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Emotional, action-packed and most of all - fun
24 August 2016
Before seeing Bitva za Sevastopol I didn't expect it to intrigue me as much as the other two Russian flicks I covered - Ispytanie and Chempiony. Thankfully, I was wrong.

The main character of the movie - Lyudmila Pavlichenko - gets an excellent performance. You care about her, she is likable and badass at moments. The supporting cast shares excellence as well and as the film continues their characters get better and better. There's a great amount of action, provided with nice cinematography and some blood. Fortunately Bitva za Sevastopol isn't all about the action but for its story, which gets you more and more intrigued as the minutes pass with moments of war genre brilliance.

A small issue I have is that it begins a bit too slow but the action, the drama, the characters pay off for the slow beginning.

As a whole, Bitva of Sevastopol turns out as a personal favourite of mine, with its own way of getting a 10/10.
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Princess (I) (2006)
One of my favourite animated films
3 August 2016
I'm a huge fan of animation and Denmark's Princess from 2006 gives me more reasons to be fan of this genre.

Princess is a recipe for an excellent film. You have a great animation, as well as some originality - there's some live-action also. You have two highly likable characters - August and Mia, and their relationship is what carries the movie. There's a great plot, where some moments make you happy and others - sad. If that isn't enough the film is about darker themes. One other thing I'll point out about Princess is a scene that had an awesome style (I don't want to spoil the scene).

There's nothing in Princess that ruins the experience. A little, microscopic flaw is within the animation at some moments could be polished.

Princess is a must-watch for fans of animation and films and it is an excellent film.
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Chempiony (2014)
4.3/10 - Come on, the film is awesome
2 August 2016
I'am a fan of anthology films. Championy is the first sport anthology movie I've seen, as well as the first Russian anthology film. My review won't spoil what the 5 different stories are all about.

This is a very polished film, where everything is where it's supposed to be and it's hard picking a huge flaw. 80% of the stories can be viewed separately and that 20% is still a near-excellent material. Each of the main characters gets some development. The actors do a fantastic job and at the end I wanted all of them to win. The supporting characters also give something to Championy, either it is some comic relief or likeness. The movie offers some nice cinematography and the races look realistic.

A small flaw is that I felt like not enough attention is given to Svetlana and that girl she helps story (I forget the girl's name) or it's just that the director decided to be that way.

Despite that Championy is an excellent film that's polished, intriguing and really fun to watch. Fans of anthology films will enjoy it. And for those who like the horror anthologies - there's some blood.
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Test (2014)
A 2014 gem
2 August 2016
Ispytanie is one excellent film, that nearly nobody noticed, but deserves more attention.

That said though, this is also a love it or hate in movie. At least I think so.

The biggest think about this Russian film is the lack of dialogue. Fortunately that doesn't weaken the film. The story is interesting. Without words, the characters get more mysterious. The filming set highers up the isolation feel. The soundtrack features great tunes. The actors do an excellent job.

While I've decided to give the film a 10/10 (even if it was a 9/10 Ispytanie would be still worth checking out), somewhere at the middle it kinda dragged and there was some little frustration.

For fans of artistic films this may be a gold mine. People, like me, who can enjoy an American action flick or a movie, many consider ''bad'', as well as non-American film, may also adore it.
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Enjoyable even for a male
25 July 2016
While Red Riding Hood isn't one of my favourite films it is still entertaining, enough to get 9/10. Also I haven't seen any other film of the director (that means I haven't seen Twilight).

The soundtrack ties pretty well with the atmosphere, as well as the backgrounds, even if not everything is accurate to history, and that's noticeable throughout the film. CGI works well and the werewolf doesn't look terrible. The kills aren't something gruesome but the movie has some. The story is interesting, I like the references to the fairy tale and the ending is nice. The love portion doesn't get on my nerves.

While nice acted, RRH can be somewhat dull and some characters are forgettable.

Despite that, Red Riding Hood is enjoyable. I wouldn't mind however a film with more action - a Red Riding Hood Hensel & Gretal: Witch Hunters kind of movie (H&G:WH is awesome) with werewolfs.
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Mama (I) (2013)
Could've been better
24 July 2016
I'm happy for those who really loved this film. And it's unfortunate I'm not one of these people, considering I can enjoy movies everyone hates - like House of the Dead (guilty pleasure).

