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Searching (III) (2018)
Really touching and original movie
20 October 2018
I think this movie would be very difficult viewing for anyone who has had a close friend or family member disappear or been a victim of homicide and not having ever been in that situation I do not know if this movie presented it realistically or not. I can only imagine the difficultly in coping with it and my heart goes out to anyone who has been thrown into such a situation.

John Cho is a great actor and he was fantastic in this. He played the freaking out father perfectly, I could feel his angst. The movie was a bit of an emotional roller coaster. A bit of crying, a bit of disgust, some happiness and more crying.

Anyone could have played the part of the cop and unfortunately I cant see past Grace Adler when I see Debra Messing in anything, she was good but it was all John Cho IMO - 10 out of 10.
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Patient Zero (I) (2018)
No Oscars to see here... please move along...
28 September 2018
I really wanted to like this movie but I struggled. The acting was really good from all of the cast, a couple of unknowns were a bit stiff but were otherwise fine. Stanley Tucci was great as always.

Where the movie fell apart was story, directing and editing. I also didn't think the music added anything and seemed very out of place in some scenes. There were a lot of people making poor decisions and not reacting to situations the way you normally would.

It is a shame as the story did put an original spin on the genre it just wasn't done well. I have seen other movies by both the director and writer of this movie and they were OK so not sure what happened here.
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The Beyond (2017)
Why the hate? This was fantastic
20 January 2018
I didn't read any reviews before watching this movie and when I went to check what others thought I was stunned with the negative reviews. I may be a bit biased as I am really into found footage, shaky cams and mocumentry style movies but I was riveted throughout.

The story was fairly original although I can see some components borrowed from other movies i.e Contact and Arrival.

The only thing I found that detracted from the viewing experience was the slightly off acting in some scenes, you could tell that the dialog was rehearsed, but these scenes were few and far between.

I do believe that a lot of negative reviews are from people that just don't like this type of movie. I can assure you that if you are into mocumentries and sci fi you will definitely like this one.
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The Bucks County Shaky Cam
16 August 2017
I consider myself fairly patient when it comes to sitting through a movie. I NEVER turn them off and will always watch them through till the end no matter how bad they are. This movie really tested that patience.

I wish there was something positive I could say about this movie but I struggle to find any good points.

This movie consisted of two parts with bad acting being consistent across both parts. Part one was a group of annoying 20 somethings partying and yelling. Part two was the same bunch of annoying 20 somethings freaking out and yelling.

The camera shaking was beyond annoying, I have never found any other found footage movie as frustrating as this one. I think that is because with most FF movies the really bad camera shaking is at the end when the poo hits the fan, with this one it started at the beginning, didn't stop and was nauseating.

If you are really desperate for a FF flick then go ahead but I would pop it at the very bottom of my list. sorry.
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Savageland (2015)
A New Take on a Tired Theme
14 August 2017
Firstly.. don't listen to the haters.. Second.. don't watch this movie if you are not a fan of found footage or mocumentries. If you don't enjoy those genres then do us fans a favor and spare us another bad review.

This was a great example of a 'moco'. Let down slightly by some patchy acting but other than that it was an original take on a very used up theme. I wont spoil it for you if you haven't read the reviews and if you haven't then I recommend going in blind.

If you have read the other reviews then I agree that the viewer is let in on what was going on a little earlier than needed. I disagree that the movie wasn't creepy and was slow.

If you like found footage and mocumentries you will like this one.
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Please ignore the bad reviews
1 July 2017
This is a great movie. If you like mocumentry style films you will love this one.

I went into this movie not knowing a lot about it and I suggest not watching any trailers or reading about the plot.

What I will tell you is that the subject matter is original and it is one of the better mocumentry style files I have seen. I even had to google it afterwards just to be 100% certain it wasn't a real documentary.

The movie itself is not scary but as it wound along and started to reveal itself I became quite creeped out about the fact that the idea behind this movie is real.

Definitely worth a watch if you want something a bit different with an edge of truth.
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12 Feet Deep (2017)
A pool phobics worst nightmare
25 June 2017
1 glass of wine in and I decided to give this one a go. Before I go any further I have to admit that I suffer from a fear of underwater drains. Anything man made underwater actually.. drains, lights, windows.. they all give me the heebie jeebie's. I have been this way as long as I can remember and I can no longer swim in pools. Google it, it isn't just me.

I'm not sure why this movie is getting so much hate. I totally enjoyed it. For a movie that had to be carried by only 2 actors and had only one setting it was done really well. It was also a very original idea and that is always something that I am looking for. The acting was great and I thought that the characters acted exactly as they should.

I read all of the reviews before watching and I don't agree with any of them. This isn't the most awesome thing this year and it isn't the worst. If you are looking for a big budget, action packed movie this isn't for you. If you want a slow burn thriller then give it a go.
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In my top ten found footage list
9 January 2017
Firstly let me say that I love all found footage, mockumentry and shaky cams. I will even sit through the bad ones but will always rate accordingly.

I really enjoyed this movie. Personally, I liked it even better than House's October Built. I had shivers up my spine even before anything started to happen, the atmosphere was superb and the acting top notch.

I like that they did not rely too heavily on jump scares (boring) and that a lot of the creepiness was observed in the background and during camera pans and turns. I know that a lot of FF movies use this tactic but the director was able to get the most out of it, employing it to the best of its ability. It wasn't over-used and the fact that you sometimes knew you were going to see something creepy in the background made it even creepier and suspenseful.

