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The Twilight Zone (2019– )
A Lack Of Subtlety
10 May 2019
Where do I begin? The delivery of each "re-imagining" comes with a dull edge; Jordan Peele, Simon Kinberg, & Marco Ramirez have grabbed hold of social media trends and ran it all into the ground. How can these people, who have each written masterful stories, come together and flub original Twilight Zone stories? It's absolutely laughable - They're gifted with an original idea from Rod Serling, they remove any chance of suspense, ignore character development, make the plot obvious, and phone-in a transparent ending. Not even one attempt at a twist. I'm assuming they presume their writing has achieved a certain level of excellence, so they are closed off to editing or rewriting any of it. Never mind that it's haughty, prideful arrogance's lazy and a shrink might say "they're afraid of failure". It's so unbelievably apparent to me (and several other reviews) that their writing is scattered, disconnected, and not nearly as good as they think it is. This is a terrible joke. It's impossible to miss any point that's being made here, because we've listened to the same tropes for the past 20 years now: A collection of strawman fallacies. Pull the plug - They've ruined 'The Twilight Zone'.
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Amy Schumer: Growing (2019 TV Special)
It's basically an update on what she's been doing for the past 3 years.
28 March 2019
There's a lot of reviews surrounding this one. As always please ignore the 10 stars that's paid advertisement, and ignore the 1 stars that's just trolling. I think Amy Schumer is a personality that people who love reality TV would watch. She does a great job of talking about herself and granting updates to her fanbase, but you still get the same jokes that she's become famous for ... Schumer delivers mostly rewritten jokes, trying not to say "stolen". Her jokes focus on normal women's body issues to how terrible men are. To me, she's just not funny. I like her characteristics and mannerism in the same way kids would laugh at a buffoon, but she can't write a joke that I haven't already heard before. I think fans of Amy Schumer would like this, because I think her fanbase is marginally celebrity liberals that laugh at her child-like antics. I'm writing this review for the list of people that might be curious about Amy Schumer ... Please skip this special. There's actually funnier moments with Schumer (on YouTube) from her SNL hosting.
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Skin (I) (2018)
A Tale As Old As Time
28 February 2019
I've seen tv series, films and even cartoons with the same narrative. If Guy Nattiv had reversed the races in this movie it would have been much closer to reality. It would have been an actual brave achievement because no one is allowed to talk about black hatred towards white people. I've literally witnessed dozens of instances where a group of black men beat up a white guy over a misunderstanding and/or no reason what-so-ever. I've seen situations in schools where young black children have attacked lone white kid simply because that kid is white. The ending is a wild stretch of fetishism fantasy & blunt dark humor. Without revealing the ending I'll state that it says more about the director and his need to be liked, than the people applauding this poor excuse of a story. This short (great filming great acting) lacks honesty. This is pandering for attention and unfortunately for most of us, Guy Nattiv will receive a lot of that.
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The Masked Singer (I) (2019– )
The Entire Show Is A Gigantic Lie
17 January 2019
The main reason I don't like this show is because of the judges: They manipulate the audience by using big name stars, when there will never be a big name star on this show. The judges also know who is who under the masks, because when they're acting like they don't know, it's obvious and terrible. I also don't enjoy them talking through the performances. It's an annoyance. This concept is workable, if properly treated. You could put this on YouTube as a short and it'd be a lot of fun. I don't know how the Korean version functions (as I've never seen it) but if they replaced Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, and Ken Jeong with literally anybody else - That might be a good start.
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The Cleaners (2018)
Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions
18 November 2018
The issue presented is the readily fast deletion of information from social media. There are groups of paid cleaners (mostly outsourced) by the Corporate Internet; better known as Social Media. The deletion of facts through corporate policies, government silence, and the protection of family friendly optimism. In one instance being a photograph lacking content that is immediately erased because it shows harm to a child. The moral outrage of the image is that it doesn't belong on social media. The content shows it's an image outlining the government abuses in a country that doesn't have a voice to inform the rest of the world. It takes (maybe) all of 8 seconds to view & delete the image from Facebook. When you ask yourself, what's the best thing to do(?) Remove an image that could scare a young person or allow an image because it needs to be addressed?

