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Too Biased
13 January 2014
There were interesting aspects to this, but it was slanted to make Muslims appear sympathetic. The parts with Pastor Terry can be skipped over. Although Islam is a concern for any free society---because Islam is not about human rights and not about freedom---that idiot is not the person to be speaking about it.

It showed Muslims in their Islamic school and how they focus on the Qu'ran, as if there is nothing else to learn. This obsession with religion among Muslims explains why Islamic countries have the highest rates of illiteracy in the world.

It was shocking to see high school girls wearing full veils covering themselves entirely in America. This is a form of misogyny and has no place in a free society. Having all women cover themselves in black tents so they are unidentifiable and indistinguishable from one another, reduces them to Black Moving Objects.

A better documentary would be to show Muslims in their own countries, with Sharia law enforced. Show them going to public stonings. Show the religious police harassing men and women for merely standing next to each other. Show people being jailed for tweeting an innocent comment about Mohammad. Let's see the real Islam. Don't bother showing us this PC version of Islam Lite they practice in America.
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Not Funny, Just Bizarre
29 November 2013
I don't get why a middle-aged man is playing the role of a teenage girl at a private girl's school and why this is supposed to be so hilarious. I could understand if this was a trans character with a teen boy playing a teen girl, but this old dude??

There's just something inherently not funny about an older man in drag attempting to act like a teen girl. Watching a middle-aged man in drag cutsie up to another middle-aged man playing "her" father and beg for cell phones and clothes is just plain bizarre.

Yuck is a word to describe the concept, the acting, the lines...everything.
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