What does Mama succeeds is the story. It starts pretty interesting and the lore caught my attention. Surprising thing is the character development, especially in Annabele (hm, I've remembered most of the character's names - a good sign). The villain looks awesome - it's creepy, the CGI isn't something awful, and Mama has an interesting backstory. The actors give nice performances. Creativity is shown in some moments and concepts.

Despite the positives Mama has its problems. In the first arc Annabel shares too little dialogue and her acts make her kinda unlikable. What really turns me off is that the scenes in darker enviorments are... well, too dark. I'm not sure if the problem is with my TV but following the chases and most moments with Mama gets hard. The film can be a little too boring.

There are plenty of positive things to be said about 2013's Mama but the minuses can't be underestimated. It gets from BAD 1 to EXCELLENT 6 a GOOD 4 and I wish there was 6.5/10 so it'll remain 6/10.
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V/H/S (2012)
Recommend it!
2 January 2016
V/H/S is the first anthology horror film I've seen and it's the movie that made me interested in the sub-genre, even though I've checked that many films like these (I'll keep the review short, because I don't want to spoil what the short films are about).

Positives: From the 6 short films 3 were really awesome, though the other ones weren't so bad. At the end, the film managed to kinda creep me. My favourite short film was Amateur Night. Makeup was nice.

Negatives: Tape 56, Second Honeymoon and 10/31/98 were my least favourite.

V/H/S is a mix of short films that are great and short films that aren't that interesting. V/H/S is a great low-budget found-footage horror film, that from BAD 1 to EXCELLENT 6 I give VERY GOOD 5.25.
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I wanted to like it.
2 January 2016
Before seeing The ABCs of Death I saw the anthology horror films V/H/S and I was pleasantly surprised by them (okay, the third one wasn't as good as the other two but it wasn't so bad). I wanted to enjoy TABCsoD but I couldn't.

Pluses: The film has a really awesome idea. From the 26 short films there were some good ones: B is for Bigfoot, D is for Dogfight, H is for Hydro-Electric Diffusion and probably more (I don't want to spoil the names of the short films). It was nice to see some clay animations, that was done nicely. Some of the shorts at least had an interesting idea or something cool, like the robot in V is for Vagitus. Also X is for XXL is a short, that is something unique and it leaves some messages in your head, even if you don't like it at first.

Minuses: The film is a wasted potential. Many of the short films were bad like W is for WTF! and Z is for Zetsumetsu (WTF were these?). The running time feels more than 2 hours. I felt kinda disappointed from the film

The ABCs of Death is a failed experiment. Little amount of short films were good and it isn't well spent 2 hours. From BAD 1 to EXCELLENT 6 I give it WEAK 2. If you're looking for a good anthology horror film check out V/H/S 1 and 2 or The ABCs of Death 2 (though I recommend the V/H/S films more).
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Entertaining, even with flaws
1 January 2016
I'm not a Star Wars fanboy (or fangirl) - I enjoy all 6 films and I watch Star Wars Rebels. I wasn't ultra hyped like many about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I hope it's for good because I enjoyed the film. I like how numerous times you're reminded of the other films. The good guys were great characters, especially Finn and Rey. The acting was great. The action was entertaining to watch. The CGI was awesome, as well as some backgrounds. I liked that we meet some new creatures and travel to different planets. What I didn't like about the film was the villains. Kylo Ren wasn't that cool after we get to know more about him and Captain Phasma could've got a badass role in the film. There might be some other flaws that I missed but from BAD 1 to EXCELLENT 6 I give SW:TFA VERY GOOD 5.25. May not be the best film of 2015, but it isn't a fail.
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Entertaining, though 2013's Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is better
31 December 2015
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is overall entertaining film. The action scenes are awesome, especially the last one and the one with the horses. The performances aren't terrible and the story is surprisingly good. As the film progressed the characters were getting more likable. However, I felt that the film overused slow motion, at times I didn't like the camera work during the action scenes and in the first 15 minutes or more the writing was clumsy and it was kinda boring. Thankfully, this minutes are payed off with, as I said, pretty interesting plot. Also, I like both the idea and the title of the film. From BAD 1 to EXCELLENT 6 I give AL:VH VERY GOOD 4.75, which is VERY GOOD 5 but not quite. To be honest, I recommend Hansel & Gretel: Witch Honest, though this film is also enjoyable.
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Not a 2.0 film (Uwe Boll hasn't payed me to say this)
29 December 2015
I haven't played a game from the series the film is based of. Despite the really low rating in the site, I still expected to have some fun. And I kinda enjoyed the film. Yes, the film isn't a masterpiece, but it wasn't a dogs**t. The film had fun soundtrack, awesome action scenes, Kirk, the captain, was my favourite character, the zombies didn't look too awful and there were some so bad, it's good moments. What's bad about this film is the plot, the characters, the script, the way the film looks look, the unnecessary screenshots from the game, some boring moments. Unlike others, I find HotD to a fun cheesy film - not a masterpiece but better than dogs**t. From BAD 1 to EXCELLENT 6 I give it GOOD 3.75 - turns out I've found myself a guilty pleasure. (Uwe Boll didn't paid me)
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Wolfenstein: The New Order (2014 Video Game)
Better than the other ones
28 December 2015
Wolfenstein: The New Order shows that we can trust that Bethesda and Machine Games can handle the franchise. The review is coming from a person, who played Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein. Now, let's list the pluses in W:TNO.

