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Aquaman (2018)
Has its bright points but too many lows
11 January 2019
This is by far not a bad movie, not at all. Jason Mamoa is one again great as Arthur curry or Aqua man and is joined by a star studded cast with actors such as Willem Dafoe, Nicole kidman, Amber Heard, and Patrick wilson. Where this movie excels Is in definitely int he action scenes. From the beginning to the end I was continuously amazed by these really well shot and choreographed action scenes and really added to my enjoyment of the movie. This movie is also visually stunning especially when we first see Atlantis for the first time. Where this movie does struggle is that their is just way too much going on in the movie, which overall leads to a messy story with no real cohesion , in addition the script at times is not the best as some lines are too cringe. Overall this movie is very entertaining but has its flaws. But The DC seem one step into the right direction with these movies.
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Best animated film of the year
21 December 2018
This movie is great it's got great story great action great humor, and most important great animation
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Great adaptation of Tom Clancys books
4 September 2018
As and avid Tom Clancy: Jack Ryan reader and A lover of all the original movies. I was very excited about this show, but a little worried about it being a tv show. But It totally works, There is a perfect amount of action and drama and the drama is such needed as there are some intense scenes. John Krasinski is able to bring his charm that he showed really well in the Office and Jim Halpert and it lends itself really well to this jack Ryan character. Making him one of the best Jack Ryans I have seen in a very long time since Alec Baldwin. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone that is a fan of The Jack Ryan films and I definitely want to see more of whats to come.
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Great way to start off the star wars spin off movies
25 May 2018
I have watched this movie 2 times already and can say that I really enjoyed it. This movie takes a little time to get going, but once it gets going boy does it impress. The second half of this movie was brilliant and was on the edge of my seat to the very end. I respect Gareth Edwards for some of the choices made in the end of the movie which mainly landed. One of the bigger issues with this movie is the pacing of the movie as I have said that the first half of this movie is very slow but eventually gets going and thats why really I really it up to and 8/10 for me. So I would definitely recommend it, and check it out immediately.
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Good but not great Star Wars movie
24 May 2018
This is a good Star Wars movie but not great. Alden Erinreich knocks it out of the park as Han Solo, and so does Donald Glover as the charming Lando Calarisian. The movies main fault comes with the overall story as there is never really a complete beginning and complete end. And that may leave people unsatisfied, but overal the good outweighs the bad,which results in a truly enjoyable Star Wars movie.
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Near Perfect Superhero Movie
29 April 2018
The Russo Brothers have created something that could have messed up really bad. But it doesn't and is complete perfection. Lets me first start off by saying the wait for Thanos was definitely worth it. Josh Brolin puts in a spectacular performance into Thanos and really does scare you and most importantly you buy his motives, I would even go as far as saying that Thanos is maybe the best MCU villain to date. Another thing that I would applaud the Russo Brothers for is definitely not pulling any punches, when action is needed it is great, even better than their last superhero movies. And when their is emotion needed you definitely feel it. But one of my favorite things in this movies is the Universal stakes really hit home on a visceral level were this may not be the case on many of the past comic book movies. Lastly, this is not a stand alone movie, this is a movie one decade int he making and you definitely feel that fro the opening credits to the end credits. I would strongly recommend anyone who has invested time into this series to watch this movies or maybe even your casual moviegoer.
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Star wars the Force awakens almost as good as The empire strikes back?
17 December 2015
This movie had a lot of pressure on its back and rightfully so. It's star wars! But this movie had everything it had great nostalgia at the right times, it had comedy at the right times, and it also had drama and action at the right times. You could definitely see a big difference between this movie compared to the prequels. The shots were just so beautiful compared to the way the prequels looked. You could see the love behind the movie and all of the thought and care behind the movie. And for once in my lifetime I came out of a star wars movie telling myself That that was great. I'm not sure that it is the best, I need to see it more but I can't tell you for sure that it is certainly the second best and maybe, just maybe it is better than the wonderful empire strikes back.
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