'The Cleaners' provides examples of internet censorship and the harm it does to freedom. The current censorship in social media has become harshly political. Moderators with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc are free to enforce their own political opinions on a world that can & will disagree with them. Unfortunately the film shows it from the same perspective as a Democratic voter. So much of it points at the current Republican administration that how would a younger audience know it began with the Democratic administration? It draws a line rather than being bold enough to admit both parties are responsible for censorship on a scale as large as the internet.
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No Soul, No Heart, No Magic
14 November 2018
The movie lacked the Dr. Seuss magic. They replaced the nonsense rhymes like "Pop guns, pampoogas, pantookas, and drums! Checkerboards, bizilbigs, popcorn, and plums" with "Gadgets and gizmos and dolls with strange names! Goofballs and shloopballs and video games!" (WHY?) - They took away all the "jingtinglers", "loofloovers", "tartookas", "whohoopers", "gardookas", "trumtookas", "slooslunkas", "blumbloopas", "whowonkas", "zoozittacarzay", "galooks", and "their great big electro whocarnio flooks". They updated those with a tube sled, a green big wheel, and waffles. No, not even green eggs where allowed. I'd have to guess that Directors Yarrow Cheney and Scott Mosier along with writers Michael LeSieur and Tommy Swerdlow are either lazy or seriously lack any imagination. They were so focused on creating a more politically correct Grinch (that like most PC reworks) it lost heart. Kids fell asleep, some left early, I don't know if anyone was entertained by this garbage because of all the crying in the front rows.

The soundtrack had some trash lyrics and sound attached to it. Tyler, The Creator was all over this with "I'm A Grinch" and for "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" that basically sounds like a bad parody of the original. There was a great song called Happy by Pharrel Williams that the kids liked, but Tyler's monotone voice and complete lack of singing ability probably would have fit right in with an episode of 'The Simpsons' back in the 80's. It's just sad that someone would take a classic story like 'The Grinch' and turn it into this heartless mirror of today's society. Kenan Thompson was the voice of a new character named "Mr. Bricklebaum", a happy unbothered man that the Grinch laughs about because Mr. Bricklebaum believes he and the Grinch are friends. I seriously doubt that many children in the audience would see the new character as an African-American man. If you assume Bricklebaum is African-American, and remember that his love & kindness throughout the Grinch's life couldn't change the Grinch, but a little white girl's good nature did - it makes you think. They changed all the bad things of the original Grinch; such as being cruel to his dog Max - Yet the Grinch laughed behind the back of a black guy?
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Tell Me a Story (2018– )
It's A Duller Version Of 'Once Upon A Time'
9 November 2018
'Tell Me A Story' is just CBS trying to capitalize on ABC's 'Once Upon A Time', but with lifeless characters, dull drama, and a long drawn out plot with obvious endings. The show is filled with pretty faces and stunning bodies to distract us from terrible writing. It's suggests a hint of fantasy, but it's the Hollywood version of the real world. They throw all the best ideas together like click-bait to bring you in and then slowly drag you through a lot of "nothing happening" moments. It promises something larger and delivers none of it. It was so boring I forwarded to the ending just to see where they were headed. Literally anyone could have imagined a better story (with more life) than this decorated garbage.

If any of this writing were actually viable, you'd see the division of political thinking in the story. They'd have a group to point out what's wrong with the country and another to point out the good that's happening, but 'Tell Me A Story' doesn't offer a diversity. It tells you what an extreme leftist wants to believe and creates a world where everyone agrees with them. It's the Democratic Party ideology of today's America. Mind you, as I desperately want a balance in the extremism of politics, I would say the same thing if this show preached nothing but positive affirmations about today's world ... Neither pessimistic nor optimistic views about this country are the truth. Donald Trump is not a racist white supremacist and neither is he the savior of the United States - Those are far left & far right surrealist caricatures pushed in our faces by corrupt politics. It allows politicians to do whatever they want while we quarrel over bits & pieces like what bathroom people should use. There is a middle ground that (dare I say) MOST of us want in the media, that's simply not going to happen, because we're not being heard.
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I Love You, America: Gavin Newsom (2018)
Season 1, Episode 19
I'm Done.
2 November 2018
Much like the previous episode of 'I Love You America' this one fails to deliver on its promise of, "she's looking to connect with people who may not agree with her personal opinions through honesty, humor, genuine interest in others, and not taking herself too seriously". Sarah uses half of the show in an effort to get Gavin Newsom elected as Governor of California. As Mayor of San Francisco in 2008, Gavin Newsom oversaw a citywide policy requiring law enforcement officers to report juvenile undocumented immigrants to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when "ACCUSED" of crimes. Basically the opposite of what sanctuary city San Francisco stands for. But this was during the Obama Administration and the media wasn't allowed to report caging children or separating families while a Democrat was President - Especially within a city as liberal as San Francisco.

I listened to Newsom for about 5 minutes before I forwarded to the ending and decided to write yet another review. So if you want to hear his entire campaign pitch just watch the youtube clips freely available online. There's no need to rehash it here as it's more of the same promises by any politicians desperate to further their careers.

