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New Jack: Hardcore (2007 Video)
Enter New Jack
21 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
New Jack lends some good insight on various topics. Backstage fights, how he started diving, and drugs are some of the topics covered.

He reflects on his career which includes some funny stories involving his former ECW alumni. His falling out with the Dudleyz and Mustafa is also mentioned.

This DVD also covers his most recent conflicts like the Hunter Lane stabbing and his match with Gypsy Joe.

Bounus Feature: New Jack giving his opinion on internet dirt sheets, getting into wrestling, wrestling gimmicks, Balls Mahoney, some fans and their feedback, Mass Transit. Also the match between New Jack and Gypsy Joe is shown which is brutal.

This documentary is worth picking up. New Jacks perspective is very interesting.
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XPW: Genocide (2002 Video)
One of XPW's better shows
14 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The card for XPW Genocide: SoCal Jobbers Union vs Pogo The Clown & Ron Rivera - Not bad Psicosis vs Chris Hamrick : No# 1 contender for TV title - The finish too this match was incredible.

Juvi & Vinnie Massaro w/ Lady Victoria vs Mexico's Most Wanted Shooting Star vs Scott Snot Evan Karagias vs Vic Grimes - Good match The Enterprise (Kaos, Steve Rizzono, GQ Money, Sandman, Veronica Caine) vs The Black Army (Johnny Webb, Nosawa, Lizzie Borden, Angel): Wargames match with 3 titles on the line The camera work for the main event was sloppy at times mostly because there was so much action going on.

The announcing was done by Kriss Kloss(as usual) and Ron Rivera who was a lot better than Larry Rivera.
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XPW: Baptized in Blood (2000 Video)
This is the best of XPW
12 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Supreme, Kaos, Johnny Webb, The Messiah, Kronus, Carlito Montana, Homeless Jimmy and Axl Rotten compete in a king of the deathmatch tournament.

The tournament matches have beds of barbwire, beds of nails, barbwire ladders, thumbtacks, barb wire bats, glass and a no rope barb wire match in the finals.

Damien Steele defends the XPW world title against Chris Candido in a falls count anywhere match.

The Franchise Shane Douglas makes a special appearance in one of his best XPW moments.

If you want to see the best XPW has to offer I'd recommend this.
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RoboCop 3 (1992 Video Game)
Don't waste your time
9 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I've played Robocop 3 for Sega and SNES.

Level 1 - Robocop roams the streets taking out thugs and at the end prepare for number of guys coming at all directions. It isn't that hard though. The hardest thing on this level is the occasional jumping.

Level 2 - A cameo by Ed 209 with him helping you against the Rehab's. Ed 209 really doesn't help much. The end boss is some giant robot.

Level 3 - Fun but hard, Robocop shoots and dodges things using his jet pack.

Level 4 - Takes place at the church ending with you fighting a ninja robot with no gun.

Level 5 - More flying action using Robo's jet pack capped off by fighting 2 more ninja robots.

Robocop's arsenal consist of his usual gun using single fire, double fire and triple fire. He also can use his 3 in 1 gun which has a flame thrower. Maybe its just me but I feel you run out of ammo too easily on this game. On the movies Robocop barely reloads.

This game is very hard. What makes it harder to complete is they give you a certain amount of continues before they make you start the entire game over. Your best bet to getting far is using a cheat device unless you're a video game master or a die-hard Robocop fan and just want it for a collection.
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Young Hercules (1998–1999)
I was so upset when this show got replaced.
27 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Young Hercules was a fun show.

This is a prequel to Hercules The Legendary Journeys.

Ryan Gosling does a good job of Hercules. Ian Bohen (who played Young Hercules in flashbacks of Hercules TLJ) looks more like Kevin Sorbo, but Ryan Gosling had more screen presence. He showed a fun side of Hercules before he fully matured and got older.

A lot of familiar characters appear throughout the series - Ares, Apollo, Hephestus, Artemis, Strife, Discord...