1)Nice graphics.

2)Good voice acting.

3)Better story.

4)Awesome gameplay, that mixes regenerating health and the need of health packs.

5)Plenty of guns.

6)Great level design.

7)Section where you can choose to use stealth or to go guns and blazing.

8)Various animations when you kill an enemy with knife. They don't get old.

9)Various enemies.

10)Great concept.

11)Collectables are fum to find.

12)Bits of the soundtrack.

13)Interesting characters.

14)Levels are fun to replay.

15)Game is replayable with 4 different mods.

16)The setting.

17)Newspaper articles in the game, like this is a real world.

18)Nice voice acting.

19)Finally Nazis speak German.

20)Dialogue, not only in English, but in German and (not 100% sure) Polish.

21)Great villains.

I may have missed some pluses, but now I'm going to talk about the minuses.

1)The two different timelines, that you choose which to follow, don't affect the story much.

2)When replaying the levels, I wish you could skip the non-action parts. I wanted to skip them.

3)Loading times when you die are kinda too long.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a fun first-person shooter. From BAD 1 to EXCELLENT 6 I give it EXCELLENT 5.50 - it's better than a VERY GOOD game, but not a truly EXCELLENT game. I hope that the new Doom will be better, or at least as good as this game.
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Surprisingly solid
28 December 2015
I'm not a giant Smosh fan. They either hit or miss. Still, I hoped this movie would be at least decent and yes, it was decent. It wasn't an award winning film, but it wasn't also dogs**t winning film. The idea was nice, the plot was interesting for the most part, it had fun moments and Ian Hecox had the best performance. The film still had flaws though. Some jokes were flat, Steve YouTube was annoying, there were boring moments, the ending sucked and some more. Interestingly enough, S:TM wasn't such a bad film - I had enjoyment watching it and it is one of the better Smosh "videos". No one has payed to give Smosh: The Movie from BAD 1 to EXCELLENT 6 VERY GOOD 4.50.
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The Purge (I) (2013)
8 December 2015
The Purge is the start of one of Blumhouse Production's horror movie franchises like Insidious and Paranormal Activity. The trailer for The Purge looked really promising but in the end the film didn't managed to get status of a modern classic. That doesn't mean I didn't had fun - yes I did. Let's start with the good things.

1)The whole idea of the film is excellent.

2)Some nice performances.

3)The Polite Stranger was a nice villain.

4)The most likable character from all was the Bloody Stranger.

5)There was some great action towards the end.

6)Polite Stranger's group showed some craziness, which was kinda creepy.

7)The costumer for the Polite Stranger's group were well made.

8)Little part of the film switched between something like found footage and non-found footage.

9)Overall, it delivered entertainment.

Let's see now the negatives.

1)Charlie, the son, is pretty dump.

2)Zoey, the sister, is also kinda dump, at least less.

3)The kids's performances weren't that good.