Sarah Silverman wants to get rid of the Electoral College, as a lot of people do whenever their favorite candidate loses the election. Democrat/Republican (it doesn't matter), if they lose they're sore about it for the next 4 to 8 years. In turn they'll defend that same electoral College whenever it favors themselves Sarah also went off on a tangent about how she really wants a direct democracy for the United States. The men that wrote the Constitution did not trust full democracies, AKA "the tyranny of the majority". I've noticed a lot of people don't understand that concept and/or think it's an outdated concept, so I'll try to offer an explanation of its necessity as simple as possible:

In a full democracy that Sarah Silverman wants; because the population of the US is so uneven from State to State, only the fewest States would be needed for a presidential candidate to win an election. If you lived in California, which is 12.5% of the population, that would be great. But if you lived one of the 25 States that don't even make up 1% of the total population, that would be a tyranny. How would you feel if a different State, County, City, Township, or group of people decided all of the laws for everyone else? It's something faced by several minorities throughout the country on a daily basis. Yet Sarah Silverman can't understand because she never grew up as the lone black child in an all white school to witness it first hand. You might ask yourself, "Why would anyone want to claim the majority of voting power for their own State?" - I'd imagine it's because someone doesn't want those people electing politicians that they themselves don't like. Mind you the college isn't without it's flaws, but it's design is for the greater good. To claim it's not relevant for today's society is to literally blind oneself to the world we live in and the long history of oppressive and unjust actions.

In closing, I'm promising this is my last review about 'I Love You America'. I'm not going to watch anymore and I don't believe many are watching this show anyway. In contrast, I don't think anyone is reading this review either. I feel cheated by 'I Love You America', cheated by HULU, and cheated by Sarah Siverman ... The 5 episodes which delivered on the promise to "connect with people who may not agree with her personal opinions" might as well not exist. The final outcome was a woman abusing a platform designed to entertain as a means to get politicians elected, while condescending the people that probably disagree with her. Goodnight America, I lurv you.
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I Love You, America: Cory Booker (2018)
Season 1, Episode 18
Bait & Switch
30 October 2018
"With 'I Love You, America', she's looking to connect with people who may not agree with her personal opinions through honesty, humor, genuine interest in others, and not taking herself too seriously. " That was always the show I wanted to see and unfortunately there's maybe 4 episodes of the 18 where that actually happens. Last week was the episode promised to us by HULU and Sarah Silverman, only for the next episode to fall back to the familiar, "Sarah talks to people that completely agree with her." It's lucky that I can watch these episodes for free on the 94% of the internet that Google doesn't index.

The beginning and for most of the first half of the show, Sarah ridicules Donald Trump (again) and Christian Conservatives because, "she's looking to connect with people who may not agree with her personal opinions through honesty, humor, genuine interest in others, and not taking herself too seriously". She then has a SNL style parody with her talking to the Statue of Liberty as played by the lovable Maya Rudolph. It's more soap-boxing and talking to people as if we're ignorant. She waives the privileges of her status with a commentary on immigration. She invokes a superior-than-thou attitude towards others if she were teaching pre-schoolers. It's like that one friend who eats kale and then goes into long explanations about what kale is and why you should eat it too. Who exactly is her audience supposed to be anyway? I'm fairly certain the far-right individuals she thinks she's speaking to either never watched or quit listening after Episode 3 with sex predator Al Franken. I might assume she just wants to hear herself talk, or maybe she desperately needs people to think she's smart. At times it feels like she's putting on a show just for her ex-boyfriend (the very political) Michael Sheen. I can't pretend to know what happened with their relationship, but it seems like she's bitter about the breakup. How else am I supposed to think; The consensus of her show is animosity with a smile. She pleads with viewers that she's only trying to help, but it's an uncertain sympathy that reeks of control issues.