Obviously this show isn't as violent or serious as Hercules TLJ, it came on Fox Kids so what do you expect? The action was still fun nonetheless. They also did a good job of progressing story lines for a 30 minute show.
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Hybrid wrestling it is
25 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
MLW was a short lived wrestling promotion that ran shows in the east coast.

It had an ECW feel to it, mainly the crowd. Joey Styles even did the commentating.

MLW advertised itself as hybrid wrestling with a variety of styles. It had hardcore, lucha libre, Japanese wrestling, old school, technical wrestling.... They had competitors from all over the world.

The roster was a great mix with guys like Dr Death, Terry Funk, The Sandman, Simon Diamond, Amazing Red, The SAT's, Jerry Lynn, Mike Awesome, Sabu, Steve Corino and so on. Even Francine and Bill Alphonoso appeared as managers.

This was great for any wrestling in general
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MLW Genesis (2002 Video)
Genesis was a fitting debut for MLW
19 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Genesis was MLW's 1st show. It took place June 15th 2002, in Philly at Viking Hall/Alahambra Arena.

The show was announced and hosted by Joey Styles.

A 1 night tournament took place to determine the 1st MLW world champion: The challengers were La Parka, Jerry Lynn, Christopher Daniels, Vampiro, The Wall, Taiyo Kea, Shane Douglas and Steve Corino.

Some killer promos are done by The Franchise and Steve Corino throughout the night.

The icing on the cake was the ending of the show which repeated history. All in all, nice debut show.
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MLW: King of Kings (2002 Video)
ECW revisited
15 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
MLW's King of Kings show took place at Ft. Lauderdale Decmember 20th 2002.

Satoshi Kojima vs Vampiro for the MLW world title Sabu vs La Parka Dusty Rhodes vs Steve Corino vs Terry Funk in a 3 way Bunkhouse brawl Nosawa & Masada vs Hot Commodity Christopher Daniels vs Super Crazy vs Fuego Guerrero Dr Death & PJ Friedman vs Mike Sanders & Jimmy Yang Los Maximo's vs Simon Diamond & CW Anderson Jerry Lynn vs Mike Awesome The 3 way bunkhouse brawl was match of the night. The match sold itself as all 3 men have a history together. What happened after the match was another thing. The Sabu/La Parka match was something else. A side of La Parka was shown thats rarely seen. There are promo's throughout the show by some guys like Dr Death, Dusty Rhoodes and Steve Corino. The main event was slow with lots of ground and pounding but it wasn't bad.
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MLW: Reload (2002 Video)
Clash of styles
15 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This was MLW's 2002 Reload event taking place at the Manhattan Center in New York City.

Super Crazy vs Fuego Guerrero

La Parka vs Shocker

Christopher Daniels,Ikuto Hidaka & Dick Togo vs The Maximo's & Quiet Storm

Terry Funk vs Chris Candido

Vampiro vs Sandman vs Steve Corino in a street fight Taiyo vs Sabu

Satoshi Kojima vs Jerry Lynn for the MLW world title

The 6 man tag stole the show. This is a nice pick up for any wrestling fan as it features many styles.
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XWF: In Your Face (2005 Video)
A WCW / WWE hybrid
31 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The commentary was done by Jerry Lawler and Tony Schiavone. I love that commentary team. Rena Mero (Sable) was the CEO while Roddy Piper was the commissioner. They have backstage segments kept to a minimum. Bobby Heenan, Dawn Marie, Jimmy Snuka, Jimmy Hart, Sonny Onoo and Jasmine St Claire all appear as managers. Hulk Hogan discusses many things in an interview including the downfall of the XWF.

It has a WWE & WCW feel to it. A lot of the talent are familiar faces, cruiser weight action, the announcing done by 2 of the most famous announcers in the 90's that worked for rival the 2 promotions. I'd suggest this for any wrestling fan.

