive machine available or a process to scrub my memory. Why would this probably nice man, make such a movie and why would anyone fund it?
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The Strain (2014–2017)
22 September 2014
I just totally love what a jerk Eph is. The directing and scripts have been brilliant. I just want Eph's head to be ripped off because he's so despicable. Utterly selfish and ungrateful. So many horrible characters and all depicted so well. The books were brilliant but this series far exceeds their excellence. I really cannot say just how impressed I am by this series. So far only Happy Valley surpasses this show, this year for me. I love it when I don't have to critique a show whilst watching it. The bad acting or poor script or vacuousness. All kudos to GDT and Hogan for such a great job so far and excellent entertainment for such a tawdry subject. I never really watch these things because it's where stupidity sets up residence and dies, but hats off! Aaron Sorkin and David Kelley have competition! Beginning to approach British excellence.
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The Calling (2014)
Excellent Movie
11 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I am not sure what the other reviews were about? It is a slow movie but as it should be. I cannot speak for the director but my take on this movie is that it was well directed with superb casting. The atmosphere and locations were brilliant. The pacing excellent and the content relevant. The actors were superb especially Sarandon and the killer. My only reservations being that, this should have been a TV series. You had these wonderful flawed characters that could have had brilliant back stories, which would have made for excellent intellectual viewing! Susan Sarandon's character had to have had riveting experiences to create her final flawed current state. Alcoholism, Drug Taking, Loss of child, Topher Grace's homosexuality and the police force's response, Donald Sutherland's emotional disturbance, Sarandon's mother's guilt that created Sarandon's instability , the killer, too much to list, all their histories would have been memorizing! These characters should have been developed more but I doubt it could have been done as a movie. What a waste!
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Happy Valley (2014– )
As good as Telly can get.
25 August 2014
I have just finished watching the series and I must clarify now. I am a cynical person just looking to find fault with television or film.

I am very careful about what I allow into my head. This has to be about as good a television series as can possibly be. I do not even own a television. Watched via Netflix.

I live in America and the tripe that's dispensed, made me give up my telly. I grew up in England and maybe biased since I really haven't seen anything to compare with British TV. In America in my opinion there is Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom and The West Wing and David Kelly's Boston Legal. That is comparable to Happy Valley. Different shows but brilliant quality.

Happy Valley has flawless acting, direction, score if that's the right term, script, pace,delivery, essentially perfect. Whether this is as a result of great casting, direction or simply brilliant actors, I haven't a clue. I am also an unemotional person and I really cannot see how television can get better. It's restored my faith somewhat, not enough to buy a TV but to realize that it can be that good.

Just really pucker!
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Patrick (2013)
16 August 2014
So very disappointing. You have Charles Dance and Rachel Griffith. Actors really don't get any better. Then you have that ludicrous soundtrack! Why? Why? By themselves with a poor script and limited budget, both Dance and Griffith would be riveting! Who was the imbecile that signed off on that soundtrack? Great setting, believable story line and then that moronic soundtrack.

Whoever is responsible should be outlawed from the movie business. The director should be castigated. Charles Dance and Rachel Griffith, really, what was the director thinking? One simply has to focus the movie entirely on them, no directing, just improvisation by both. That's how good they are.

It's impossible to find any other actor that does what Charles Dance can do,maybe, Gary Oldman, but he doesn't have Dance's presence.And, Rachel Griffith can act the socks off her contemporaries.

So very, very disappointed!!!
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The Killing: Pilot (2011)
Season 1, Episode 1
12 August 2014
Loved the start.Great acting by Mireille Enos. However, Joel Kinnaman is simply appalling! Why are detective characters written this way. This guy stands over people, invades their space and probes directly. Intelligent people are almost always aware of themselves. Surely, you have to be intelligent to be a detective. He's direct and blunt. He appears to be on cocaine or speed. Information is obtained by watching and listening. He puts people on their guard because of his abrasiveness. Really hope his character settles down, if I am to continue watching. You will rarely find a wise person who's abrasive, abrupt, terse and socially inept. They acquire their intelligence through shrewd study and introspection. This is a society that seems to equate money with intelligence. Money is acquired through ruthlessness or discipline. Intelligence helps with being manipulative but that could simply be mistaken for intelligence and maybe only cunning and greed focus.
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Great Television
31 July 2014
It's really an excellent series with great flow and pacing. Tense and gritty. Only Malin Crépin is simply too distracting. It's enough having to read the subtitles, without being distracted by this ridiculously beautiful woman. I think casting should consider that males although evolved with some ability to control themselves, might be viewers and maybe unable to control biology. She is an excellent actress but detracts from the sheer quality of the show, with her looks. The story lines are superb and the scenery is brilliant. It has great atmosphere as well. I like the fact that even such a stunning woman, can have marital problems. Her problems balancing work and children resonates as well.
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Brilliant Movie
31 July 2014
It's a Brit movie that I am unsure if Americans can get. The acting by every person was superb and the director was inspired. I live in the States now and the layers of Brit life is many faceted. I have personal experience of Black, Mexican, Puerto Rican,Italian and white suburban upper class people and nothing comes close to Brits. This movie depicts well what transpires on some estates. I would love for other people to have the interest and want to experience the fascinating aspects of other peoples lives, but here in America only the very well educated demonstrates such interest and only superficially. They are not to be blamed because they insulate themselves from other cultures by serious boundaries, in their neighborhoods and their interest are really only intellectual. Really only Brits and Irish actually in my opinion get involved at all levels and derive actual enjoyment in their indulgent and respect faithfully,of other cultures. The skin head scene in the curry house, I've seen often, never in America and I've traveled extensively here. Such a pity!
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The Newsroom (2012–2014)
The Best Television Ever!
13 July 2014
This is one of the best television programmes I've ever seen. Mr. Sorkin needs to be lauded for the brilliance of the subject matter and the style used to convey it! This series ranks with Yes Prime Minister and The West Wing. Only David Kelly's Boston Legal comes close. He singles out both of the political parties using current events and dissects the crux of the underlying problems. It appears one sided against the GOP but they do have more loonies. They also have far more entertaining characters than the Democrats.

I find it amazing that it it only has one more season and scary, that viewers aren't clamoring that such excellent telly can be finished. This is Jeremy Paxman good! What an amazing country America is, that can have such contrasting television. Jerry Springer, Kardashians and programmes like The Newsroom. I looked at the Wikipedia reviews from the critics and it always baffles me, that such obviously inferior intelligences, have the gall to criticize someone like Sorkin. It's impossible for brilliant people like Sorkin to include Springer intellectual themes, but that is exactly what some of the critics are suggesting. Surely, they are aware of the show's subject matter and the audience aimed at, who would balk at such paltry programming? I have no criticisms and I am immensely grateful to be both educated and entertained and can only wish for more television of this nature!

Sorkin's perspectives and passion are what makes these shows so utterly fascinating. Americans are not familiar with Jeremy Paxman so are really unaware what brilliant broadcasting is and also what truly intelligent people crave. Sorkin delivers in spades. These are the intellects that dissect mass media and show what's relevant. Ignorant people need this as importantly as good role models are to children. Thinking has to be directed or ultra right wing perspectives will flourish. It's such a pity this series will be ending, he will be sorely missed and television will be a much more diminished forum!

I'm currently watching the third series and it just gets better with every episode. I think based on humanitarian reasons, Mr. Sorkin needs to reconsider. America desperately needs you. You never sell out and you address pertinent issues like no one can. So many are imbeciles and need your educational entertainment to flourish. You need to think of the youth of America and not just yourself Mr. Sorkin. They need you and so does America!
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