15 minutes into Episode 18 we're shown Cory Booker and Sarah going through a drive-thru. "Hey look how down-to-earth and funny Cory Booker is! Gee, I sure hope he runs for President!" Cory Booker as most of us remember was the mayor-made-famous after Hurricane Katrina. The Democratic Party noticed his spotlight and brought him right up for a Senate position. He's been the best puppet he can be for them. See, on one side of the coin Cory will demand comity & tolerance stating we need unity in our country - DUH - But, with a quick flip of the coin Cory preaches as a matter of moral urgency that the other party is "evil", and "we" need to stop them. I'm sure he's going to rally this country together when it's his turn to run for President of the Democratic Cult of Personality; I'm predicting a 2024 run. During the General Election we'll hear Cory's passion for love & peace through paid commercials - only for the inevitable flip in the Primary Election where "Republicans are going to be the end of the world". It reminds me of Southern Baptist ministers who ask for money for all the good they can do for others, while in the last hour, fire & brimstone will consume us all if we let everyone use whichever bathroom they want. Nowadays both parties have an extreme lean, and neither party believes they are guilty of it ... because they're too busy pointing fingers ... just like 'I Love You America' does.
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Paradise PD (2018– )
From The Brickleberry Guys
28 October 2018
I've missed 'Brickleberry' ever since Comedy Central pulled it off the air. A lot of the "hate" surrounding both 'Brickleberry' and now 'Paradise PD' is that they make fun of liberalism. The showy ridicules just about everything, but if you mock liberals & Democrats it's "hate speech". So there's groups of PC cops trying to downvote and get 'Paradise PD' cancelled. The show itself is hilarious - The one where PTSD survivor Officer Gerald Fitzgerald (voiced by Cedric Yarbrough of 'Reno 911') accidentally shoots himself cracked me up. It basically shows CNN overreacting because (technically) a cop shot a black man. Even though Gerald is black himself it just doesn't fit into Anderson Cooper's rationalization. Officer Fitzgerald changing from his cop clothes to a hoodie between interviews was great satire. This is a great show. It lampoons modern society with the bluntness of South Park, although maybe not as brilliantly - It's still a lot of fun.
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An exaggerated sense of self-importance.
23 October 2018
'The Alec Baldwin Show' was exactly as I expected; It's Alec Baldwin showing the world he can do a really good Trump impersonation, because they're both narcissists. He may be a dogmatic liberal for some cashcow politicians, but the rest of us have no need for him. Why do I see him on 'Saturday Night Live'? Why do I see him on 'Will & Grace'?. It's bad enough to know he can't act his way out of a paper bag, but to grant him interviews(?) after the decades of abuse he's placed on other people? It's barely been 10 years since he tormented his ex-wife Kim Basinger and vehemenantly chastised his daughter Ireland. People still remember him physically attacking paparazzi, and behaving like a bigot whenever someone angers him. This guy is polluted - Please cancel his career.
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I Love You, America: Dolores Huerta (2018)
Season 1, Episode 17
Finally, A Good Episode.
20 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The 17th Episode of the 'I Love You, America' series began with "Sarah's Quickie" opener which Sarah Silverman used to highlight the Gubernatorial election in Georgia between Stacey Abrams(D) & Brian Kemp(R). If elected - Abrams would be the first African-American female governor in US history. The problem in this election focuses on Brian Kemp currently being Georgia's Secretary of State which places him directly in charge of this same election. Kemp placed 53,000 voter applications on hold in the middle of the election. 70% of those applicants are living in areas of low income. I'm wondering where the checks & balances are here? First of all; "How is it even legal for Kemp to have this job while he's running for governor?" It's a similar (obvious) problem with electronic voting, as our votes are counted in secret by private corporations that own whichever evoting machines are used ... It willingly facilitates electoral fraud.

There was a large focus on the 2017 Women's March and the bringing to light the frustrations of African-American women with the event. Women who recognized the Women's March as a misappropriation of their own events, a cold dismisal of the decades of their own accomplishments and a complete lack of representation of greater feminist needs. It could have played itself as a short documentary, but it primarily came across as a personal apology from Silverman.

The best part of the show was Sarah returning to what made 'I Love You America' watchable to begin with; A visit to Wyoming with the lovely Micheli family whom voted for Donald Trump. It was a nice dinner with general discussion mainly focused on "Why Trump?". They found some commonalities along with non-confrontational question & answers. It was heart-felt, a genuine family moment in need of some background theme music. To my surprise, after talking about gun regulations, the very liberal Sarah had 17 year old Cole Micheli teach her how to shoot - To wit I would suspect will cause some far-left people an over-reaction. It looked like Sarah enjoyed herself. I've fired rifles & guns recreationally and "yeah" it is fun shooting an old tin can off a fence. All in all Sarah found conservative people that wouldn't fit the categorization generalized by liberals. Bubble popped? Probably not, but it's so much better having conversations with people that aren't out to force their beliefs on one other.

The remainder of the show was an interview with activist, labor leader & cofounder of National Farm Workers Association Dolores Huerta who spoke on women's rights. Dolores is a sweet person, easily likeable - highly energetic. I would probably not agree with her on some things but I founder her delightful. I can't recall a lot of what she said, but the closing segment is always pretty short.
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It's A Feminist Triumph.
12 October 2018
You can't help but think that with a cast of A-List celebrities or a well-known director such as Steven Speilberg this film would be nominated for an Academy Award. The storyline was a solid original plot where three young ladies from a planet of all women find themselves trapped on Earth seeking a unique form of energy to fuel their space vessel. It isn't a solid Sci-Fi for many fans, but it is a rather remarkable love story in the vein opf 2017's 'The Space Between Us'. Ellie Church, Allison Maier, and Alyss Winkler carried this film. Respectfully I haven't seen this kind of talent from strong female role models since the 2002 film 'Chicago'. Ellie Church & Brian Papandrea (as Charlie) brought an on screen chemistry for the love story that I haven't seen since the 1950 French film 'Un Chant d'Amour'. Powerful heart touching drama. I genuinely felt the love between this duo.

I only had two criticisms regarding 'Space Babes From Outer Space'; Although this movie was marginally female driven, my first criticism has to be the lack of racial diversity. I could easily imagine someone like Yaya Alafia or Lupita Nyong'o being part of this undertaking. My last criticism would be the character of 'Carrieola' was under-used in several scenes that required nudity. I understand for some that on screen nude scenes can often be a career ender, but in situations where the female body is part of an expressive nature ('The Wrestler" 2008) rather than a gratuity of flesh ('Nymphomaniac' 2013) it is simply necessary. The ending itself (which I won't spoil for anyone) is quite a twist. It was reminiscent of M. Night Shyamalan staple of movie twists that I recall from 'The Sixth Sence' - I literally did not see it coming.