Matches include:

Big Vito vs. Buff Bagwell

Marty Jannetty vs. Hail

Horace Hogan vs. Ian Harrison

Cruiserweight Championship Battle Royal

Nasty Boys vs. Shane Twins Curt Hennig vs. Vampiro.

Juventud Guerrera and Psychosis vs. Konnan and Ray Gonzalez

Simon Diamond vs Jerry "The King" Lawler

Hail vs. Knuckles

Johnny B. Badd vs. Norman Smiley

Shane Twins vs. The Road Warriors

Curt Hennig vs. Buff Bagwell

Marty Jannetty vs. Drezden

Horace Hogan vs. Josh Matthews

Shane Twins vs. South Philly Posse (The Public Enemy)

A.J. Styles vs. Kid

Kash for the Cruiserweight Championship Vapor vs. Jimmy Snuka Jr.

Curt Hennig and Ian Harrison vs. Buff Bagwell and Vampiro

Curt Hennig vs Hulk Hogan
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WWA: The Inception (2001 Video)
A lot of matches were short or gimmicked but thats cool.
31 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The Inception was the 1st ppv event of world wrestling all stars taking place in Sydney Australia.

Juvi vs Psicosis in a ladder match for the WWA Cruiserweight title

Road Dogg vs Konnan in a dog collar match

Norman Smiley vs Devon Storm in a hardcore match

A open invitational battle royal

Jeff Jarrett vs Nathan Jones in a guitar on a pole match

Road Dogg vs Lenny Lane vs Lodi

Jeff Jarrett vs Buff Bagwell in a tits, whips & buff match

Vampire Warrior (Gangrel) vs Luna in a black wedding gown match

Jeff Jarrett vs Road Dogg in a cage match for the WWA world title

Special Appearance by Bret Hart

Most of the matches seem too short, but it was probably to fit more stuff on the card with this being their 1st show. The announcing was well done by Jerry Lawler and Jermey Borash (whos very underrated as an announcer). WWA had the Starlettes which were similar to Nitro girls. Don't let Road Dogg in the main event fool you, it delivered.
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Makes the 1st film seem pointless but its a deep movie.
30 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The main story has Tong Po's manager trying to bait the younger brother of Kurt & Eric Sloan into fighting Tong Po.

The worst thing about this movie is the fight scenes. They aren't bad but 80% of the fight scenes are in slow motion.

Dennis Chan reprised his role as Xian and thats a plus as he helped provide the comedy relief.

The story was deep displaying the emotional torture of David Sloan. Then there's the human game of chess Tong Po's manager plays with multiple characters.

Sasha Mitchell did a exceptional job succeeding Van Damme. This does make the 1st movie seem pointless but its a decent film.
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A lot of feuds progressing plus Basebrawl part 2
28 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Team 3D vs LAX for the tag titles in a Little Italy Street Fight - Like all of the matches these teams have had this was a fun hardcore brawl. Some weapons like the pizza cutter fit the gimmick match.

Christy Hemme vs The fat oily guy in a tuxedo match - To win someone had to be stripped of their tuxedo.

Senshi vs Austin Starr Rhino vs AJ Styles in a chain match - A great showing by both considering how limited they were by the chain. A funny moment with Earl Hebner in this match.

Lance Hoyt w/ David Eckstein vs. Dale Torborg w/ AJ Pierzynski Chris Sabin vs Jerry Lynn for the X title - This match was pretty slow but still interesting. Sabin was superb as a heel.

Petey Williams & Gail Kim vs Jacqueline & James Storm Sting vs Abyss in a prison yard match - This match fit Abyss character and one of the best matches I've ever seen Sting in.

Kurt Angle vs Christian for the world title There's also some funny segments hosted by Alex Shelley with Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Leticia Cline and Kevin Nash showing Ms Brooks trying to get Eric Young to sign a contract.

