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Great popcorn flick
5 August 2014
I read a lot of bad reviews about this film, attacks on the script, plot and direction, so I was pleasantly surprised to find they were all wrong and they totally missed the point. I think these people were expecting Oscar winning performances but this film is about watching bad guys getting their a*s kicked. I also read that the actors seems withdrawn and bored of their roles and that is utter rubbish, and even if that were true it doesn't matter, im not interested in deep characters and meaningful performances in films like this, I just want to see lots of destruction and the bad guys getting owned.

There's some funny dialogue here and there and Banderas' character had me smiling a lot.

If you like action films you will enjoy this action romp, so ignore those bad reviews and grab yourself a bucket of popcorn and enjoy.
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All Is Lost (2013)
This film was drifting nowhere, very very slowly.
14 March 2014
I was looking forward to this, it had all the promise of a great survival film and I was expecting to see something new, but the truth is its all been done before and done much better.

It was seriously lacking in suspense and ideas, I felt like Redford was thinking "man, this is the easiest pay cheque I've ever picked up". Im not sure what the writers were trying to achieve here, if this was a true story I could understand the point of it but it wasn't.

Without spoiling the ending it was a joke, it was clearly an idea that sounded good on paper but simply didn't work on screen and felt like an easy cop out of a film that was heading nowhere. The scenes were unnecessarily long and the lack of dialogue just made it more painful.

If like me you love a good survival film you will not enjoy this, there is so much they could have done to make it a great film and the 7/10 rating is just laughable and misleading.
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