Recognizably this film is not for everyone. It came to life as a Kickstarter campaign and is an easy target for trolls who like to hate on matriarchal ideologies. While it is humorous at times, it is not as funny as ( say) the science fiction classic 'Space Balls'. It is a relatively fresh take on modern society that is suppressive of an opposition through censorship - for example those who might refuse Netflix movies to be nominated for prestigious film awards. I found this film to be entertaining, although for full disclosure I watched it for free, and I suspect the majority of viewers would appreciate the same. More bluntly; do not pay for this movie if you can see it in gratis.
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I Love You, America: Bill Burr (2018)
Season 1, Episode 14
Get Bill Burr To Host This Show
30 September 2018
I would watch the hell out of this show if it was all Bill Burr. No, not because he's a man! - Because he's not a hypocrite. Sarah Silverman speaks her mind only when everyone else is doing it. I doubt we'd ever see Bill Burr playing it safe like that, and that's what I'd rather watch. Whenever Sarah Silverman pats herself on the back for "telling it like it is" with Donald Trump, she does so with the approval of liberals, celebrities and journalists. If you want to be brave or if you want to be remembered as a People's Champion then you have to have the same ferocity even though the liberals, celebrities and journalists are creating a cult of personality around that person.

Where is the moral outrage from liberals, celebrities and journalists when a Democratic President separated families and put children in cages? Where was the moral outrage from liberals, celebrities and journalists when a Democratic President used the Department of Justice to jail journalists, eavesdrop on investigative reporters, threaten a major news outlet and collect information on their employees? Where was the moral outrage from liberals, celebrities and journalists when a Democratic President gave 6 trillion dollars to the banks - saw it disappear - and gave them another 6 trillion dollars - all in the name of "stabilizing the housing market". Where was the moral outrage from liberals, celebrities and journalists when a Democratic President used the IRS & social media to silence critics, used drones to bomb hospitals and destabilized countries,.attacedk the media and prevented a free and independent press from covering the workings of our republic?

Either Sarah Silverman didn't know this was happening or Sarah Silverman was too afraid to speak up.
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Tales from the Hood 2 (2018 Video)
This Wasn't A Horror Movie.
24 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
From Director Darin Scott of 'Deep Blue Sea 2', Director Rusty Cundieff of 2 'Black Jesus' episodes and Executive Producer Spike Lee (who should know better) comes this sad straight-to-video garbage that I'm going to hold up next to Jordan Peele's 'Get Out' so they remember what can be defined as "ground-breaking", "gripping", "bloodcurdling", "comical" and especially "horror". I refuse to even speak on the liberal revenge fantasies shoved between some actual good material. I have zero problems with political messages in movies. 'Get Out' set-up the same narrative on black lives without condescending the viewer like this anthology does. 'Tales From The Hood 2' throws a cheap swing and a miss about the realities of black culture and infuriantly uses fantastic historical references in a low-brow manner; A museum filled with some of history's most racist antiques becomes a lost message through slash & gore nonsense. The true story of 14 year old Emmett Till who was murdered in 1955 Money, Mississippi for alledgedly flirting with a white woman. The short story titled 'Emmett Till' completely glosses over the actual brutality of his death just to make a poorly delivered advertisement against Voter ID Laws ... Seriously? Youhad access to the gift of incredible actors, full finances and the time to edit together 111 minutes of a movie - and you didn't bother to think the story of Emmett Till might be worth doing all by itself? It didn't cross anyone's mind that (maybe) it might be better to create a one hundred and eleven minute documentary just on those racist toys? This revival of 1995's 'Tales From The Hood' was both foolishly conceived and trite with Democratic slogans. It is the future history class of a liberal wet dream. I would have gave it 1 star if not for bringing (at least) some attention to where we've come from in this country.
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Searching (III) (2018)
John Cho Carried This Film.
7 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This movie owes it's high rating to John Cho. He ABSOLUTELY carried this film. If you saw John's performance as Andrew Kim on the 2nd season of 'The Exorcist' then you already know what I'm talking about. John Cho is a GREAT actor. My entire reason for giving this movie a chance was based on his performance on that tv show. Im was eager to see him play a father-role again.

To be perfectly clear (in my opinion) about the film; It's not "groundbreaking", it's not "original", and I knew who the killer was at about 55 minutes in. I imagine most people caught on just as early as I did. As a detective story it fails, as a thriller it's subpar, and it's about as good as a mystery as a CSI episode.

