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all hype, waste of time
17 October 2018
I was told how good this was and honestly Im a bit shocked to see the ratings versus how weak this show is. Bad writing, veey weak casting: all hype and pointless. Watching this show was like trying to watch a casting job search. A continuation of new characters brought in while a tid bit of something would start up and then the story is clear across the other spectrum. How does crap like this keep getting released?
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Between: School's Out (2015)
Season 1, Episode 1
week writing, weak acting, blood capsules visible
4 October 2018
Ive attempted this show many times and every time i've had to turn it off. Within the first 5 mi utes it's hard to continue it. Today i'm going to try to watch every episode in hopes that the show gets better. This first episode is cery rough, you can literally see the blood capsules being bitten. A latge portion of the cast rither have very weak scripts or its very bad acting.
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Hereditary (2018)
pointless and not worth the time to watch
8 September 2018
When you think that bad films couldnt get any worse then there's Hereditary. We were hopeful thay the movie would at some point go somewhere and it never did. The acting was fair, the script was crap; the audio mastering was a complete joke. An utter waste of time.
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The Outsider (I) (2018)
like watching paint dry
1 April 2018
2 hours of not sure why we sat through it. We love Jerad Letto but this has got to be one of the dullest movies made in decades. This film tries to follow an artsy style though seems to lose the story from the moment it starts.
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very sloppy
30 March 2018
Not sure what they were thinking with this crapshow of a film. The comedy is very low grade and childish with a washed up cast, It took 6 times of trying to watch this to actually sit through it to the end, now I hate that I finished it. What was Netflix thinking trying unload this rubbish. Garbage
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Loved it!
19 February 2018
The other week I ran across this film and thought to myself "sure I'll check it out", and I have watched it 3 times since then. I thoroughly enjoyed the concept of this film as well as the feeling of being a passenger on board while it was taking place. This couple used both their unique talents and made something beautiful with it while taking the viewer on the journey at the same time, it's a remarkable film and I'm thankful to have experienced it and hope they do more. The music by Mogil was the perfect touch.
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Wonder (I) (2017)
27 November 2017
This movie from the start reminded me of the older film Mask (1985) featuring Cher and Eric Stoltz with a story that better fit today. The movie turned out to be so much better, absolutely loved it; it's a tear-jerker, the cast is perfect!

I don't think this film could've been any better as from start to finish the story was so strong, it's a very emotional film that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The cast fits the bill completely we weren't expecting the realism to feel as it did. Many films over the years have brought this story in the open with various cast and changes within the script though I do think this one made the largest impact, well done.
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Quite possibly the best Marvel film this year
7 November 2017
We didn't expect this movie to be as good as it was. Typically when a movie like this has so much Over-Hype it turns out to be horrible, not here; Thor Ragnarok is absolutely amazing from the beginning to the end.

This movie is action packed and is a movie that will keep you laughing throughout most of it, finally a great film in the year 2017. The graphics and cinematics are perfect and well balanced, the cast couldn't have been better picked; this is a movie that we will watch over and over
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American Made (2017)
Great Film
6 October 2017
Yesterday we were decided where to have lunch and we figured why not a movie with our meal, so we headed to our favorite theater without even checking what was playing or when. When we arrived the only film that was playing within the time frame we arrived was "American Made" so we bought the tickets and headed to our seat.

To break it down really short and simple I'd have to say that this is probably one of the best roles played by Tom Cruise, probably his best-acting hands down; this wasn't your typical Tom Cruise at all in which we'd anticipated. The story adapted to film was very nicely done, American Made had a great cast and all of the actors pulled their roles off very well. The cinematics and photography for the film were perfectly on point as we watched closely to see if we could catch little goofs to share but we didn't catch any.

American Made turned out to be much better than we'd expected and its content is a much needed to be viewed by all.
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no where near the first film
22 September 2017
The first Kingsman movie was very entertaining and did very well at comically making fun of spy films why bringing a little more to the table, it was certainly a good film and it gave us such high hopes to see Kingsman 2; though the movie fell short.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) had a lot of potential, it has a great trailer, a nice cast, and the action scenes are really good; the script fell short quick. We watched the screener opening last night and we hadn't heard the theater so quiet in a long time, every now and then you'd hear someone say "this isn't close to the first film"; it was dull. Many times in the movie the actors were standing around in position with no dialogue as if they were waiting to hear the word "cut" as it seemed the splicing in editing film wasn't cut right.

