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What did I just rent?
3 March 2005
About 10 minutes into the movie, as the handyman started working on the hot tub... my friend turned to me and said "Wait a minute, is this movie a porno?"

I opened my mouth to say "No", but I hesitated. I rented this movie without knowing anything about it. The rental store DID stock pornos. All I could say was "I'm... I'm not sure. I thought it was a ghost story."

After about 20 minutes my friend started eyeing the clock saying "Hey, come on, 'Alias' is about to start."

I said "Shhh.. just give it a chance." This was the second rental I had brought to my friend's house. The first one had bombed, I wasn't ready to give up and declare myself 0-for-2 so quickly.

Then the two lead characters disrobed, and climbed into the hot tub. *Egad!* I thought. *It IS a porno!* But after a two minute sexcapade in the hot tub, and not a single flash of explicit nudity, the lead actress spotted an evil face ON the fence behind the hot tub.

That's when it all sank in. This movie was actually trying to be scary! I sighed, suddenly I was far less forgiving of all the shortcomings of this movie. Sure, I can excuse a cheaply-filmed and flatly-written movie if it's a porno, but this was a legitimate attempt at serious film-making.

Oh, and on to some real gripes about the movie: If the special effects are not the strong point of your film, why feature them so prominently? Particularly throughout the climax? If anyone was taking the movie seriously up until then the deluge of effects would have killed it for them. Fortunately for me and my friend it provided some much needed laughs as a reward for sticking it out through this entire movie.

0-for-2. Thanks "Ghosts of Edendale"!

And P.S.: I'll try and keep this part vague, so it doesn't act as a spoiler... but come on! She left her sister to go get BOXES?!? Are you kidding me?
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