SPOILERS: Whenever there's a tv show (like CSI) or a low-budget movie (like this one) with a bunch of unknown actors BUT then you get two very well-known personalities involved - You always know who the hero and killer are. It's probably why they didn't include Debra Messing in the trailers. I laugh about it now, but when I recognized it was Debra Messing on the phone as Detective Vick; I groaned outloud. I know she has a lot of fans from her time on 'Will & Grace' - but sorry, I can't stand her. She's a terrible actress and I almost walked away. Luckily my dislike of Messing actually helped with the plot. When Detective Vick is on the phone with David Kim and she tells him how she once lied to help her son with some scam he pulled on the neighbors. It stuck with me. When her son Robert appeared in the doorway interrupting her "facetime" with David Kim - I was like, "Yeah, that's the killer."

The writing, editing and style failed in developing enough characters to distract my attention. If editors had deleted each moment with Robert Vick, the suspense might have been spared. I don't know. I did recognize Randy Cartoff played by Ric Sarabia as one of the men in the photo with Detective Vick. and it was easy to recognize "fish_and_chips" in the Memorial One advertisement. It made absolutely no sense for Detective Vick to appear at some internet memorial service for Kim's daughter. AGAIN - The director under-estimated the audience. When you create a thriller with so few developing characters, you have to know how to provide clues and distract an audience without giving everything away.

The ending to this film offered a great deal of heart-filled love, as we learn that David Kim's daughter Margot is still alive. I was pretty happy about this at the time, but realistically I was doing the math in my head and it just didn't add up. She had been missing 37 hours before her father actually did anything. It seemed like days inbetween the Google searching, talking to people online, the police work, and the media's reaction to the case. I assumed it was over a week, but I'm probably mistaking. I'd probably let Margot live if I had directed the movie, but I certainly wouldn't have drug the story on (for over an hour and a half) while trying to convince an audience it had only been a few days in-movie.

In any case; the film's success can be solely placed on John Cho's ability to act. Even with its writing & directorial failures, his acting makes this a watchable movie.
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They Remain (2018)
It isn't scary or fun to watch.
30 May 2018
Right off the start I have to acknowledge how good William Jackson Harper can act. I hope the best for him, but this film isn't going to make him a household name. But don't waste your time on this movie.

'They Remain' begins with 2 people in the woods studying "unnatural animal behavior" and yet, you're left wondering where that is; There's a german shephard that shows up every now and again. There are insects that interest Rebecca Henderson's character Jessica. There's certainly a lot of "what's that mean" thrown in to make some mystery, but the only real weird behavior is between Keith & Jessica. Jessica starts hearing things early in and then both of them act like they're on drugs near the middle of the film.

To describe this film, I would have to say it's about the lost cult members of the Charles Manson family. Jessica and others in the movie belong to the famous cult and they're trying to induct Keith into the group. As I watched the story unfold I was thinking how Keith should be yelling, "Why are you messing with me?" It's obvious - Why wouldn't anyone ask this question? 'They Remain' attempts to be psychologically unnerving with dream sequences & a 60's vibe effects, but all it really does is bore. Whatever emotion the direction was trying to invoke in the audience is a complete dislike of the story. It laid out visual mysteries and fails to connect any of it to the plot. We're presented with cameras malfunctioning, a cave, a pair of giant ram horns, and ooo scary "THERE ARE PEOPLE IN THE WOODS!" You waste your time waiting for the "slow burn" because it just ends without a climax and you never want to watch it again. Really nice set up for good story telling and it fails to deliver a coherent one.
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I Am Rating This For Ray Bradbury.
21 May 2018
Ray Bradbury stated in a lecture (at UCLA) that his novel 'Fahrenheit 451' wasn't about censorship. He made it clear that the theme of his book IS about the role of mass media and its effect on the populace. Basically he believed the old "idiot box" makes people less capable of assimilating complex information. Popular opinion dictated that 'Fahrenheit 451' is about censorship, because Bradbury wrote the book during an era of actual book burnings. For example: During a college lecture on his novel, when he presented the truth of the book's theme to an auditorium full of students, he was stopped in his tracks by someone loudly exclaiming "No! It's about censorship!". After regaining his composure, Bradbury then tried to correct the student by holding up his novel and pointing to his name on the cover. Others chimed in quickly and consensous agreed that the novel was about censorship. Bradbury was so angered by the students that he stormed out and vowed he'd never give another lecture on it again.

The update in this film replaces mainstream media television with the appeal of the internet. The dystopian outcome, the broken free will of the populace, and the depressive tone of Bradbury's story was altered to focus on fireman (police) brutality and the surveillance state. Bahrani's film ignores so much of what the novel outlines, to preach a politically correct message, that it becomes superficial. So slick and verbally facile to the point of becoming the horror Ray Bradbury illustrated so elequently in print - Media is a blunt form of distraction compared to the thought-provoking nature of books.
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Batman Ninja (2018)
Beautiful Artwork - A Complete Failure of Story-Telling.
24 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I really don't have much to say about this release, and I think my review title says all you need to know; Like most artwork that comes from Japan, this was just beautiful to the eyes. Somewhere in the middle of the movie I noticed a small lapse in the artwork, as if someone was rushed or got lazy around the 40 minute mark. It lasted for just a bit and then it went right back to the clean colorful style it began with.