The action scenes really got to me it's as if they took the styling of Iron Man to line up scores and audio, we just couldn't seem to piece together exactly what went wrong but this movie did just go wrong. Now we aren't saying that Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) was a complete disaster as it did have the 2 funny spots and the action scenes were good and almost exact filming scenes spliced to match the first ones, but the reality is the film didn't even come close to comparing to the first film.

2017 has been the worst year for movies in a very long time.
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It (I) (2017)
8 September 2017
The movie It 2017 remake was an awesome film! Yesterday we headed out to see "It" and everyone in the theater was clapping, the cast was great and the effects were far more superior than the original which made the film better than the original. I've seen many say they were scared as I wondered why were they scared with the original?

Clowns have never freaked me out, the original sort of put a nice dark spin on clowns which I saw to be awesome. It the original was brilliant and in now way is this movie a better film; it's just a perfectly put together remake respecting both films as equal. They did a wonderful job on the remake and I look forward to putting it in our personal film collection. "It 2017" is the 4th good movie to come to the theater in 2017 so far.
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Logan Lucky (2017)
very nicely done
25 August 2017
Yesterday we were just looking to get out of the house and office to relax, we looked at the movies in the theater and it didn't have much to offer but we decided to give Logan Lucky a shot. At first glance of the trailer we instantly started thinking of films like Talladega Nights, or Joe Dirt, though the film wasn't anything in comparison to them; it was simply a good dark comedy.

When the film started it held our attention from the beginning all the way through, it did have that sinister styled Ocean's Eleven appeal to it but once again it stood out on its own as the cast had sort of that dark, uneducated, funny back story; you'd have to see this film to understand but certainly a fun film to enjoy. Going into the theater not expecting much and leaving giggling as to how well it was put together is a sure win, if you're seeking a good fun film then you should give this one a shot.
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very impressive!
25 July 2017
Yesterday we had the time to head out and check out the film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017) though when purchasing tickets the theater was almost empty, at the same time so was Spiderman Homecoming and all the other big names so we said okay let's go. Upon arriving we did our normal and ordered our food while we researched the feedback on the movie. Valerian was a film that caught my attention from the trailer and from the day I saw the trailer I knew this film was one for me and we were hopeful.

The film started and immediately I started wondering why all the negative talk about this film? Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets movie is the next level 5th Element, it's up there with Avatar; this film has everything for sci-fi fans, and it's equal if not better than Guardians of the Galaxy. Why other than the trailer was there not much of a buzz about this film?

Valerian is a cinematic concept based on the comic from the 60's, and even then this comic didn't have a big following; heck we're comic buffs and hadn't heard of it until now. This film has made us a fan, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017) is quite possibly one of the best sci-fi films released in a long time. The story is funny, fun and very adventurous. The cast fit their roles in Valerian so perfect that at times I felt the 5th Element versus Guardians of the Galaxy vibe with a huge chunk of originality on it. The creativity, graphics, effects, and conception when bringing this film to light from the comic must've been quite a choir and you can tell that Luc Besson truly cared about what he was doing with this one.

In short. Graphically stunning! Action Packed through till the end! If you're a sci-fi fan this is one for you, I hope for a sequel and we will be collecting all of the comics that we can find.
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The Mummy (2017)
much better than expected
14 July 2017
In short, when I saw another Mummy film I instantly cringed. I didn't know at first that it wasn't another remake or another sequel until I had the chance to see the trailer and even then I wasn't sold on this movie. After the release date and all of the reviews went up it just reassured me that this wasn't a film for me though after seeing it, well I see the reviews are wrong once again.

The Mummy (2017) turned out to be a really well put together film, the story was entertaining and entertaining itself. The graphics were awesome and the cast pulled it off very well, yet we did see that Mission Impossible vibe happening in a few (poses by Tom Cruise) shots; we're just started humming the theme song and kept watching. Is The Mummy a Blockbuster? I don't think it is but it was a very entertaining film and we thoroughly enjoyed it, we will buy the DVD when it comes out.