4)Henry, Zoey's boyfriend, was got too minor role.

5)The Polite Stranger's defeat was disappointing.

6)The writing at times.

7)Feels like wasted potential.

I, like many other people, think, that The Purge isn't among the best horror film in recent history. But I think The Purge isn't the worst. It managed to entertain me so from Bad 1 to Excellent 6 I give it VERY GOOD 4.50.
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Dying Light (2015 Video Game)
Ultra fun
7 December 2015
By Techland, the developers of Dead Island, comes Dying Light, another zombie game of them. I haven't played the Dead Island games, though this didn't stopped me by enjoying Dying Light for PC. Let's start with the good thinks the game has to offer (or at least some).

1)The game looks excellent.

2)Vibrant colors.

3)There is a nice day cycle. During night you gotta be more careful. The nights may be long 7 minutes, but in-game they don't feel that short.

4)The plot was interesting - not the best, but solid.

5)Some likable characters. From the campaign - Jade, Rahim, Crane, Bracken, from the side quests - Gazi, Jeff, Alfie, Fatin and Tolga.

6)The main quests are fun to do. The final level is awesome.

7)The side quests are also fun to do.

8)The parkour works excellent. You can climb almost everything you want.

9)Climbing antenna towers felt dangerous.

10)The game gets additional pluses for the final mission, when you're parkouring around.

11)Unlocking new skills rewards you. There isn't a skill, that feels unnecessary.

12)Climbing the bridge in the Slums is awesome.

13)The two main areas - Slums and Old Town do feel different from each other.

14)The dropkicks are awesome.

15)Plenty of weapons.

16)Killing zombies is a lot of fun.

17)Variety of enemies.

18)Lots of blueprints. I like their descriptions.

19)Throwing molotovs at zombies is really fun.

20)Throwing grenades at the zombies is also really fun.

21)The safe houses are different from each other.

22)It is fun to unlock new safe houses.

23)The battle journals are surprisingly worth collecting. They give you interesting tips for the game.

24)The notes are also a nice collectable.

25)Voice mails are also worthy to collect.

26)Entering some buildings made me feel kinda sad about what happened to the people trying to survive there.

27)Smooth gameplay.

28)I replayed the game more than once and I had lots of fun.

29)Huge fun factor.

There are probably more positive thing about the game. But why don't I dive into the things I don't like.

1)The overall AI, especially the human AI.

2)I wish more time could have been spent with characters from the main story like Brecken and Savvy.

3)I dislike some of the voice acting.

4)There was an arc of side quests where the quest givers were the brothers Tolga and Fatin. I was disappointed by the last quest.

5)I also disliked the end of the quest, where you do the Bozak challenges.

6)Some of the voice acting.

7)Some game mechanics.

Overall Dying Light is a super fun zombie video game. It has its flaws but from Bad 1 to Excellent 6 it gets VERY GOOD 5.25 - a little bit more than just VERY GOOD 5. I sure am trying Dying Light: The Following when it comes out.
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Watch Dogs (2014 Video Game)
Watch Dogs PC review
3 December 2015
Watch Dogs was one of the most anticipated games of the last year. When it was released it disappointed a lot of people. Gladly, I wasn't hyped about it so I had a lot of fun. Here's what I like about the video game.

1)Nice graphics. Sure, the ones from the E3 demo were better but the real graphics are great.

2)In my opinion, the story wasn't so bad.

3)Plenty of vehicles to drive.

4)I like the Car on Demand app in the game on Aiden's smartphone. You can purchase a car pretty much everywhere you are.

5)Good voice acting.

6)A sign of a great open-world video game is you to be not able to progress throughout the story in your first hours of playing it because you are distracted by the open world. Watch Dogs does it.

7)Likable characters. Yes, I liked Aiden - he is still depressed over his niece's death.

8)Everyone's profiles are different.

9)Many people don't like the music selection but I like it.

10)The open world has plenty of activities.

11)I like that you can have a reputation of a menace or an anarchist, a citizen or a protector or a true vigilante.

12)The most fun from the side activities I got from the Gang Hideouts.

13)The mission design is clever, even if most of the missions are pretty much the same.

14)Both stealth and guns-and-blazing are rewarded.