The story was so bad that it was laughable. Maybe someone enjoys the base plot ideas of anime television shows? The gathering of 5 to build one massive robot, or animals physically binding together to form a giant Batman? My jaw dropped ... I was left speechless, wondering whose stupid idea it was to make this part of a Batman tale. You might argue that it was instilling some sort of Japanese flair, but what I watched was a zero-effort attempt to finish the plot.

The writers don't seem to know who Batman is! This take on Batman didn't know what to do without technology - which evidentally it's a big transformation for Batman to fight without his bat-mobile, bat-wing, and bat-cycle. Seriously. The Japanese version of Batman was helpless without all his toys. He was also really stupid about basic problems; I watched him aim his grapple-gun into the air, unsure of what to do around one story buildings.

Enjoy the artwork, it's genuinely beautiful - but expect huge a waste of time.
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Altered Carbon (2018– )
There's nothing new or original about this.
3 February 2018
Rave reviews always look like paid advertisement to me, so I ignore them. Obviously this show borrows elements of other science fiction, better sci-fi and right our of episode one I feel bored. Right now 'Altered Carbon' look likes a detective story with a futuristic background. Maybe if the mystery was actually intweresting I'd feel engrossed, but some rich guy (who gets to relive life over and over again) wants to know who murdered him the last time. If I were Takeshi Kovacs I would have taken the bullet rather than bother with such a dull adventure. I'd rather know more about OG Kovacs played by Bryon Mann, than the Takeshi Kovacs played by robocop Joel Kinnaman. Kinnaman does have more of a cop appearance about him, but he's a generic action figure; He's appealing probabnly in a video game but for films I like to see actual emotional expressions on a human face. Mind you I'm a single episode in. But the hour long beginning felt longer than it needed to be. I don't feel like watching any more of the story - It's a big yawn for me.
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Black Lightning (2018– )
Campy, silly, and the same spotlight on black culture that you'd expect.
17 January 2018
They take a black superhero and immediately make a story with gangs, guns, drugs, prostitution and every cliche from comic books about black heroes. It's bad story telling right out of the box. It's looking at liquor stores on every corner of poor neighborhoods and saying, "That's just how black neighborhoods are." NO. This is a man with incredible abilities, but because of the lack of knowledge by white executives & white writers; the only challenge Black Lightning will face is a school shooting. Supergirl gets to fight crazy aliens from all over the galaxy, but a black man who can shoot lightning bolts out of his hands is left to fight highschool dropouts?

The music for the show is predictable, the dialogue is undeveloped and that suit is no better than Black Lightning's old disco days. DC can't write good characters. How the hell do we have Marvel all over Netflix setting the standard but this is the best DC can muster? Change it up or it'll get dull really fast.
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It's Okay To Watch, But I've Seen Better Cartoon Versions
18 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
With the direction of the film being fumbled and script rewrites lacking cohesion; 'Justice League' pieced together a mess and made it into a watchable story.

What would have been a better plot? Get rid of Steppenwolf, introduce a resurrected Superman as Darkseid's new General. It would have brought back Superman without rushing the lazy plot device used in Justice League. Instead of battling a poor CGI of Steppenwolf, Batman's team could fight a helmeted stranger whose powers reveal (to great surprise) that it's actually Superman. Hell, it's happened before in the comics and the toons.

Get rid of the motherbox thing. A motherbox in the comics is just a transportation device. It's basically like someone gave up on writing something worthy of a 'Justice League' movie, and flipped a coin on how to unite the team. The biggest goof in 'Justice League' is that the boxes activated when Superman died - But no they didn't - Cyborg came to be because of an activated motherbox in the previous movie. Did they really just ignore that? Secondly - Batman seemed incredibly pessimistic about not only his ability, but the ability of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg & The Flash to defeat Steppenwolf. That isn't Batman. Batman would have calculated a dozen different scenarios to win this fight. I've never known him to feel so helpless that he would imagine such a laughable idea as to activate one of the very motherboxes they were trying to keep away from the bad guy. So just remove them all together.

Introduce Darkseid. Why didn't they do this in the first place? I thought we sat through the crap-fest of 'Batman VS Superman' because it was leading to a Darkseid visit. Wasn't that the reasoning behind Batman's sudden psychic nightmares? In a version with Superman as the villain, he could have been brought back to his sense in the same way it happened in this film, but with the added bonus of - It doesn't matter because Darkseid is here.

How difficult is it to write a workable superhero movie? Especially with decades of story material to chose from?
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I would have loved to given this a 10
12 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
First of all; Condensing the 30 volumes of the manga into 140 minutes of live-action would test anybody's directive efforts. 'Blade Of The Immortal' as a manga works on so many levels, because it takes each character and grants them their own back stories. I know time & editing wouldn't allow that, but I wish Takashi Miike had (at least) shown the youthful origins of Anotsu & Makie.