In short, The Mummy (2017) is a good film and we enjoyed it.
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very entertaining
5 July 2017
What can I say that hasn't been said about Despicable Me 3 (2017), oh yeah…. It's awesome! Yes, we had the time to check out Despicable Me 3 even after all the negative reviews and we don't agree with any of those reviews; this is the best Despicable Me film yet.

In the first few minutes of the film, I could completely understand why some had that "oh no not again" review going on but apparently they didn't watch it past that point. Despicable Me 3 (2017) just like the first and second were filled with music, dancing, one off's, one-liners, you name it but can you name a blockbuster film that has released in the last 20 years that didn't have these things (other than dancing)? Despicable Me 3 was very entertaining, it was exactly what I expected with a nice kick to it; this film was the better of the three and not once was it any less. So… if you've watched any of the Despicable Me or Minions movies and liked them then there's no reason you won't enjoy this one.
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not that bad
22 June 2017
We made it out to watch Transformers: The Last Knight yesterday and honestly it was pretty good, though it wasn't one of the best of the Transformer films. When we got to the theater we were quite excited as we're fans of Transformers so we knew it would at least be entertaining and to us, it was, though a few items stuck out to me and it made it hard to watch afterward.

Just as most big blockbuster films they tend to fall short in many areas due to all the hype and marketing, usually a heavily marketed movie tends to show that the movie will be very bad; Transformers: The Last Knight wasn't bad but it did use some tricks from other movies.

Let's give the breakdown. The acting was as it always has been, very well done by all of the cast. As for CGI/Effects, well… it's Transformers that's exactly where all the money went, and it was good. The story: well many places in the story they seem to have dropped the ball; it's as if they cut a lot of scenes and forgot to patch the film or it was sloppy scripting though I'm not sure which. Cinematography, I'm quite blown away that the Transformers franchise would do such a thing but they did pull tricks (very noticeable) from "Suicide Squad", and Guardians of the Galaxy"; when these scenes in the movie started to show I almost walked out of the theater.

Movies have certainly run out of using their own ideas and spend more time mimicking other films and honestly, it sickens me to see it, try some originality.

In short, Transformers: The Last Knight is an entertaining film.
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Wonder Woman (2017)
well done
5 June 2017
Recently we had had the pleasure of checking out Wonder Woman (2017) which I can say from the beginning was fairly entertaining. There is only one Item that I personally didn't like about the movie and that was the theme song and soundtrack but in no way does this reflect on how I feel about the movie itself.

I think for the most part Wonder Woman (2017) was well thought out and put together, the graphics were nicely done, the acting was as you'd expect, and the film as a whole was entertaining. There's nothing good nor bad to say about Wonder Woman (2017), it was the same layout from start to finish as basically every blockbuster film in the last few years. You can literally take this movie and watch Transformers, Ninja Turtles, and many others side by side and see the build up, effects, and all are on point; just change the actors and tweak the story a bit. So if you liked any of these films then you'll enjoy this one as it was very well entertaining.

The information about Wonder Woman's film layout doesn't reflect my opinion of the movie either, this has merely been the way movies are made; it's the copy and pastes efforts of the industry. Wonder Woman (2017) was a very enjoyable movie and it will be in our movie collection as it was as good as the preview made it seem.
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16 May 2017
Up until the day yesterday we have debated if we wanted to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) in the theaters or if we were gonna just wait to watch it on Amazon. Many things made us wait though most importantly the thing that made us so stand-offish was the trailer and marketing.

The marketing pushed the film as hard as they tend to do for films that need that extra push because it will fall short in the theater, we've seen many of those films; though this was not the case in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Turns out that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) is one of those rare cases that the sequel was quite possibly better than the first, they did an amazing job with this film.

As usual, we won't give any spoilers and we will only focus on what makes this films good. The acting is exactly what you'd expect though a few cameo's in the film I do think they should've left the falling stars out of it, but what's done is done. The story itself we think was better put together than the first though part one will always be in our favorites. The action scenes and the effects were off the charts and extremely humorous, this film is filled with pure entertaining fun; it's a must watch and a great film.
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perfect remake!
31 March 2017
From the moment the trailer popped out for the remake (Americanised version) of Ghost in the Shell (2017) featuring Scarlett Johansson and Pilou Asbæk, we were excited. We've always been huge fans of the original Anime and Manga and the thought of seeing Ghost in the Shell in this type of setting was looking to be a beautiful thing.