15)Collecting audio logs makes you more interested in the story.

16)Collecting and listening to Maurice's audio logs made me like him a lot more.

17)There are plenty of guns.

18)Nice minigames.

19)The open world is fun to explore.

20)The different places in Chicago are different by themselves.

21)Plenty of skills to unlock.

22)Nice puzzles.

23)The Q&R Codes are nice addition.

24)The drinking game is enjoyable.

25)There is chess, added in the game.

26)When you die you don't get the weapons removed from you.

Yes, there are lots of good things in this game, but there are same witch I don't enjoy.

1)The gang hideouts or the mission where you can be stealthy or guns-and-blazing can't be replayed after you've finished them. I unlocked a cool shotgun and wanted to shot gangsters with it. I want to be vigilante, which means I don't want to kill cops.

2)Usually in games like this it is more fun to ride a motorcycle. In this game motorcycle aren't that fun to use.

3)The Missing Persons investigations concluded disappointing.

4)The Human Traffic investigation were kinda boring except in the end.

5)You can't fire a gun from your vehicle.

6)After you've finished the cool stuff the game can sometimes get boring.

7)(Minor con) The police's AI.

8)(Minor con) Some bugs required me to exit the game and start it over. There was also a loading screen that couldn't load.

9)(Minor con) The handling of the cars is strange in the beginning.

Overall Watch Dogs is a video game, that should not have been so over-hyped. The gameplay is excellent, the story is solid, the open world is great and this can be the start of a great new franchise like Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed. From BAD 1 to EXCELLENT 6 I give it VERY GOOD 5.25.
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Transporter 3 (2008)
Surprisingly I liked it more than the other two
1 December 2015
Before seeing Transporter 3, I expected it to be less cooler than The Transporter and Transporter 2 and I was amazed that I liked it more than its predecessors. I don't have any problems with it so I'm writing only what I liked about it.

1)Jason Stathman is still a badass.

2)Stathman delivers great non-CGI martial arts action scenes.

3)The chase scenes are great as always.

4)A great scene was one Frank's car was stolen and he ran to get it back.

5)Many people probably hate Valentina but I enjoy her character. She was just trying to smile and was flirting.

6)Inspector Tarconi gave the movie some great comedic relief.

7)The plot is solid.

8)The acting was nice.

9)The script didn't seemed too bad.

Overall I enjoyed Transporter 3 even more than the other two Transporter-s. From Bad 1 to Excellent 6 I give it EXCELLENT 6. By the way I won't be watching The Transporter Refueled, because I don't think I'll like the new transporter.
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Transporter 2 (2005)
It manages to be better than the first!
1 December 2015
The Transporter was an entertaining action film. I decided to watch the second and the third after seeing the first one. Both were better than the first one and surprisingly I enjoyed the third the most. But here I am writing what I like and dislike about Transporter 2. Let's start with the pros.

1)Transporter 2 was better than The Transporter.

2)Jason Statham does his role as Frank Martin excellently.

3)Statham does show great non-CGI martial arts action.

4)The car chases were great.

5)Some funny moments.

6)Solid plot.

7)Likable characters.

8)Cool bits of the soundtrack.

I disliked a few things about the movie.

1)The bad guys were more interesting than in the first film, though they are still weak. Lola started as an interesting villain, but her defeat was disappointing.

2)(Minor con) The film used kind of poorly the music from a favourite song of mine by The Servant - Cells.

Overall Transporter 2 is more fun and overall better then is predecessor. It is a fun film and deserves a watch.
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Enjoyable action film
1 December 2015
The Transporter has been requested for me to watch from a friend of me. And yes, my friend was right to request me The Transporter - it is an entertaining film. Here's what I like about it.

1)The film had its surprises and there was one at the very beginning I didn't expect - the film is French.

2)Jason Stathan offers great acting and non-CGI stunts. I enjoy his accent.

3)Some cool bits of the soundtrack.

4)Nice writing.

5)The actors do not a bad job.

6)The film is really entertaining.

I'll write what I hate about it.

1)Weak villains.

2)There was a twist in the film that I didn't liked.