There's a in ring segment with Robert Roode and Eric Young as well.
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The Great American Bash (2005 TV Special)
A couple of matches didn't deliver, but overall a good show.
24 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
MNM vs the New LOD for the tag titles - It was a nice comeback story for Animal.

Christian vs Booker T - This match wasn't bad, but for a ppv match it wasn't as good as one would think.

Undertaker vs Muhammad Hassan - For any Hassan fans, this was his last match in WWE. The match was fun though because he had a lot of backup and Undertaker went shell after the match.

Mexicools vs BWO

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio - Another long list of superb matches they had together.

Melina vs Torrie Wilson in a bra & panties match - Candice Michelle was the guest ref. The fans were the true winners in this one. (trust me)

Orlando Jordan vs Chris Beniot for the U.S. title - For the "best pure athlete" and "best technical wrestler" This match was OK. Nice psychology though.

Batista vs JBL - I loved the hype but this match was very slow. Their following match was kept short thats understandable.
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TNA Wrestling: Bound for Glory (2007 TV Special)
TNA's best ppv of 2007
24 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Kurt Angle vs. Sting for the World title - With both men at late stages in their careers, they exceeded expectations.

LAX vs. XXX in a Ultimate X match - Great opener

Team Pacman vs. AJ Styles & Tomko for the tag titles - Pacman Jones had a replacement named Consequences Creed take his place. Nice to see AJ as the home crowd favorite.

Jay Lethal vs. Christopher Daniels for the X title - One of the best matches they've had in TNA together.

Steiners vs. Team 3D in a tables match - A dream rematch with some good spots.

Samoa Joe vs. Christian Cage - These 2 ALWAYS work fantastic together

TNA Knockouts Battle Royal - to crown the 1st Knockouts champion

Abyss vs. Raven vs. Rhino vs. Black Reign in a Monsters Ball match

Fight For The Right Battle Royal - Entertaining way to showcase TNA's talent on their biggest show of the year.
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Summerslam (2005 TV Special)
The main event isn't worth it, the rest of the show is.
30 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Hulk Hogan vs. Shawn Michaels - The start of this match was fun, as hard as it is to believe HBK being in control made this hard to watch.

WWE Championship: John Cena vs. Chris Jericho - The crowd being split is what made this match enjoyable.

World Championship: Batista vs. JBL - This being kept short and the No Holds Barred rules helped this match a lot.

Matt Hardy vs. Edge - Way too short for Hardys return but the ending was unpredictable.

Randy Orton vs. Undertaker - On par with their Wrestlemania match

Eugene vs. Kurt Angle - Angle being so intense really added to this match. I loved his celebration at the end.

Ladder Match: Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio U.S. Championship:

Orlando Jordan vs Chris Beniot - This was really really short but after their Great American Bash match you can see why.

Fantastic show overall.
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WWE Unforgiven (2005 TV Special)
Good showing by Raw
30 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Shelton Benjamin vs. Kerwin White - Solid match but Shelton selling a knee a injury put limitations on this match

Trish & Ashley vs. Victoria & Torrie

The Hurricane & Rosey vs. Cade & Murdoch for the tag titles - I enjoyed this match. Hurricane took a couple bad shots.

Big Show vs. Snitsky - For 2 big men their sizes, this was a great match.

Edge vs. Matt Hardy in a Cage Match - This match was insane!

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Masters - I love HBK but every time I watch this I fall asleep midway through the match. The ending is good though.

Ric Flair vs. Carlito for the Intercontinenal Championship

John Cena vs. Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship - Decent match, better than the one they had @ No Way Out 2005.

There were some funny backstage celebrating with Ric Flair. This was probably the last great ppv they had in 05.
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Hardcore Homecoming (2005 Video)
Thank you Shane!
29 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This was a ECW reunion show, a counterpart to WWE's ECW One Night Stand. The commentary was done by Joey Styles. A special appearance by Mick Foley.