Once the marketing started on the film instantly the movie caught a ton of heat due to Majors role being performed by an American, specifically they seemed to target Scarlett Johansson. Being a fan of Ghost in the Shell, I believe the way they pieced this remake together using Scarlett Johansson as Major was done beautifully and respectfully.

Like all movies that get a lot of press they tend to get bad ratings right off the bat, typically this isn't because the movie is good or bad; it's due to the ignorance and drama going on in the media to try and slow down the popularity. Ghost in the Shell 2017 remake is one of those films that are just catching bad press from most who either didn't watch the movie, some that are basing what they think is going on in the movie so they won't watch it; and then there's those who get paid to post negative press.

This remake of Ghost in the Shell was done very well! I love how they kept true to the scenery of the anime. This is, however, an Americanized version so like all US based media it has those twist and turns for marketing value that no film-goer enjoys, but for the term entertaining; this film takes all. The cast in Ghost in the Shell played their roles very well, the scripts were right on point, and from the moment the film started we were suddenly engulfed as if we were inside of our Manga Collections seeing it all in real life form.

As for Scarlett Johansson's role as Major, she did a very remarkable job. Major's story as to why she had an American body held it together with strong. The action scenes were on point throughout the movie, we didn't find one item in this remake that we felt wasn't properly to par; wonderful remake.
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Life (I) (2017)
very well done!
30 March 2017
Well…. I've been working on trying to put together my thoughts on Life (2017) without giving away any spoilers; so here is what I've come up with.

Life (2017) is a good movie, it is well put together. The graphics and the concept of the life form itself are completely off the charts and beautifully done. In the first half hour or so of the movie, details are on point; I mean everything is perfect!. My advice to understand what I'm saying is when you're watching Life (2017), pay attention to the most minimal details. Now after the first half hour or so the movie tends to spend less time focusing on important details. The scenery and the story seem to start losing pace; it's as if all the money was used up in the first bit of the movie; though the movie is still really good.

Things that caught me right away about Life (2017) is this movie wouldn't have reached such an audience or interest without Ryan Reynolds and you can tell it in the film that this was the biggest kickoff to hold their ground with this movie; well played. I have a huge interest in sci-fi films and of course, I would've seen this film either way, at least in time; I'm very happy to have gotten to see it and I look forward to having this movie in my personal collection when it comes to DVD.

In short, they done a very great job with this movie, the film was well thought out and the cast certainly did their job. Loved the movie.
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NieR: Automata (2017 Video Game)
24 March 2017
Square Enix has done it again! Another superb game released by Square Enix "NieR: Automata (2017)" which has Officially hit my top 5 games ever made and holding strong at #2. NieR: Automata has an amazing story, a trippy but unique and fun play style; and the artwork is off the charts.

On the Official Steam Launch date March 7th, 2017, I sit anxiously for the install to complete as I had pre-ordered NieR: Automata. Once the install completed I instantly dropped all I was doing to click play. When I hit the play button I was completely blown away by how the game started out. It was right off the bat a "Rise of the Tomb Raider" moment where I had to quickly figure out the basics of what was going on as it whisked me away through a series of the start up until It started sharing the tooltips of what to click to do what.

As I continued to play around as the Character B2, direction seemed to change; in a sense, I felt as if I was Aeon Flux here and there sort of a comics book movement based I really love this game. All I can say at this moment in time if you haven't played NieR: Automata; you haven't played a good game yet!
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CHIPS (2017)
a good time and fun to watch
24 March 2017
Yesterday we headed out to see the first day viewing of CHIPS (2017) at our favorite theater in Scottsdale, Arizona; RoadHouse Theater. From the moment Chips started, we could instantly tell it was gonna be very funny, though a lot that was in the trailer was a splice job to make it funnier than it was in the actual film. Now I've already seen remarks that this film has the Starsky and Hutch vibe going for it, I can totally see where they were coming from; though in reality there isn't a new idea in any film over the last decade plus.