I loved Makie in the manga, disowned by her father, forced into prostitution, and her unbelievable skill made her an unforgettable character. Any fan of the books can recall the story of "Makie and the 50 wild dogs" with glee. To be fair, the character Makie Otono-Tachibana deserves a film all to herself. She was unfairly diminished in the movie.

Araya Kawakami (the mask maker in the books) who hides his past from his son Renzo is also diminished in the movie. This is another case for time & editing that disappointed me. I'd have to imagine there's enough on the cutting room floor to piece together this battle for a future DVD release or Director's Cut.

The subplots involving the crazed Shira, the blonde Hyakurin, the sun-glassed Giichi and their Mugai-ryū leader Kagimura were missed. All the subplots in the manga easily helped make 'Blade Of The Immortal' one of my favorite collections. To tell it all; Takashi Miike would need a good 10 hours of footage.

My more realistic criticisms would have to cover the make-up and effects department; Sabato Kuroi with the head of his wife and head of Rin's mother sewn to his shoulders is a good example. It looked cheap and unenthusiastic. Also watching the bloody sword fights I was hoping for the more overzealous approach of Quentin Tarantino than this toned down realism. Lastly was seeing a background character wearing a skull cap to give the illusion of a bald head. I wish I hadn't noticed because it impacted my feelings for the remainder of the movie.

The acting saves the overall film. Just the simple eye movements, shrugs and poses tell so much of the story that there were places where words weren't necessary. Takuya Kimura didn't fit the part of Manji at all, but his performance helped me forgive that. Hana Sugisaki who played Manji's murdered sister Machi as well as Rin Asano was perfect casting. Sota Fukushi as Anatso was fair enough as I didn't think he looked the part of the feminine features from the books. Erika Toda as Makie was bluntly amazing. I loved her and we could have seen more.

The adaption of the manga isn't to bad. Miike stayed gave great attention to the main characters. The biggest mistake was the manji symbol on the back of Manji's clothing. I actually understand the reasoning and put blame on the ignorance of US audiences. Most Americans would think it's a Nazi swastika and then release liberal hell all across the PC nation of their limited social media sites.

I enjoyed the movie and will watch it again. As stated I'm praying for added footage in a DVD/Blu_Ray release.
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I Didn't Even Know The Movie Had Come Out Yet.
30 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is not what was promised; It's not 23 years after the first film nor can you expect your favorite returning actors. The only one I recognized was Brandon Smith's policeman character Sgt. Davis Tubbs from the first movie. Gina Philips character Trish shows up at the very end to drop a line that sets up future films.

Jonathan Breck does reprise his role as the Creeper, but I had to check IMDb to make sure it was him - The makeup didn't look like the original Creeper. It was more generic. I was incredibly disappointed. This was an editing hack job, chopped full of fillers. There were disjointed characters and what I thought was improved dialogue. You can blame it all on production and the lazy direction of Victor Salva.

JC3 attempts to bridge a gap between the first movie to the 2nd film, but fails miserably. Near the end the character Buddy leaves on the same school bus from Part 2. Don't bother checking - He wasn't in JC2. There really wasn't any point in connecting the two movies, because we already knew they were connected.

They introduce new characters that (evidently) had a connection to the Creeper the 23 years before Trish & Darry arrived. I didn't see any point in this. They didn't add anything to the mythology other than state "We know what the Creeper is" - but they don't bother telling the audience. All we really discover is that the Creeper has crows following him around.

A lot of attention was focused on the "BEATNGU" truck, providing a closeup of something that (sure) is pretty cool, but specifically I knew they did this for time & budget restraints. The truck has sentience and can drive itself. It's also impervious to bullets ... even the tires & windows.
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Lore (2017–2018)
This is a good show.
25 October 2017
I was reading the reviews and found it bizarre how people were attacking the narrator Aaron Mahnke's voice. This is the only time I've ever heard his voice and I didn't find anything unpleasant about it. The guy has a hit podcast using this same voice - which doesn't add up with reviews of people not liking his voice. I really didn't put any thought behind the talking. I just listened and watched the stories.

I've never listened to the 'Lore Podcast', but I'm certainly going to. This is a wonderful idea, it plays out very well and held my interest (which isn't easy). I will mention that I preferred the first three episodes, but the last three I already knew too much about. I'd like to have more obscure tales; I don't know how easy that would be, but I think it's necessary for this format.

My favorite episode was the 3rd one called 'Black Stockings'. I think Ireland has our most famous folklore, but I'd probably look for folk tales originating in countries that Americans have very little knowledge of.

There's unheard of myths & legends from places such as Africa that most people have never heard of. There's also several unique tales within the Middle East. Japan has a gigantic collection of legends, although they've become popularized through films. Maybe consider folklore from places that haven't culturally melded with the United States?

Great job so far. Looking forward to more.
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