There are some comments on the messages boards about plot holes and I agree that there are some explanations missing from the movie but in my opinion FF works better this way. I don't want everything explained and wrapped up in a neat bow, not knowing every last detail of what, why, and who works better for me. It keeps me thinking.

If you think about it, any sort of filmed footage of a real horrific event would probably have parts of the story missing, so to me, some blanks in a story make it much more realistic.
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Thoroughly Enjoyable
18 March 2016
I watch a LOT of movies and really enjoy found footage. I think it is a genre that you either love or hate. I believe the bad reviews that these types of movies receive are due to people who do not have an affection for the genre watching and then reviewing them. These types of movies are usually filmed on a budget by inexperienced actors and film makers so why people watching them expect to see superb effects, acting, editing etc is something that I have never understood.

If you enjoy found footage then I think that you would consider this an above average found footage film.

The acting was great and the build up of suspense while laying out the background and story was fantastic. It is one of the most convincing 'mockumentry' type movies I have seen. I also did some googling after watching this movie and it is very obvious that a lot of effort went into research and into ensuring that the film had a realistic vibe.

Despite what some reviewers are saying I thought the ending was very satisfying and unexpected. I found myself smiling and then shocked at what was happening.

If you are a found footage lover, then give it a go, I guarantee you will enjoy it.
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Shelter (III) (2015)
Gets better as it progresses
5 January 2016
I read the other reviews before watching this and was not expecting a whole lot. I agree, the acting was inconsistent. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. I also agree that the pacing was a bit off.

That said, I found myself enjoying it. It started out sorta average but as the movie went along I started to get into it. I really liked how it kept swapping between time-lines and the cuts between past and present were done well. I also liked the ending and don't understand the other reviewers comments about unanswered questions, I think it told you everything you needed to know.

It wont be everybody's cup of tea but if you appreciate a good B movie I recommend giving it a go. It has a good story, it is told in an interesting way and has a nice (sort of twistish) ending.
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The Aztec Box (2013)
Surprisingly Enjoyable
1 July 2015
I had been waiting a while to see this and managed to get a copy. I also read the other reviews and they were obviously written by people associated with the movie so I wasn't expecting too much.

Well surprise, surprise! It was actually pretty good. I enjoyed it and it kept me watching so no complaints.

Another reviewer called Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity 'junk' but I disagree. I watch a LOT of found footage and those 2 movies are, in my opinion, examples of FF done well. This movie doesn't achieve those heights but it should be a definite watch for any FF fan.

The good - Good story, acting and camera work. Also built tension really well and the story was closed out nicely.

The not-so-good - It never really felt like it released that build up of tension. It got to the level it wanted but instead of using that tension it kind of just slowly ran its course, not bad just a bit disappointing. Some of the actions of the characters wasn't truly believable sometimes. Example: Girl gets sick and starts seizing with blood coming out of her mouth, ears and nose. When she stops seizing they just put her to bed and tell the arriving paramedics that its nothing, shes resting now and they can go.

With all that said, I will definitely be keeping and eye on this writer and director. This movie had potential to be great and I will be interested to see what can be done with a bigger budget.
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Lizzie (2012)
For a B movie this was very enjoyable
2 June 2014
I had this movie in my watch list for some time and had avoided watching it after reading all of the negative reviews. I eventually decided to give it a go and it was much better than I expected.

Everyone is saying the acting is really bad, I disagree. A couple of lines throughout the movie were delivered poorly but they were few and far between. I would rate the acting better than average as I have seen some real stinkers.

The story is another thing that seems to be getting a bashing. The story was what kept me watching. It isn't a retelling of the Lizzie Borden murders as some seem to think, they simply used the original story and expanded on it. There was nothing that I didn't understand after the movie finished and nothing disjointed about the story.

This is a well done, interesting B movie. I am a B movie aficionado and this sits well in the middle of the pack.
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Somewhat predictable but WOW!!!
19 May 2014
I had been waiting for a while to watch this and I was not disappointed. I actually got more than I expected.

I loved the way they showed the first episode of the 'reality TV show' that was being filmed as the first part of the movie. That was very original and created a great mood.

The acting was great and I thought the build up was perfect. I didn't think that there was anything unusual about the actions of the characters (its very hard to make a pregnant women do what she doesn't want to do).

I also appreciated that they didn't try to scare with loud noises and in-your-face scares. It was subtle, creepy and much more realistic. The story has been done before but in my opinion this is one of the better versions.

All in all I would place this at the above average level as far as 'found footage' movies go, and I've watched a lot of FF. 8/10.
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Amber Alert (2012)
7 March 2014
IMO no movie deserves a comment like 'can i get this hour of my life back'. To make a movie it takes money, dedication and passion and that should be respected no matter the personal opinion of the watcher.

That said, this movie did have some flaws but it was refreshing to watch a movie that had an original story. The story centers around 2 friends and their sighting of a car that they have seen highlighted in an Amber Alert. (being an Aussie I didn't know what an Amber Alert was but thanks to this movie I now do). The friends follow the car for most of the movie eventually facing off with the driver of the car. Although the actions of the friends is not what most of us would do if faced with the same situation it would not have been much of a movie if they simply waited for the cops to do their thing.

It is obvious that the makers of this film wanted to highlight the benefits of the Amber Alert 'system' whilst still keeping watchers entertained and that is exactly what they did. The very final scene is important and ties the story together very well.

I really loved this movie and was glued to the screen the whole way through. It has an intelligent and important message yet is still entertaining. I would recommend it to anyone who has a passion for Found Footage and wants a break from the Paranormal Activity type of FF flick.
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