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The Goldbergs (2013– )
Freaking LOVE the Goldbergs!!
4 December 2013
My husband and I are "kids of the 80's" and we freaking love The Goldbergs!! It's great to see the outfits, hear the music, etc... What a great time that was. I can relate to Adam a little, my dad also sat around in his underwear!!! I will admit that we weren't too sure about the show after the first episode, but we decided to keep going and are very happy that we did!! These people hating on the show can easily remedy their problem by CHANGING THE CHANNEL!! I don't get the hateful comments, if you don't like it just say that. You don't have to go postal and just be really nasty. I hope they come back with a 2nd and 3rd season of this show. Adam is my favorite, that kid is too funny! Go Goldbergs!!!
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