Overall The Transporter is a nice action film, that manages to entertain, without boring you when there isn't much action. It isn't the best action movie of 2002, but it isn't the worst. From Bad 1 to Excellent 6 I give it EXCELLENT 5.50 - not quite VERY GOOD 5, but not quite EXCELLENT 6.
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Godzilla (2014)
29 November 2015
I'm not that familiar with Godzilla. The only Godzilla film I've seen before watching this movie is Godzilla vs. Biolante, but I don't remember much of it. Gladly the movie can be watched not only by fanboys and thankfully I enjoy 2014's Godzilla very much. Here's what I love about it.

1)After seeing the movie I saw the other American Godzilla from 1998. I must say Godzilla 2014 is a huge step over Godzilla 1998. That doesn't mean I find Godzilla 1998 bad - it is actually a very fun movie.

2)Great performances.

3)Godzilla and the MUTOs look awesome.

4)The monsters sound great.

5)Yes, there aren't lots of monster fights but the fights are great.

6)The film focuses mostly on the human story and the story is great!

7)The characters are likable.

8)The film is nicely written.

9)It's full of great scenes.

10)The CGI is excellent!

11)Godzilla's roar sounds awesome.

I love this film and no, the company hasn't payed me to write a great review about their film. I just love it. From Bad 1 to Excellent 6 I easily give it EXCELLENT 6. There is a sequel in 2018 going on, so I hope they won't f**k it up.
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Mr. Pickles (2013– )
It's hard to rate it.
28 November 2015
I recently saw the first season of Mr. Pickles, despite seeing hatred towards it on YouTube. And, I enjoy it. I'm not a fan of Satan, not a very religious person but I think you should go into the show, expecting lots of animated gore and gross images. Sure, the show doesn't look perfect, but it isn't bad. Yes, the characters aren't that memorable, except from Mr. Pickles, though I enjoy Grandpa also. The humor is most of the time sick or black but I kinda like it. There isn't a story going on also. The best episode so far is Season 1's end. Overall Mr. Pickles isn't show for everybody, though I have fun with it. If you want some blood, black or gross humor, this show may be for you.
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Drawn Together (2004–2007)
I spent a great month with Foxxy, Wooldoor, Ling-Ling, Xandir, Captain Hero, Toot, Spanky Ham and Clara
26 November 2015
I like animation and I really wanted to check this out. And I enjoyed Drawn Together. It was funny and surprisingly clever. It's pretty much South Park on steroids - it's more crueler and ruder. First I'm gonna list what I liked about the show.

1)I like how they've mixed different types of animation.

2)There wasn't a single episode that I hated. Sure, not all were excellent but those episodes were still entertaining to watch.

3)For the most part the characters are likable.

4)Great use of gross humor.

5)Funny plots. For example in one of the episodes Princess Clara tries to become great strip dancer, so her father could say to her that he loves her.

6)The voice acting is good.

7)The best episode of the show is A Very Special Drawn Together After School Special and it's so excellent.

8)The best character in the show for me were Foxxy, Ling-Ling and Wooldoor and Toot.

9)The humor overall is great.

10)Good references to another media like Star Wars and Grease.

There are other things I liked about Drawn Together but let's see what I didn't liked about the show.

1)Some jokes were too ''long'' - in one of the episodes almost a minute is spent watching Spanky Ham farting.

2)In some episodes Captain Hero's ego was too much for me.

3)Some moments were just too much for me.

4)I didn't liked the change in Princess Clara's personality.

5)Season 3 dropped the ball a bit. My least favourite of the 3. Still a solid season.

Overall I enjoyed my month in the Drawn Together house. The show had lots of excellent and very good episodes. The best season in my opinion was season 2. I haven't seen the movie, though I saw plenty of negative reviews from the fans of the show. Maybe the show was canceled for good, considering season 3 was the least good in the series, though, again, it was a solid season. From BAD 1 to EXCELLENT 6 I give the show VERY GOOD 5, which is, well, a very good thing about the show.
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I love it!
25 November 2015
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters kinda reminds of The Lone Ranger. Both films were released in 2013 and both got lots of bad reviews. Thankfully plenty of normal people like me enjoyed these two films, so they weren't left unloved. I thought H&G:WH was so great I don't have any problems with it. So here are at least most of the thing I liked about this film.