Tracy Smothers vs Blue meanie - This was a comedy match consisting of dance-offs.

Gangstanators vs Bad Breed

Chris Chetti & Mikey Whipwreck vs CW Anderson & Simon Diamond

Fallen Heroes of hardcore tribute - A segment featuring Johnny Grungde, Pitbull Gary Wolfe and Tammy Stych.

Justin Credible vs Jerry Lynn

Raven vs Sandaman - I thought this was the most fun match on the card.

Kid Kash vs 2 Cold Scorpio

Terry Funk vs Shane Douglas vs Sabu in a barbwire match

This was a good show, my only complaint is the DVD editing which makes it hard to follow at times. Some of the music seems edited as do "ECW" chants from the crowd because of copyright issues which isn't their fault.

Bonus DVD features: Autograph and Q & A session. A tour of the arena. Interviews including Blue Meanies take on his altercation with JBL @ the One Night Stand ppv. A Shane Douglas/Francine reunion.

Bonus XPW matches: Shane Douglas vs. Chris Candido Shane Douglas vs. Terry Funk Shane Douglas vs. Justin Credible Jerry Lynn vs. Juventud Guerrera Axl Rotten vs. Kronus
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Fantastic documentary
26 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This was a fantastic documentary.

It covers the basics like ECW taking off, ending, their TV deal, talent leaving, certain angles like The Raven/Sandman crucifixtion and how some gimmicks came about. It was insightful hearing the different opinions on it.

There were some other interesting things mentioned like the fall where New Jack lost the sight in his eye. Public Enemys WWE run, The Franchise breaking Gary Wolfes neck and the Mass Transit incident with New Jack.

This DVD covered things Rise & fall of ECW did and didn't which is why its a good pickup.
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Nice collection for any Sting or WCW fan
26 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Sting narrates this video while in character. I thought it was cool with the background and stuff. This video covers Sting in 1999.

Matches show him in 4 way w/ DDP, Flair and Hogan for the world title. His match with DDP for the world title on Nitro. Matches against Flair, Goldberg, DDP and Nash.

My only gripe about this video is the matches are edited to where 90% of the time you only see Stings offense.

There's also some nice confrontations w/ Nash, Flair, Team Madness and The Steiner Brothers.

This was a nice Sting video and different from the video "Sting Unmasked" which was in depth and out of character. This is a good grab for a Sting fan, or WCW fan in general since its pretty rare.
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Better than the 1st Hardcore Homecoming!
26 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Danny Doring vs Blue Meanie

An appearance by Dawn Marie

Balls Mahoney vs Kronus

CW Anderson vs Spike Dudley - Sadly Spike couldn't use his Dudley gimmick.

Terry Funk Hardcore Hall Of Fame induction

Axl Rotten vs Ian Rotten in Taipei Deathmatch 2 - This was hard to watch at times.

The Franchise vs Pitbull Gary Wolf - There was lots of history behind this match. Francine seems to age backwards. Before the match The Franchise cut a killer promo as always.

Justin Credible vs Jerry Lynn in a cage match - incredible job by both men and the finish with a surprise guest was a great way to top everything off.

The bonus features consist of:

Tracy Smothers vs. Blue Meanie Chris Chetti & C.W. Anderson vs. Danny Doring & Roadkill Ian Rotten vs. Balls Mahoney vs. New Jack Justin Credible vs. Jerry Lynn

Fan Cam From Los Angeles Early '90s :Sabu vs. Al Snow vs. Terry Funk Chris Benoit vs. Too Cold Scorpio

Fan Cam From XPW: Psicosis vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Psicosis Shane Douglas vs. Vic Grimes

Fan Cam w/ Konnan & Larry Rivera on Commentary - From Big Vision's Desperados Del Ring series

Rey Misterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera from Mexico in the early '90s.

I was surprised at how good some of the bonus matches were.
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Far superior to Time Force on PS1 and Lightspeed Rescue on N64.
25 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Review of the PS1 version The controls are the worst part of the game. Its difficult to jump or fight without being off target sometimes.

