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Trapped (XVII) (2016)
Must watch for alive feeling....
21 March 2017
#Trapped is Indian bollywood path breaking film that holds us from the start to the end. We saw Cast Away,127 hours, Life Of Pi and The Revenant Movie.We were thinking that when our bollywood filmmakers make this kind of survival film? This one is for those people.The best part of this movie is sharp screenplay by Amit Joshi and Hardik Mehta.They covered all little little detail of human nature and psychopaths.Rajkumar Rao takes us alive through all his acts.The background score and elements they have used are just amazing and eye catching.Throwing cardboards,Write by blood,The Chat with rat,eating pigeon and the abstract scenes that affects rajkumar's character are captivating.The one liner message is truly conveyed."Freedom lies beyond fear".Hats off to Vikramaditya Motwane for directing something that was not presented in our cinema and for not giving disturbance interval in the movie.Must watch for alive feeling....
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