1)On paper the idea of Hansel and Gretel killing sounds awesome.

2)Some cool movies like this have a bad story. Thankfully the story here is pretty solid.

3)The writing wasn't bad.

4)The witches aren't made with CGI, which means they are portrayed by real people. Their makeup is excellent.

5)Surprisingly Edward, the troll, isn't an animation. It is a costume.

6)Overall great use of practical effects.

7)Lots of great action sequences.

8)The acting wasn't bad.

9)The characters were likable.

10)Hansel and Gretel were badass, especially Gretel. Both took serious damage.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is just tons of stupid fun. From BAD 1 to EXCELLENT 6 I give it EXCELLENT 6. There is a sequel coming out sometime and I hope they won't f**k it up.
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Ghost Rider (2007)
Mediocre film
25 November 2015
I haven't read any Ghost Rider comics. A friend of mine has requested me from a long time to watch Ghost Rider - he says he loves this film, it's one of his favourites. I decided to check it out and unfortunately I didn't enjoyed it that much. Not an awful film, not a great film - in the middle. First of I'm going to list what I like about the film.

1)I know that it is based of a comic book, but the idea of a flaming skeleton riding a motorcycle, which by the way is flaming too.

2)The special effects look great!

3)Ghost Rider's look gets positive points!

4)A BIT OF A SPOILER! Caretaker looks great as a ghost rider, but even better looks like skeleton flaming horse!

5)Mephistopheles had the strongest acting in the film.

6)Blackheart's henchmen look also great!

7)One of the best scenes in the film was when Blackheart killed the people in the bar in the dessert. There was great atmosphere.

8)The action sequences were awesome.

9)Cool bits of the soundtrack.

10)Nostalgia Critic's review of the film made me laugh, so this is also a plus.

Now let's see what I didn't liked about the film.

1)The acting wasn't that good.

2)The romance between Johnny and Roxanne was a weak element. At a moment you feel that Johnny is kinda of an a-hole to her and she doesn't realizes it.

3)The writing wasn't all that good.

4)I thought Blackheart's henchmen were defeated too fast and if felt rushed.

5)Blackheart was a bit weak villain.

6)Watching CinemaSins's video about the film made me don't like it more.

Overall Ghost Rider falls as a mediocre film. The film has it's funny bits, but it has it's bad bits. Still it wasn't Marvel's worst film. I can have fun watching the film. From BAD 1 to EXCELLENT 6 I give Ghost Rider GOOD 3.50, which is not quite MEDIOCRE 3, not GOOD 4. I saw the sequel - Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and I liked it more - I would give it GOOD 3.75. I hope Marvel make a reboot of Ghost Rider with Disney in the future, maybe in the 20s of XXI century. Great to see lots of people enjoying the film more than me.
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A bit of a guilty pleasure
25 November 2015
I can't say I enjoyed the 2007 Ghost Rider film. It wasn't the worst, but it wasn't good - it was mediocre. Despite seeing lots of negative reviews about Ghost Rider 2 I still decided to check it out. And I kinda liked it. First I am going to write the things I like about Ghost Rider 2. Note that I have read none Ghost Rider comics.

1)Nicolas Cage's acting had some very funny bits.

2)The Ghost Rider looks better.

3)The action was great.

4)There were some very funny moments.

5)Moreau was a great character

6)Ghost Rider defeating the main antagonist was goofy and funny!

Now let's see what I didn't liked about the film.

1)The acting at times.

2)The film is sequel, though Ghost Rider's origin story was different like the writers or the directors haven't seen the first one.

3)The main antagonist wasn't cool.

4)The first moment with Ghost Rider feels like the makers needed to make the film longer so they put plenty unnecessary moments.

5)At times the writing was bad.

6)When Roarke give Ray Carrigan super powers things start to make no sense and this isn't explained.

7)Ray Carrigan's death is a bit disappointing. At least Roarke's defeat was funny!

8)The plot was weak at times.

Overall the film is kinda a guilty pleasure for me. I felt it was more entertaining than the first one, though I feel that more effort was put into the first one. Overall I give Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance from Bad 1 to Excellent 6 GOOD 3.75, which is GOOD 4 but not quite. I wasn't paid to enjoy the film, I just had fun with it.
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