No complaints about the graphics.

Aside from the controls, the gameplay pretty fun.

The missions arn't really hard. You just have to know your surroundings and how to get past some things depending on the level. For example on the 1st board you have to hit some switches (thats kind of hard to see) to save someone and walk on the glass ceiling to advance. Pausing the game lets you check on your mission status.

The best thing about this game and why I really recommend it, is because it has 2 players co-op gameplay. There arn't many Power Ranger games on new generation systems that have that.
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TNA Wrestling: Destination X (2007 TV Special)
Over gimmicked but the action delivered
25 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
LAX vs Team 3D in a Ghetto Brawl for the tag Titles - This was a wild and fun match.

VKM vs The Heartbreakers - This continued the feud Christy but the match itself was nothing much.

Chris Sabin vs Jerry Lynn 2of 3 falls for the X title - This was a good technical match. Seemed slow at times but the pacing was OK. Sabin was heel after all.

Kurt Angle vs Scott Steiner - During this time it seemed Angle returned to the ring too fast. Maybe I expected too much from this match.

Sting vs Abyss in a Last Rites Match - This was basically a casket match with special effects. A gimmick match seemed suitable for these 2 but this was too cheesy. Sting deserves a lot of credit for the punishment he took in this match.

AJ Styles vs Rhino in a Elevation X Match - This was the debut of this match type. Its basically a scaffold match. This didn't have much action, some don't realize how dangerous this match really was. They still made it entertaining until the end though.

Senshi vs Austin Starr in a chicken wing match - To win you had to apply the cross face chicken wing. I felt the stipulation would take away from this match. It may for some but not for me.

Petey Williams & Gail Kim vs James Storm and Jacqueline in a bull rope match - This was decent considering how the bull rope limited them.

Samoa Joe vs Christian - Theses 2 always put on wrestling clinics together.
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One of the best wrestling bio's
25 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This bio covers Stings pre-WCW days, his WCW career, retirement, TNA stints, his personal life. He mentions some very interesting things like his gimmick transformation, WCW stories, why he didn't sign with WWE and his religious background.

The matches are include:

Sting & Christian Cage vs. Jeff Jarrett & The Alpha Male Monty Brown

Sting vs. Eric Young

Sting & Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner

Sting vs. Scott Steiner

Sting & Christian Cage vs. Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner

Sting vs. Christian Cage vs. Scott Steiner vs. Samoa Joe

Stings army vs Jarretts army in a Lockdown Wargames type match (this match isn't shown through its entirety, only the final 10 minutes or so.

The Extras - He speaks on guys like Goldberg, Flair and Bret Hart. You'll get a look at his movie "Moment of Truth". A Sting music video and picture gallery. Stings facepaint. A bonus match with Sting & Jeff Jarrett vs AJ Styles & Sean Waltman. TNA talent giving their memories of sting.

A terrific job was done on this DVD considering what they had to work with. This is honestly one of the best wrestling bio's I ever watched.
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New Jack is hilarious
24 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Just about everything in New Jacks career you can think of is covered. His stints with XPW, ECW, SMW TNA and WSX. His absence from ECW at certain points. Mass Transit, the Danbury fall, legal issues....

New Jacks promos are intense but this DVD shows how hilarious he is. He tells some funny stories about Kronus, Saturn, Paul Heyman and his time in USWA and so on.

Some bonus matches from XPW include: vs The Messiah, 2 matches vs Vic Grimes including the Scaffold Match, A Brawl with the Black Army, vs Homeless Jimmy & Kronus, vs Kaos, vs Million Dollar D.

Bonus features include: Previews from other Big Vision entertainment DVD's. Plus New Jack along with Dr Keith going on a road trip to South Central which was entertaining.

At 1st I got this because I was such a huge New Jack fan but it was way more than what I expected!
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