To set the record straight CHIPS (2017) wasn't the greatest film, but it was very entertaining. This movie brought a ton of laughter, an awesome cast; I believe they done a very good job for films in this genre. Does the Chips movie have a lot of ideas in it from other films? Yes, it does, but so does every movie that has come out for more than 20 years, originally has been gone for a long time.
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10 March 2017
Over the years there had been many attempts to bring the story of King Kong to the theaters and each time had been an epic failure, so after the trailers of Kong: Skull Island (2017); we had to go see it. The trailer for Kong had already shown a huge progress between this movie and every other King Kong related film and the cast for Kong: Skull Island (2017) was certainly an eye catcher.

Last night on the first viewing we were in our seats ready to enjoy the movie, it wasn't a big crowd. In reality probably 20 people in the theater. The lights went out and the film began and right off the start we were saying "this looks to be really good". The graphics, for the most part, are extremely good, there were only two or three spots that you could really see the film set and green screen hiccups. The script was well put together for the most part until about ⅔ of the way through as the film starts to lose steam. By mid-way through it many items were starting to stand out for example: If someone had just come out of the water completely soaked and two seconds later in the film, their hair and makeup had been redone and they're dry. Items like that sort of started to show themselves more and more towards the ending as if the film was completely rushed to finish up.

Now, in short, this film is very entertaining and it is marketed towards the right audience and age group, I'm certain that area will miss a lot of the items I pointed out. We did have a wonderful time watching the film, and it is the best King Kong made film to date. The graphics are as good, if not better than Michaels Bay's "Ninja Turtles". Would we see it again? Yes.
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Logan (2017)
best one yet
4 March 2017
Last night was a blast as we got to go to the theater and enjoy Logan (2017). Which honestly turned out to be a very entertaining movie. At first, when I saw the trailer, it didn't look like much but it did get my attention; it sort of seemed bland. I can honestly say the trailer itself didn't do it justice.

We weren't expecting a whole lot given the last wolverine film as it sort of flopped hard, but we were surprised to see they put a lot of effort into making Logan a whole lot better; they did well. The acting was as good as all the rest, the graphics nicely were done; the story was on point. Very few spots within the movie that I just looked at our team and said (really?), but ya gonna have that in a lot of films. Simple and short, Logan (2017) was very entertaining and better than the last Wolverine film by a mile.
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RWBY: Grimm Eclipse (2015 Video Game)
3 March 2017
Not too long ago I had the honor to start watching and becoming a fan of RWBY, an anime by Rooster Teeth. Upon falling in love with the show my journey to collect all of their merchandise began. Not too long after looking into their merchandise on Rooster Teeth's Official Website I noticed that they had released a game called RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, instantly I added it to my shopping cart on steam.

I was so excited to play it that I didn't start it up immediately as I felt I should kick back a little longer to watch some more of the show. I started an episode of RWBY and tried to start watching but in the back of my mind, all I could think about was that I had the game and that I should play it, so I did.

I wanted to record a youtube of my play through from the moment I launched it so I started a quick stream on our Twitch to get it rolling when I launched the game I was instantly in love with it. The music in the game is various alterations of the official theme songs by Jeff Williams featuring his daughter Casey Williams (This will be the day, and Time to say goodbye). The UI of the game was perfectly appealing and of course, I started my first game in story mode as Ruby Rose.

The game started as I used an XBoxOne controller, the maneuverability with the controller was perfect; though after time playing I did find that using the up button when I leveled didn't work. After playing the game for about 2 hours straight I stopped the stream for a bit to set the game up on my main system and play "off-stream" without a controller to give it a shot that way too. Perfection! Using mouse and keyboard became rather simpler for me as I am a PC gamer, after all, everything worked fine. Onward through the game as I started it fresh and new from the beginning, I spend 5 more hours straight playing as Ruby Rose as I began to level over and over while hack and slashing my way to victory. Hack and Slash is one of my favorite genre of games to play especially 3rd person view, and RWBY: Grimm Eclipse certainly had a perfect 3rd person camera view for my taste in games.

Officially RWBY: Grimm Eclipse has earned its way into my top 10 games and I look forward to lots more playing it. Of course, I did run into a hiccup or two but nothing that would stop me from playing. The guys at Rooster Teeth gave the fans of RWBY a beautiful gaming experience and I thank them.
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